Thursday, 5/7/9

Posted by Jim - May 7th, 2009

Thursday, May 7th, 2009. 5-7-9 “odd day” is supposedly significant to math freeks.

Museum board meeting. Scott told us that CD stomper labels are frowned upon, because the adhesive can mess up cd’s and dvd’s and Cathi said, yeah, they can also mess up players if the label comes loose or whatever.

So we looked for printers that print right on the cd’s/dvd’s. Epson stylus R280 photo/cd/dvd printer. buck and a quarter Canadian. We can live with that. Yum.

Dreamed my old friend Kathy Krafchick didn’t want to be hugged. I introduced her to Christine R’s daughter “C” and told her that “C” was a pisces too, and when I told her C’s Birthday, C said no, it was the 20th- but the 20th is Kathy K’s… I woke up wondering if I’m trying  to develop the facility to remember numbers from dreams and or psychic events.