Saturday, Committee Presence, Photos Before Dawn & “Moe-“

Pre dawn sky with orbs.
I felt compelled to make sure the deer had oats this morning, so at about 6 am I went out with my pail and five scoops of whole oats and tossed the oats in several smaller scoops to their spot. But the pre-dawn colours and lighting effects were amazing, and I actually had my camera in my pocket. Of course, you never get what you see when you take the photo. But sometimes what you get is pretty close, and sometimes it comes with surprises- The flash was ‘on’ when I took this shot, and captured several orbs looking like they just might be odd moons rising. Or maybe they’re orb creatures coming to check up on what the heck I’ve been up to lately?

– Early Morning Musings? –

— Saturday, March 12, 2016 — // -3˚C / +26˚F @ 8:31 am under cloudy grey skies with small ‘ground squirrels’ running around inside the dog’s area – which really isn’t very bright- ya know? in Atlantic Canada (or anywhere else – for that matter) — // Larry Thomases’ Birthday.

—  & Hey! — I got the photo captions  fixed so my long wordy captions are now left justified — ( Ignore the paragraph that complains about them being centered 🙂 )

White deer checking me out as I aim the camera.
The white deer was here around 6:30 am, with one other friend. Yesterday, around 7:20 – the whole gang was in attendance, and a couple of the motherly types were kicking the white deer around and driving her away to make sure their yearlings got the most of the oats that were there. I wanted to go out and give the white deer her own abundance of warm fresh oats (warm from being inside the porch, not cooked) But I just stood there and watched her glumly and stiffly walk away. If she is the same white deer we saw last year and the year before, she had a mottled white and brown yearling that must have been the white deer that was reportedly hit by a bus and killed last winter, 2015 – 🙁

— Another thing that happened yesterday, well, we had about half an inch of snow that had started out wet and froze to a weird hardness that was not easy to brush and scrape from the van so Cathi could drive to work free from the anxiety that chunks of hard snow might fly from her roof and hurt somebody or smash their windshield – and the whole time I was struggling with the brush and scraper one youngish deer that I thought was a new guy, who’d either come alone or was so freakin hungry that he or she stayed after the others ran away and ‘he’ kept on eating and scratching for any oats that just might be beneath the snow – I told Cathi about him, and said he must be starving, then told her I thought I would bring him out a cup full of fresh breakfast oats – and she said, “Well, if he lets you get near him -” And I reiterated, “I think he’s starving -” and I went out with a cup full of oats and he took a couple steps away and prepared to dash away toward safety – I tried to tell him in a nice calm voice, “Hey, don’t go too far away – and showed him what I had and tossed it while he eyed me warily – Then I tried to bow, or dip my head slightly, which is something I’ve seen the deer doing, and we’ve been anthropomorphizing that that’s the way they say ‘Thank you-‘ He just looked at me like that was weird and came back and was gobbling up the new warmish oats before I took ten steps toward the house.

Approaching sunrise.
Okay, this was probably five minutes after the first photo at the top of this article here – What I saw was something more like nicotine coloured sky just above the horizon, but it came out reddish purple here. It’s still striking, but it isn’t quite what I saw –

— I gotta try to change the setting in the ‘editor’ here to see if I can get the captions to left justify. Me – getting typically over wordy here –  it looks bad and I think it might be hard for some people to read the center justified captions. & Sometimes I think I’d have to be grossly over-confident if I thought that anybody out there would want to read any thing I post here.

Colourful sky minutes before sunrise.
– And this was maybe twenty minutes to half an hour after the first shots. It came out a little closer to reality, and then I did a little tweaking in photoshop (not the heavy duty really creative stuff you need special plug-ins for) But this really caught the feeling –

— Was it yesterday I spent a couple of paragraphs describing Moe’s linguistic peculiarities? — I couldn’t avoid posting a photo I took of him between a couple of his lectures on how not to neglect the cat if you know what’s good for you —

Moe -
And here he is – hoping that I’m not about to blind him with the flash he knows can come out of the thing that I’m holding so close to him – And why I’d hold anything that wasn’t edible that close to a cat will probably forever remain a mystery – ( “And why does that thing make noises like “Ka-jickk” either when it blinds you with light or doesn’t – I like this human, but jeeze – there’s no way a reasonable cat can understand these peculiar characters, -And why the Creator gave them opposable thumbs and not us? – Well I’ll be charitable, and say that must have been an oversight, probably an operation delegated to underlings on the animal design assembly line -” )

