Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 — Happy Anniversary to Cathi and Me —

Happy Birthday, Cousin Debi in Colorado — & Happy Anniversary Jim And Cathi in New Brunswick

House with shoveled walk to porch. Glowing Deer eyes to the right.
— I didn’t see the glowing green Deer Eyes in the dark (right side behind the porch) until I downloaded this photo from the cell phone camera this morning. I took this photo at 12:42 am. -jrw-

— Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 — //  -7˚C / +18˚F with brilliant Sunshine and very clear air over very white snow on the ground in Atlantic Canada @ 9:09 am —

Cathi getting into van.
Cathi getting ready to drive to work while sunlight touches the treetops behind her. 7:43 am

— The sunlight touching trees at sunrise has been really spectacular in the last couple weeks. The clean new snow might even add to the ‘clean’ look, and the clear fresh air might help give me the feeling that exciting things are happening below the surface of things.

Dog with glowing yellow-white eyes reflecting flash.
Jassper’s eyes were not glowing like this when I saw the photo through the cell’s window. I pushed the icon – Jassper looked up, the Orphan Annie headlights flashed on and – I suppose that could be scary —

— Jassper took me for a walk up and down the street after midnight this very early morning. Then he was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t help me shovel the ridge left by the over-night plow when I went out to clear the end of the driveway at 6:30 am. ( The photo in the dark at the top of this article was taken after our midnight walk. )

Shoveled driveway at 7:36 am.
— And this was the driveway at 7:36 am ( time stamped cell photo ) I took a couple photos straight on and thought this one, shot on an angle, was more interesting. —jrw—

— At midnight the snow pile at the left of this photo looked more like a mini Matterhorn – & I didn’t realize the pile on the right side of the photo here grew so high so quickly.

different angle at sunrise
& This is an angle I haven’t taken and/or posted here before – The south face of our house caught a bit of reflected sunrise and I caught that in a photo I was in the right place at the right time to shoot at 7:39 am this morning. —jrw—

— The bit of golden glow above the hills to the east and below the slightly darker than it shows up here sky didn’t quite come out the way it looked in ‘real life’.

Moe cuddling with Cathi's slippers.
— & I couldn’t post anything here without including Moe. I may have hinted that he often hugs Cathi’s boots, shoes and slippers as he rests on the porch, but here you can see that for yourself. He’s also taken to trying to cuddle up with the fire wood we bring inside the porch to dry bits of snow and ice and have them handy for burning in the wood stove in the evenings.

— I should also tell you the wind picked up this morning after Cathi went to work, so when the dog went out to pee before his breakfast, which he is quick to remind me every day, should be at 10:00 am sharp – he came back in completely speckled with bits of ice and snow all over his head and back. And, boy, did he look daffy. I think he knew that – and capitalized on the sympathy he thought he might be able to garner from that. — & he does enjoy getting rubbed with a towel.

— And maybe I should mention some of the wild dreams I had that kind of go along with “11-22-63” the television series, where I was contemplating re-setting bits of altered time lines. & Before I fell asleep, I was surprised to visualize very bright light beaming down from the Eastern night sky and lighting up brilliant white light ‘domes’ – kind of geodesic domes that illuminated spots inside my body, like where my spine aches a lot – where, for instance, my T-4 vertebrae is slightly twisted out of line from a weird bit of wrestling with a friend in Vermont – and when Moe jumped up on the bed I glanced his way and he looked like he’d been hit by one of those beams of brilliant white light and was glowing whitely in the dark. And then I had the serial dreams along the theme of correcting messed-with time lines. I’m not sure exactly what the complete message that those dreams brought me or might have been supposed to bring me – was – but I’m not sure that the complete and clear message didn’t sink in below the surface of my ‘conscious’ mind, either.

