Posted by Jim - May 4th, 2009

Monday, May 4th, 2009.

-Kent State Day (anniversary of the Kent State massacre) & the only Birthday I’m sure was on this day was Alex Bennett’s Girl Friend/lover/producer from way back in the 70’s on WPLJ out of new york city when Alex (Née Bennett Swartzman (sp?) ) had a progressive talk show on all night radio on what had been (I believe) WABC FM.

-What’s new here? Argh, going into a work tunnel. Town Council meeting tonight. T came down, set up and wandered around, leaving me to deal with problems like mic levels she should have been adjusting. I mean, why bring down a sound board if you’re not going to work it? She spent most of her time walking around looking board while the meeting was on, she and the volunteer she brought down with her. she didn’t have the handles for one of the cameras, so she had the guy leave it. I called in Cathi, Cailin couldn’t be there, and the two T’s basically set up and sat back and did nothing for two hours. (Trevor plugged the power cord into the switchable outlet with the coke machine that’s supposed to be turned off during the meetings so the sound doesn’t get screwed up. So guess what? When we turned off the coke machine we lost the power to the record decks, the cameras and everything. Then somebody else turned the power off on us, maybe maliciously, maybe out of sheer stupidity… but anyway, we survived, and I have a lot of editing to do in the next couple days.