— Enough damage for one day? Am I stealing somebody else’s line here?

~~~~~ Jim


Warm Yuletide Full Moon & The Force Awakens

Thursday, December 24th, 2015 -( +8˚C / +46˚F dark & damp with a full moon shining on Atlantic Canada @ 10:45 pm )-

Full moon through the trees on Christmas Eve, 2015
Full Moon through the fog and birch trees, over Atlantic Canada at 9:45 pm on December 24th, 2015 – photo adjusted with exposure all the way up via Mac Preview app. Earlier there was a jet trail or straight line cloud underlining the moon through a slightly clearer sky. But the pets needed food.
Full Moon obscurred by zillions of orbs.
Unretouched photo of what happened when I thought I turned the flash off and shot at the full moon. Gotta be the mist in the very damp air.
Messed with Obs photo.
This is the same Full Moon with unexpected Flash effects and the contrast slider turned all the way up via Mac Preview. — Looks like Pink Floyd’s “Obscured by Clouds” album cover.

Cathi and I went to the cinema tonight and saw the new Star Wars Movie. I enjoyed it, even knowing it had been strained through a highly formulaic structure, it was still pretty good. I could guess several of the twists and turns, but the light side shines pretty brightly inside me and sometimes my silly ‘human mind’ can allow fairly clear messages to bubble up all the way through my soul and around my ego- or that’s the way it feels. I like surprises. I like positive surprises even more.

This is the time of year when this planet is closest to the positive spiritual center of the material universe. Every year more and more of us can feel the most beautiful atmospheric vibrations of the year and come away with new and improved insights. Try it – you’ll like it.

Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, I already wished Happy Hanukkah to several friends and now it’s time to wish a Happy Kwanza to other friends. Happy Holidays to anybody I missed. And to anybody who absolutely hates, dreads or fears this time of year – you have my spiritual love, empathy and compassionate wishes that it’s not as bad for you this time as it might have been.

— Om, Shanti, Namesta –,

~~~~~ Jim

Sudden Rain Halts Work Outside, So Cathi Painted A Painting.

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F Overcast & Dark @ 11:59 pm here in Atlantic Canada )-

— Cathi, who has been planning to get creative with pallet wood after seeing what several people have posted lately about what they’ve been doing with wood rescued from shipping pallets, had to halt her activities this evening and get everything – especially the electric drill and portable electric screwdriver – inside before the loud rumbling thunder split the clouds and pelted us with rain, and possibly hailstones- I don’t think we got any hail right here, but the area might have seen some.

— But also, she’s lamented lately that she hasn’t painted anything in years. There is a new “Northside” Community Centre open or opening soon and promising to display the work of local artists, so —

Pallet work in the rain
Not Orbs this time- those are probably reflected raindrops. It was pouring rain very shortly after Cathi made it inside. I got this photo by stepping outside under the bit of roof over hang here at the porch. Of course, there could be some ‘stealth orbs’ checking us out here. 🙂

— Left of center above is the frame Cathi is putting together for a guest bed in our guest bedroom. She was working feverishly, trying to fasten the last  of the slats, which will be vertical in this case- When the thunderboomers told her the downpour was almost here.

Painting on an easel on a credenza in our living room
Cathi’s painting is drying on the easel atop the teakwood credenza we sanded down and re-finished several years ago. Her box of art supplies is open on the floor and the paintbox is resting open, happy to have helped her accomplish something beautiful.

— No, she did not become discouraged and give up on her creative energy because one project had been thwarted- Nope, this is her 2nd week off this summer and she was determined to do things she could be proud of. So she sat down, got out her acrylics and painted a painting.

Cathi smiling
The beaming Artist.

— And, of course, the dog wanted to take credit for inspiring us to get outside and do stuff in the first place, and had his romp in the rain, came back inside looking daffy and ruffled and wet and happy, and, when I wanted to take a photo of Cathi and her painting, the dog wanted to get in the way and remind us that any time there is a dog in the room, we’re supposed to open up the ‘fridge’ and give him a treat. – hmmmmm —-

Dog in his crate.
Dogatory – The puppy-horse wants to show us what a good dog he is in the hopes that something edible will be his reward. 🙂 There’s a sheet over his crate that we pull down at bed time. This gives us maybe ten minutes of peace for a snack or something before he starts crying and whining and we want to cry and whine and remember the time before our long-term house guest hadn’t yet spoiled the almost trained puppy to the point where Cathi can’t bear to hear the mournful yelps and moans when he’s wondering what he might have done wrong to be locked up in his canine purgatory. You should see his eyes glow white through the security cameras.

