Windy Rainy Cold Wednesday

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 ( a “6” day) ((  🙁  )) 55˚F/13˚C @ 11:59 pm.

There was snow on the ground this morning, I think I took photos (haven’t uploaded them yet.)

After yesterday’s power outage and subsequent internet outage, we had a technician pay us a visit this morning. He fixed the way the cat 5/6 cables flowed from the Bell Aliant modem to the Vonage ‘device’. And the last thing I had to do was reset the bridge in the office/computer room. (This may have cost us $60.00, Don’t know yet. )

Put together another doozy to try to organize the office. A fifteen pocket sorting thingamajig. Still have more to do…

Scandal of the day? Yesterday it was the guy in charge of the Canadian Mint doing immoral and probably illegal stuff to help a former Prime Minister’s family make money. Today? Canadian Security Agency people (CSIS and CSEC) (Ceases and Seasick?) helped the US NSA spy on the G20 representatives who were at the recent Toronta Summit. && More Senate Scandal Schnarr.

Oh, and Goldman Sacks says the looney will fall against the U$ Dollar some time in 2014.

Political Accountability versus Legal Accountability? In Question Period, the ‘ringmaster’ (Speaker) has no power to exact a ‘quality’ answer from anybody (read that: the “Prime Minister” ) Answers are coming from a central scripting agency (Peter Mansbridge)



I think it's cool that one of the newest options in facebook, since they insist on trying to convince you that you NEED to enter all this information is: School Attended " "None of your effing business". If I know you- you know me. If I don't know you, I'll tell you only as much as I want to tell you.

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