— shrug — Enough for now? –, It’s 10:32 am – I’ve been distracted by pets and stuff –

~~~~~ Jim

Welcome To Atlantic Daylight Saving Time

Young deer
– 10:00 am Atlantic Daylight Savings Time – I think this is the new guy – The lone deer who acted like he or she was starving last week. (The one who stayed there and hungrily ate oats while I was clearing the snow off the van so Cathi could go to work & With a Crow complaining vociferously the whole time – squawking that he thought it was his time to get at the oats.)

— Monday. March 14th, 2016 — // -1˚C / +30˚F – with cool fresh air and bright sunshine at 10:42 am Atlantic Daylight Saving Time. // I think either today or yesterday is Dana Delaney’s birthday (The actress who played Colleen McMurphy on China Beach). —

— Yesterday I was impressed by how sweet and fresh the air smelled, blowing cool and sometime sounding a bit rogue and over-zealous. The wind blew a fairy heavy plywood surfaced pallet over, after it had knocked a plastic snow shovel down-

— This morning, as I was taking the garbage can out to the edge of the driveway, where it had been light already at 7:00 am on Saturday, it was still dark. I glanced down the hill to where our side street meets Canada Street, in time to see a bus pull to a stop and open its doors for a passenger who was standing there waiting for that. I was taken by the fact that it looked like such a relaxed bit of life, a bit of background colour from a movie that you would expect to be a happy romantic comedy after seeing that slice of life for an opening scene.

— This was after I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been communicating with an Angelic or Divine Personality Who had responded to my worries about Donald Trump giving license to angry bigots to act out their racist, almost neo-fascist attitudes in public — by assuring me that a critical number of people are beginning to realize that they don’t want the cut-throat competition and constant anxiety of being divided and conquered by those who have become deluded into believing they have a right to manipulate large numbers of the populace into the atmosphere of constant anxiety and fear.

— Maybe I should just have said that I woke up feeling like I had been assured that the social-political climate will become more about cooperation and friendly interaction than competition and anxiety over false claims that our resources are becoming depleted by the unemployed, lazy welfare recipients,  or foreigners/illegal aliens ‘taking our jobs away from us’. The days of rabid ‘Trumpish’ nationalism are soon to be over.

— Then this morning on CBC radio, there was a report about a trend in Vancouver, BC, where Real Estate prices are insanely high, and rent is just as astronomically over priced. A growing movement among the ‘millennials’ is communal living, Advertising ‘living space’ accompanied by descriptions of the type of community the people who already live in a particular building are trying to foster. They also said they were different from the ‘Hippy Communes’ of their grandparents [ gulp ] because they wanted to go somewhere in life, { implying that they do not want to just ‘drop out’ and try to spend their lives getting high on sex and drugs and rock and roll? }

— Then there was another segment on another CBC morning news program in which one guy was arguing that it’s time to get rid of the 8 months of Daylight Savings Time. He said the benefits of this system are only going to shop owners and most of them are the corporate mega stores. (?)

— And then somebody interviewed a Hollywood watch-dog / historic trend follower who listed several movies in which Hollywood seemed to be trying to warn their audiences that there was a real danger that the cult of personality was leading everybody down the slippery slope to fascism with Narcissistic Charismatic Leaders trying to run everybody lives. And when the interviewer asked, the historian said ‘there’s a little bit of Donald Trump in every one of those [bad guys].’ It was odd to hear them lump ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ in with ‘7 Days in May’ and ‘Meet John Doe’ and a couple other less well-known movies where, for instance media personalities were reaching for political power and, in one case asking, “So how do I get all those monkeys to vote for me?” —

— Yeah, I want to believe that things are getting better. And I wonder why I woke up so sure that this is exactly what will happen.

— hopefully yours –,

~~~~~ Jim

“Heroes Reborn” = Vivid Dream early this morning.

Friday, November 20th, 2015 -( Cloudy, grey, rain forecast – Warmer than ‘seasonal’ @ 8˚C / 46˚F @9:30 am in Atlantic Canada )-

I went to sleep wondering what might come next on “Heroes Reborn” and, after several other dreams had one last very vivid dream about that television series.

= = =

Hiro Nakamura (sp?) has lost his powers, but he is still trying to rescue “EVO’s” – He has learned that compounds have been set up where EVO’s are being held against their will, probably drugged and probably ‘earmarked’ for execution. He’s been caught more than once and ‘swabbed’ – restrained while the results of the DNA test are coming and has been both relieved and depressed about being tested ‘negative’.

When one checkpoint received the ‘Negative’ results, he overheard the testers commenting, “He’s a dead ringer for someone on the ‘most wanted list’ but he tests negative. Maybe he’s a twin brother or maybe he’s the father of an EVO with none of the genetic markers? Maybe this is a rare case of the mother passing down the gene?” And when the para military testers question him, he pretends he can’t understand english at all, and pulls out an English – Japanese phrase book and offers it to the testers. They say, “We ain’t got time for this – move along, get out of here.” He stands there looking like he has no clue to what they just said, bows and points to the phrase book, offers it to them, they gesture threateningly and point roughly, “Go!” He nods and bows and scurries off.

A couple more guys in line sneer at him and snicker, “I hear that some of them can control the machines and force them to return false negative results.” Somebody else yells, “Why don’t you go back to China where you belong?”

Hiro almost looks shocked and almost explains that he’s from Japan, but remembers himself and bows and nods and scurries off with his head down.

He goes to a Sushi restaurant and orders in Japanese.

Two young-ish customers sitting near him in the restaurant ask him if he understands English. He looks around and, worried that someone might have followed him from the testing station, pulls out his phrase book and offers it to the customers, bows and says in Japanese, “Sorry, I don’t understand English, perhaps you can find what you want to say and attempt to ask me in Japanese?”

They wave him off with a half frustrated, half almost nasty look and turn, grin to each other, “I guess we can talk – I wish this place wasn’t so crowded all the time.”