— It’s been a productive day for Cathi, and an interesting day for me- after I fell asleep twice deleting spammed messages from this wordpress blog I took a nap and woke up to find that She hadn’t just started a painting, she pretty much finished it. 🙂

~~~~~ Jim

New Look- & Thank You Jassper!

Spooky photo.
Spooky photo of a reflection of me, Jim, taking a picture of my spooky reflection in a window or patio door, or something like that, in 2008.

Okay- We’ve been busy in a lot of areas lately and when we checked this page/ these pages for the first time in months, we found that:  1.) There were 1,942 spam comments waiting to be deleted. & 2.) ‘upgrading’ to a much hyped newer theme can be a pain in the, um, bum.

Jassper, bless his heart, has been fantastic at sitting there, going through the mind-numbing task of making sure none of those spammed comments had anything to say worth allowing them to be approved for, and posted live. I think he said that two out of the first 400 he’s gone through might have been legitimate comments and/or worth checking out.

The new theme, “evolve”, has a couple great features and, as far as our needs and tastes are concerned, a lot of superfluous nonsense-  The developers went way out of their way to make the theme user friendly, probably aimed at the 15 to 35 year old crowd – which means my step son could have whizzed through it at the age of 5. 🙂 But it has some annoying features that I haven’t been able to figure out. The suggested height of a header was “125 pixels”. This like almost everything else about this theme, is customizable. So I changed it to 200 pixels and that worked, for about ten seconds. Then the stupid thing snapped back to showing only 125 of the two hundred pixels of the old header image I had to re-upload. There probably is a setting in here somewhere that I can change, manually, by diving into the code in the code editor, reading through thousands of lines, finding the right line, overwriting the setting with the new numbers, re-saving or ‘updating’ and then sitting back while the wheels spin and hope that when I look at what I think I have just fixed, it just might be what we thought we had all along.


They have some color settings here that are marked “Important!” in the code, as seen through the editor. And I can’t figure out how to get rid of the plain vanilla overly white background all around the guts of the page and put in my own color, or ‘colour’ since we are in Canada. 🙂

And- I wasn’t thrilled with the very green colour block around the ‘sticky’ messages that are supposed to stay at the top of the list of ‘posts’ to be displayed whenever any of you out there in reader/surfer land come pay us a visit. But that may be one of the things in the code that is marked “Important!” And right now, I’m too tired to argue with them or mess with the code to see if changing the color setting launches an ICBM attack on our closest allies or anything.

It also took me between ten and twenty minutes of clicking through all the user friendly options to find the button to push to turn off the ‘featured image’ function, which grabbed the first image in the post and displayed it larger than the image was supposed to be displayed, and displayed it on top of the rest of the article, as a link, so articles with images had a huge honking featured image above itself and then the same image in its normal size down inside the article where it had been told to hang out- and articles with no images included had a huge light gray box with a spooky semi translucent image of a ghost camera above the article, so fraekin huge that the images were often twice the size of the article itself. But I did find that box and clicked it off, grumbling, “We don’t need no stinkin’ featured images.

And Jassper has promised to sit down and delete another couple hundred pieces of garbage ‘comments’ tomorrow and we’re pretty sure we turned off the ability of anybody to post a comment here if they’re not on our staff. So if you really have something to say that we might think is valid and worth posting, you can send it to “” and if you really want to become another unpaid volunteer here, say so, and we’ll send you a user password set to ‘contributer’ and screen everything you try to post until we’re damned sure we can trust you. Sorry, we only needed to get burned once before we turned hard on potential volunteers.

Don’t tell anybody, I just yawned.

— Thank you — And we hope you find something here that makes your day more enjoyable or at least more informed. And since these pages here are more or less aimed at relatives and close friends, we would probably be surprised if you did find something that really tweaked your interest here. But then, again, you may have found something in/or one of the other pages that fired your enthusiasm, and you can write to jassper and tell him you’d like to contribute to that page, include a user name and either a password that we hope you can change later or we’ll pick one for you. & don’t forget we need your real email address to send you this information.

& I’ve clicked every category we currently have listed as pertaining to this message, and that’s what we’re all about, so far. New categories might explode into our consciousness any time, day or night-

— Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful life time, and a wonderful happily ever after –

————— Jim


March is here, and the snow is pretty darn high.

Sunday, March 2, 2014. (Sally Spencer’s Birthday)

-12˚C / +10˚F @ 11:11 pm.

Lots of snow with a path cut through it.
Woo Hoo Hoo lookin out my back door. (Cathi calls this our front door.) But Credence Clearwater didn’t sing it that way— (This was Mid February)

