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Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 —> +1˚C / +33˚F & the weather app thinks we’re experiencing ice pellets /sleet – but I don’t see that – @ 2:32 pm Atlantic Time.

Shelley Got Dressed

– “Shelley at Seventeen”  – Her comment? “The Green light makes my red hair look weird – But I like the glasses.” { & she got to choose her own clothes after a ‘nicer’ person got a hold of the game world software and let her make her own choices. – but that would fall under ‘spoiler alert’ -;) – } –

— Yeah, I wanted to find a more ‘character friendly’ ‘photo’ for the beginning of the story line – { Shelley didn’t have a say in what her avatar wore when her manipulating cousin scanned her in to the software at his university when she was fifteen – Then her cousin uploaded screen shots from the game and posted them – and back at her own school – the bullying ‘popular girls’ found the screen shots and added ammunition to their character assassination plot and wrote ‘Slut’ in very red lipstick on her locker with a printout of the original sexy screen-shot taped below that. }


Draeydan at seventeen

– “Draeydan at seventeen” { Shelley’s idea – after she found out she didn’t have to run around in the game world looking like she’d freeze to death at the slightest breeze – she had somebody help her scan Draeydan into the system and then she got to pick what he wore. 🙂 } His hair is darker than that – The computer guy admitted the software has a couple ‘glitches’. –

— Draeydan is not her manipulative cousin. He’s a supportive friend { maybe more than friends? – } & He probably wouldn’t want to be caught dead dressed like that –


Shelley in Faery Land

– “Shelley in Faery Land” { When her older cousin was controlling the backgrounds and not letting her pick her wardrobe. ) –

— The story begins in a ‘parallel word’ where the geography is pretty much the same as it is here – but a lot of names are different – History is slightly different – Benedict Arnold was revered as a hero and George Washington was hung as a traitor. The Capital of New York state is in the same place as Albany is here – but the city’s name is Springfield.

— And a lot of names are spelled differently –

— But bullies are still bullies and all these two sensitive kids want to do is survive high school – finding love along the way might help.

~~~~~ Jim


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