I Don’t Want To Jinx This, But-

From Across the Road. Rented Car left, Inspector’s Vehicle right.

This is where we believe we’ll be moving to. Rates went up after Cathi’s agreement was signed and in place and I have this sickening feeling that the Mortgage people would really really like to reject something so they can charge higher rates. But I also have the spiritual reassurance that they can’t get away with this, and Everything will fall into place before the deadline.

The deadline is rapidly approaching and if the bad guys keep dragging their feet we may actually not have a place to go to. I would then be hard pressed to remain civil and not send mind numbing nightmares into the minds and souls of the jerks who would mess with anybody’s lives for fun and profit. (grrrrrr).

So let’s hope that good things continue to happen and I don’t have to bash my head against a wall screaming, “Lead us not into temptation….” until my mind becomes numb and — I really don’t think it will come to that.


Saturday, August 17, 2013. 14˚C / 57˚F @ 8:00 am EDT.

Looks cool and clear here.

Cathi should have embarked on her house hunting marathon day.

I tried to encourage her last night to send me Smart Phone Email with impressions of each house as she goes. I don’t think she got the message. I’ll try again.

Moe got into the linen closet last night. Impressive pile of towels on the floor in front of the linen closet.

Dog dropped his bone down the cellar stairs yesterday, then looked at it and looked at me with “Don’t just stand there, go get my bone” written between the lines in his silly grin.

I passed out quickly after taking a bath last night… woke up with pins and needles type allergy headache. (line pins and needles shot into my brain from where the allergins made first contact… ack)

—Things are normal here, I guess.


The Adventure Continues…

Cathi Fell asleep on the couch and Moe curled up in her lap.

Friday, August 16, 2013.  22˚C/67˚F -last time I noticed. (Clear, but muggy….)

The photo that should be to the left is that of Cathi with Moe purring away , happy and safe in the knowledge that the big black dog is sleeping in his dog crate in the other room.

I took Cathi to the airport this morning. She got on a jet and flew back toward Torrona, (totally weird direction), switched planes to ride in a propeller driven craft for the flight back in the right direction. (She said that at one point they flew into turbulence, the woman behind her screamed.)

At The Airport- Cathi checking her bags.
At The Airport- Cathi checking her bags.
The adventure continues...
The adventure continues…

I made a couple runs to the landfill with junk from the garage. Found time in the middle here to stop and gawk at my image in the security cam…

The case for a tripod. I could not hold the camera steady long enough to get a good clear shot... but the effects look pretty good...
The case for a tripod: I could not hold the camera steady long enough to get a good clear shot… but the effects look pretty good… LIke something I’d expect from Hollywood.
This one looks like the world is melting as I prepare to teleport off into the future... or past... of just visit a parallel unverse....
This one looks like the world is melting as I prepare to teleport off into the future… or past… of just visit a parallel universe….


Moe has taken to showing me how much he likes the idea of moving to a new place. We put together travel crates and Moe came along, said, hey thanks and moved right in.
Moe has taken to showing us how much he likes the idea of moving to a new place. We put together travel crates and Moe came along, said, hey thanks and moved right in.

So, anyway… here we are. Cathi’s off house hunting in a different time stream and we’re left back on earth here in 2013, getting ready for the jump…




It’s been a couple days since our last update.

—Duh, um, Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 — 18°C / 64°F @ 11:55 am.

—Can I breath now? I guess not.

—Looks like Cathi’s going on our house hunting trip without me. We couldn’t get anyone to come stay in this house and take care of the cats on such short notice. Those who were willing were either too busy or had to be somewhere else.

—Funny thing is, after the disappointment had a little time to evaporate, I kind of shrugged and looked at the ceiling and said, “I guess I’ll leave it up to God to make sure she’s all right and we get a house that will make everybody happy-” and I felt a really nice wave (several waves as a matter of fact) of ‘subtle descending thrills’ washing over and through me, coming from above my head and flowing down. My guess? The angelic types that I’ve been calling on and trying to draw as much positive energy as possible from lately are that close and wanted me to know they’re here and listening and appreciate my having faith in Cathi and everything positive in the Universe.

"Celtic C" performing at our friend Scott's Birthday Party.
“Celtic C” performing at our friend Scott’s Birthday Party.

—We did get a break last Saturday. Our friends Scott and Dal had a party that was part Birthday Party for Scott (and another friend) and part just plain have a great time and listen to a Celtic Band they knew.

—Cathi already posted a bunch of photos from their party of the band, their friends and kids enjoying their pool.



The House Is Sold.

Cathi Jassper Beach
Cathi and Jassper at the beach.
Sold Sign
“Sold”  (I tried to edit this to sit above the Cathi at the beach with Jassper photo.)

I’ve been working all night on stuff at the computer with an orange cat trying to get and hold my attention by scratching at my leg.

Cathi was pretty much giddy all evening after we got word that everything has been signed and the closing will take place on September 6th. I talked to Mom and my sister in Alaska and then tried to edit stuff and send email to a few of the most important people I could find in my email address book.

Cathi thinks I look like I should be on "Duck Dynasty". :)
Cathi thinks I look like I should be on “Duck Dynasty”. 🙂

The two photos above were taken on Monday, during our 2 hour ordeal while the inspector and the buyers were going through the house. There are a couple of cable television cables they pulled out of place upstairs that catch on the bathroom door every time I open or close it, and I’ve stuffed the cables back in place… or at least tried to.

No room for camera operators.
New Configuration at the Town’s Council Chambers.

