What’s Goin On? Ekonomic Warfare?

Thursday, January 21st, 2016 -( -10˚C / +14˚F with clear blue skies ahead in Atlantic Canada @ 7:00 am )-

Snow people with shovels and other wintery objectsl.
Looks like a family of snow-people – Optimistic and ready to play? This was a morning tweet.

— Once again I suffered through another round of propaganda in the news this morning. New Brunswick, crying poverty, has their spokes ‘people’ out explaining their options RE: three models of imposing tolls on New Brunswick highways.

Mind Control versus personal empowerment / liberation.
I can’t blindly ‘buy into’ everything that Alex Jones has to say, but much of what he says rings true. Darnit! 🙂

— The ‘Social Pyramid’ is a total fabrication, People who believe they are ‘the top of the social food chain’ – can only maintain that illusion if those they have convinced are ‘beneath them’ continue to believe that lie.  —  Every Economy on this Planet is Based on Deceit and Manipulation by the ‘Banksters’  — The U.S. Revolutionary War was fought against the Bank Of England’s demand that the colonies pay taxes in Bank of England’s bank notes, which were nearly impossible to obtain in the colonies and thus inflated their tax rates beyond anything that reasonable men [ in those days, sadly, it was only men who held the power ] believed they should have to pay. —

— Meanwhile, too many young friends up here need all the nurturing and empowerment they can get.

— There are a series of ads on television up here describing how when Unions were strongest, the economy was also at its strongest. And when the anti-union propagandists convinced enough people that unions were wrecking their economy, in the early 2000’s, the Elitists began ransacking local economies all around the world, lying about all governments’ income streams, fraudulently claiming that they couldn’t afford the Federal, Regional, County and Municipal services they’d been supplying and raising taxes all around.

— I remember when I was covering the Town Council Meetings in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. We were told that the Provincial government was forcing all municipalities to charge taxes they’d never needed before and informing those municipalities that if they did not comply with this they would would no longer receive their share of Provincial matching funds for any pre-approved projects and/or highway upkeep, and all those ‘revenue sharing’ programs like Health Care and Welfare.

minimum wages benefit everyone.
“Who benefits from higher minimum wages?” – Everybody. This cartoon is fighting the insidious propaganda machines that routinely dis-inform anybody they can about ‘entitlement’ programs and try to divide and conquer us all with lies that the richest 1% can’t afford to pay the other 99% any more because minorities and unwed mothers and illegal foreigners have bankrupted the system. If the ‘system’ is bankrupt that would be because the top 1% have plundered it.

— I think it was my friend, Doug Otterson, who first said, “All economics are Voodoo Economics.” after replays of George Bush The first’s anti Ronald Reagan speech were broadcast by Anti George Bush forces while I was living in the Ithaca, New York area. And that was before a lot of people began to point out that ‘Banksters’ are creating imaginary money every time anybody uses one of their credit cards, and Banksters are the ones who ‘create’ the economic atmosphere, and pull the plug whenever they want to manipulate those they have conned into accepting their deceptive practices into believing they are in financial difficulty so the Banksters can try to convince everybody that we should accept their vision of economic slavery.

Lies. damned liked, corporate lies, media lies.
While Media controlled by too few monster conglomerates keep trying to blast lies into the public ‘consciousness’ – & here’s an example tweeted by Glenn Greenwald – One UK Newspaper is forced to retract a false/misleading statement. So then an another UK Newspaper tries to run the same false statement.

— But, We are much stronger than ‘They’ want us to believe. And at least one Scientific Futurist whose methods have proved to be extraordinarily accurate has forecast that in the year 2019 – the last Banksters will meet a horrible death at the hands of those they tried to control and beat down all these years.

— I just wish there was somebody like Gandhi who could guide us through a quick and easy, relatively painless process to get us to the Heaven On Earth we all deserve without going through the hell and suffering that is probably going to force us to wake up and seize control of our own lives.

Photo of hikers obscured by interestingly highlighted snow falling from trees.
& Here’s an interesting photograph that doesn’t come loaded with anything like a negative comment, which, I’m sorry to say, I have been much too full of today.

— Optimistically yours –,

~~~~~ Jim