Thursday – Looking Forward to Heroes Reborn & Blacklist?

Thursday, January 7th, 2016 -( -1˚C / +30˚F — Sunny & bright @12:34 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

George Orwell -Telling the Truth when Deceit is the Norm.
George Orwell – Telling the Truth when deceit is the norm. — I’ve seen better photos of this guy.

— Mercury is retrograde and has been since the 5th. During the last couple of Merc-Retch stretches I felt moved to do more work on novels and other stories that had become bogged down in semi problematic philosophical swamps. These last couple days have been more like pins and needles in my cranium, with me wondering if anything I’m trying to create might generate more heat than light. My ‘inner editor’ is constantly working overtime, playing with plot twists and encountering didactics and messing around with inner dialogs and realistic slings and arrows of outrageous social pressures and stuff like that there.

— Thousands of channels and nothing worth watching, so I tuned in to ‘On Demand’ and watched Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ for I think the second time in my life and sat there wondering what the overall message of that film actually was. Was it designed to fire up our will to resist the evils of ‘modern society’? Or did it leave us all shell-shocked and resigned to giving up and submitting to a near-future dystopia? & How prophetic might it have been? Cops and jack-booted black uniformed fascists beating up on unarmed citizens? disenfranchised unarmed kids and members of the general public with nothing to lose resorting to rioting and smashing institutionalized symbols of mind-numbing lowest common denominator schooling and then they symbols of ‘consumerism’? Does anybody out there remember when Spiro T Agnew spouted that the youth in the 1960’s were protesting their own lack of creativity? That was before he got caught stealing from the taxation nation’s cookie jar and had to resign in disgrace.

— Yet I still believe we will come through all this and slowly create a better world than the mess we inherited.

— Sigh, but then again WordPress is doing another round of automatic updates today.

— So I guess that maybe if our own governments (who have killed more of their own citizens than all the wars in the last century did-) don’t butcher us – then maybe they’re hoping we’ll be frustrated to the point where we don’t have the strength so resist their insane attempts to turn us into good little zombies who march happily down the conveyor belt and dive into the meat grinders and turn ourselves into hamburger?

— Shudder –,

— Gee, I wish I had a more positive vision to elucidate today.

— I did appreciate the company of my hundred and twenty-five pound – four-legged Labrador buddy while the second viewing of ‘The Wall’ was more disappointing than the first.

— Give me something positively inspiring to fill my mind and life, never mind North Koreans with supposed H-bombs and Manchurian Candidate ‘Terrorists’ around ever corner.

— God, You did give me that vision of the world splitting into two separate dimensions, with the positive people waking up in a healthier, happier place — and the not-so-positive types waking up in a continuation of this nightmare, thinking they won – for a reason, right?

— Don’t let them wear us down to utter despair – Help us find the optimism to go on and keep trying–,

~~~~~ Jim

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