Yesterday, I got a call early to go into the studio where I work and help the electricians figure out what they need to do to feed cables from the town hall’s new sound system and new computer-linked projector down through the floor to our studio down below. The new CAO and building engineer rearranged the council chambers room to emphasize the mayor’s presence and make it much more difficult for camera operators to look and act professional without stepping in front of, around, or into the picture with members of the town council during official meetings.

Too close for comfort.
Where Camera Two would have to be to ‘shoot’ Staff members and people giving reports.

But anyway- hey- The house was sold a lot quicker than most houses in this area and we are several giant steps closer to achieving our dream of living in a nicer world with nicer people, less pressure, more positive spirituality, and a brighter future than we can see in this town. (This town has some really really great people. But the nasty ones are stating their nastiness louder and louder. I mean they freaking extorted thousands of dollars from their taxpayers here in a scam over water bills that I’m pretty sure will turn out to be a major accounting error that no one will admit to, and no one will attempt to refund.) (It’s similar to the way “they” charge a thousand times more for gasoline in this country than they should be able to get away with ((they believe that nobody knows enough about what they’re doing to hold them accountable)) (((& whether it’s in the name of free enterprise or naked greed, it will explode in their faces and soon.))) ((((And believe me, you don’t want to be standing too close to them when the fit hits the shan…)))) The town we’re moving to (and the Province we’re moving to) is reputed to be populated by much nicer people. Too many of Ontario’s citizens are turning into a bunch of wanna-be New York City types.)

Yum? Even if it was a wonderful Ontarian who introduced us to the cosmic forgiveness principle and practice of asking God and the Universe to transmute the negative energy that nasty people slap us in the face with into something much more positive— rather than focusing our own energy on hoping and praying for revenge, or that the bad people get what they deserve when we could be hoping and praying that they come to their senses, realize their shortcomings, learn to love and accept themselves and others, or absorb enough Cosmic Love and Compassion to be transformed and learn from their mistakes. ((If we spend our time seething with anger, soaking in negativity- we sink to the level of the evil that wants to pull us all down. If we attempt to forgive, and finally achieve the ability to “forgive and forget” we can move on to higher and better things…)) Am I waxing or waning philosophical here?

Okay, tell me to shut up before you all realize that I am so utterly exhausted that I can’t even make sense to myself at the moment.

(insert happy smile with halo here?)

Cathi's Garden Aug 2013
Cathi’s Front Garden August 2013


If it’s Thursday, this must be… Planet Earth in the Rain?

Thursday, August 1st, 2013. I think today is my cousin, Lesley’s, birfday. 18°C / 64°F and raining here in what they tell me is “The Real World”.

(((Ignore the intrusive phone calls, ignore the evil people who want to control your life, ignore all the b.s. “facts” they try to whip you with— and you just might get through a few more minutes; -intact?)))

Hey wait a minute, this is supposed to be “Mostly Positive”. I chose that idea, I chose that sub-title.

So why am I singing “Everything——— Gives you cancer….”?-While observing out loud, “We have a very wet dog.” ((The dog found his much loved nub of what used to by a red nyla (sp?) bone and threw it on the floor to let me know he wanted to go out. I asked him, “Are you sure you want to go out there in this… steady rain? Don’t get wet—”

He looked up at me with a swindler’s smile and nodded okay, I’ll be good, just open the danged door already.

———Which brings me to something I’ve wanted to say about the connection between computer games and real life, these days. I went into a really intense study of a ‘social game’ on facebook, and traced that game to its home servers on disruptorbeam dot com. This game is based on teevee’s Game of Throne, which is based on a book cycle “Song of Fire and Ice” or “Ice and Fire” or “Songs of-“.

The point is, the game has divided life skills needed to live in this game world into three categories: Battle, Trade, and Intrigue.

——Each skill heading is divided into three sub headings. Battle skills are divided into “Aid”, “Fight” and “Harass”.

—The Fight skill involves killing everybody and everything that stands between you and winning your game of life. The Harass skill involves capturing and threatening your opponents’ captains or leaders with death and humiliation. The Aid skill involves showing strength and maybe hacking through the underbrush instead of killing anything that just might be an enemy or hapless animal that gets in your way.

—The Intrigue skill is divided into “Spy”, “Sabotage” and “Steal”.

—But the Trade skill has divisions that I found ‘intriguing’: “Barter”, “Swindle”, & “Bribe”.

———The point I think I had in mind when I started to explain this is:

The trade skills— Is trading a completely amoral behavior? If you’re a tradesman and you want your family to thrive, do you have to swindle and bribe? Or is this the way “They” want you to believe this world actually functions. If you play nice— Are you fair game to be tortured, dismembered, humiliated, raped, murdered, and then hung out to dry as en example of what happens to people who want to be Angels in a world where the devil believes he’s in charge?

——Remember, the sub-title of this journal is “Mostly Positive”.

Insight into the way this world works is one thing. Knowing that your ‘rivals’ for this earth’s resources do not believe in playing by the rules might brace you for the fight of your life. But dangit, are we supposed to believe that we have to fight every day for everything we want, need, cherish or crave? Is that what this world is all about? Hack and slash your way to power and wealth? Damn the torpedoes, lay waste to anything that gets in your way?

———How did we allow ourselves to be manipulated into this position?

———And speaking of manipulation, I have an orange cat attacking my leg, complaining vociferously about something. I better go see what he wants.

—I’m back. He wants to experience “Outside” but when it’s raining I get a dirty look, and the feeling that he’s telling me, “This isn’t outside- this is rain!” and he stares at me like I’m supposed to be able to snap my fingers and make the world more appealing to orange cats who just want to run out there and roll happily in the grass.