For those of you who miss the snow- I won’t be the kind of jerk who leers and says, “hell, you can come shovel me out any time you want.” There’s already more than enough of that personality type around.

Driveway dug out of snow.
I think this was the same day, a Monday, garbage day. And the lovely snow plow guys left me a huge ice rock hidden in the three feet high mountain of snow they tried to kill me with. (Anybody who leaves a mountain that high blocking a driveway should be liable, &/or charged with attempted murder, don’tcha think?) That block of ice nearly killed the brand new snowblower. & who knows what kind of consequences broken blades flying around might have had.-

But it is beautiful.

Slightly foggy photo with deer in front of neighbour's van, back of his house.
I think this might have been my Aunt’s birthday, February 26th. There are 3 or 4 deer hanging out in one of my neighbour’s back yard, in front of his van- a foggy stone’s throw from my porch. One of those deer (far left?) might be the nearly invisible white deer who comes around to visit and dares me to get a decent photo of him or her.
Box labeled "Mushroom Farm" with mushrooms growing out of it.
“Mushroom Mini Farm” bought from a local supermarket.

We never quite became snowbound, but I wanted to say, “What do you do when you’re snowbound? You grow mushrooms.” Our favourite local supermarket is part of the Loblaw’s / President’s Choice chain and they had these mushroom mini farms in a very conspicuous place right in front of the “in” doors and Cathi said, “Hmmmm-” (she likes mushrooms.) We ate a few of these and I’m still alive to tell you about it.

Flat panel teevee on a wall with a stained piece of wood to help hold it in place.
Television holding project, still unfinished, but almost there-

Latest Project: Got this far today while it was still light outside. The vertical piece of wood is something we needed to make sure the 3 inch screws the mounting bracket came with: (a) didn’t go through the wall and out through the siding and (b) offered an extra measure of support for that above mentioned bracket. We got the wood from our nearest Kent Hardware store and got the stain from the same place. (I think we got the wood and stain about a month ago-) I got to use my new super spiffy mitre saw to cut the 45 degree supports for the shelf that is still down stairs drying. (tacky) One of our cats believes he owns the bed and had to be scared off with an electric drill and kept away by plunking a guitar case in his favourite spot. Cathi is very much looking forward to actually having a dresser with its mirror up and useable in the very near future.

And I think Mercury is no longer Retrograde as of Friday the 28th. Which is good news to a lot of people I know and care about.

((( Yay! )))


Blackout- With Woodstove, Dog & Guitar… & Rivers of Flowing Orbs.

Sunday, January 26th, 2014.

We lost power at something like 7:05 pm and got it back at about 9:24 pm Atlantic Time.

Cathi tossed a couple more logs in the woodstove and we were toasty warm. She grabbed her guitar and played and sang and had a very attentive Jassper,  (“the puppy horse”) loving every second of it. (( At one point, he tried to get his nose between Cathi’s arm and the guitar and she broke into gales of laughter, saying, “This isn’t going to work this way…” (((I think I got a photo of that action with her cell phone))) – 🙂 ))

lights in the dark
This is a requested photo without the flash. You can’t see Cathi. This is the living room during a blackout with the temperature at -15˚C/+5˚F outside. (Woodstove fire far left the other lights are candles around the living room.)

Cathi asked me to take photos while she played, enjoying the moment and the ambience. The first photo I took was on auto flash. Okay photo of Cathi and her guitar. When I turned off the flash, Cathi’s leprechaun nature came to the party- She didn’t show up in the photos.

She asked me to use her cell phone’s camera. I have never experienced this before—> I aimed, blindly, touched the “take a picture” icon and watched rivers of movement in the screen. I had no idea what that was all about. I wondered if they would show up as orbs or what-  I took several photos from different angles and saw the rivers flowing from different angles, flowing up, flowing down, flowing horizontally… every photo had different movement up to the point where the flash captured the subject and then I couldn’t see anything moving, flowing or whatever.


Cathi staying warm, playing guitar with Jassper.
I was standing near the Woodstove, This is the shot with no photoshop auto level correction.

Orbs. Before the flash stopped their motion, these things were zooming like crazy between me and Cathi. The movement filled the view screen on the camera.

Same photo, as above, a little more clear.
Same photo, after auto levels adjustment.

I like the dog’s Orphan Annie eyes.

Cathi, guitar and Dog on the couch.
This was one of the first photos I shot. Attentive Jassper enjoying the warm fire and the music and Cathi’s beautiful voice.

This is with my Olympus digital camera. I did not see orbs flying when I shot this one. I don’t know if Jassper saw them or not, he’s not talking…. 😉

While we were looking at the photos on her laptop (the battery stayed good while we were in the dark) Cathi wondered if the orbs were spirits who liked the music, coming around to enjoy the moment. I felt something like, maybe the orb-creatures were feeling like kids at an amusement park, zooming around and thoroughly enjoying themselves and maybe even enjoying our company. Visitors from another dimension? Who knows? (I can play the theme from the twilight zone on my guitar fairly well… but not while I’m typing, you’ll have to imagine that here.)

It was an interesting evening.