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Doctor Who

Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

Doctor Who, the television series, Turned 50 years old last Friday or Saturday. There was a ‘monster’ simulcast of “Day of the Doctor” last Saturday at 2:50 pm Eastern Time. (Guinness Book of Records handed the Doctor Who people a plaque commemorating the record for the largest simulcast ever that night.)

The first Doctor Who anything I saw was a movie on late late night television. This was one of the Peter Cushing movies nobody seems to be talking about these days. This Doctor had two children traveling with him (a boy and a girl) (And he extended his hand and introduced himself as “I’m Doctor Who-“). The Doctor and his two juvenile companions traveled to a distant planet where I think they landed in a forest and went looking around until they discovered a metal building which happened to be inhabited by Daleks.

I was not at all impressed by this movie. I was so unimpressed that I nearly never watched the real thing (until I broke down and watched what turned out to be the Tom Baker in the episode with the robot (That was my first ‘real’ Doctor Who Episode. Was it also the first Tom Baker Episode?) I was still the first one in my circle of my friends and relatives to ‘discover’ Doctor Who.

—I might fill this page with tons of Doctor Who Marginalia

—Or, this page might end up as another orphan…


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