The food here is excellent. You can’t have excellent food at a good price without being crowded.”

Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

And I guess you’re not going to try to get into the concert you wanted so badly to attend -”

No – I thought I might be able to buy tickets on line and then hop the fence around the testing station, but they’ve stepped up their security lately. They have motion detectors so sensitive that a mosquito can set them off.”

Too bad you can’t teleport -”

Too bad neither one of us has any power that might be really useful.”

Their Sushi arrives they smile at the waiter and wait until he’s out of range, sample their stuff and resume talking quietly while they eat.

I hear there’s an actual safe zone about ten miles out of town off the old El Camino Highway. The only marker is an upside down speed limit sign that somebody spray painted “EVOs Not Wanted Here”. There’s a hard to find path off to the left side of the highway there.”

What do you mean a safe zone?”

I heard that EVOs who have been tested with non-threatening powers have been released and granted an area where they can live without being afraid of storm troopers rounding them up again and dragging them off in the middle of the night.”

Sounds like a concentration camp to me.”

Yeah, well, There are supposed to be periodic patrols by normals around the perimeter and patrols and guard posts inside by EVOs to watch for vigilantes and the like. They will stop and interrogate anyone who tries to come inside, and allow other EVOs to come in and feel safe with them. I heard they have a couple new guys with decent defensive powers-”

Hiro’s Sushi arrives, he thanks the waiter in Japanese and bows, eats quickly and leaves. He looks at an old map in a gas station and finds “El Camino Highway” nods and buys a bottle of spring water.

That night takes a bicycle out along the highway and finds the sign and finds the path and hides the bicycle and hides himself until a couple patrols of ‘normals’ go by and then waits and then creeps low from cover to cover and finds a fence and finds a spot where the fence has been knocked down by a fallen tree, creeps across the tree and follows a path inside the fence, finds a second fence that ends at a stream, crosses the stream and finds a broken white line painted on stone with “Do Not Cross This Line” scrawled in white paint in several languages.

The sky is beginning to show signs of approaching daylight. Hiro does not want to be caught out in the open. He creeps along the line, trying to get to some rocks and sparse trees where he hopes he might be able to hide out safely before the sun rises and exposes him to ‘normals’.

At one point he almost loses his balance and steps over the line.

Somebody whispers menacingly, “You stepped over the line.”

Hiro whispers back, “Sorry, I lost my balance, I do not want to be caught out in the open when the sun rises-” he looks down, he’s wearing a pair of black running shoes with ‘Nike’ like white stripes and one of those stripes has come lose, he grumbles ‘cheap imitations’ and pulls the stripe off, drops it, and moves back across the line.

He sees a hand emerge from darkness and focus some kind of energy on the white stripe. It turns red, then the redness moves and becomes a red yellow depiction of a sunrise behind scattered clouds.

Hiro picks up the stripe and smiles at it.

Are you an EVO?” the voice whispers, “You do not feel like a ‘Normal’ to me, you don’t have the mean streak, or the fear-”

Hiro sighs, “I was an EVO – Another EVO took my power from me, Now even the DNA tests come back negative.” He looks at the white stripe, “It’s changing- look – the picture you projected is changing.” He hands the stripe to the unseen hand.

The hand touches Hiro’s hand and a subtle field of light blue rolls up through Hiro’s hand and arm. He feels a tingle.

The voice whispers, “You became a latent EVO – Strange, Even latent EVOs show up positive on their tests. Those are the rough ones, brutish guards push and prod and shock and even water-board latents to see what kind of power might emerge.”

Together they watch the sunrise become a moving painting of Hiro talking to a shadowy person across a line painted on stone.

The voice continues, “I have a couple minor powers. I can feel other EVOs if they’re close. I can project images, but they’ve never moved before- and I can sometimes bring out the power in latent EVOs – When they tested me the only power I showed them was my ability to project images on paper or white objects, leather, or stone. I projected stick images like little kids’ drawings and they laughed at me, said, “Wow, now that’s what I call a dangerous power- They tried a couple other tests and I flunked them all, so they gave me the option to come here.”

While they watch the image continue to change they see it change completely and show a dark figure approach the line and raise a bazooka, aim and fire it. They see the image reveal an army of bazooka wielding figures firing into their ‘Safe Zone’.

What was your power?” the voice gasps.

I was able to jump through time and space.”

Is this the future that is coming to us? Or is this what you fear or hope will not happen?”

I don’t know, it’s been some time since I had my power – I don’t know how strong it might be if it has returned.”

Well, dangit, man, you better get inside here, we better show this to the committee.”

The hand reaches out and pulls Hiro across the line.


— Maybe some more later –,

~~~~~ Jim

Grey, Damp Friday – & Why Do Spammers Spam?

Friday, October 9th, 2015 -( 8˚C / 48˚F Grey, damp, threatening rain @ 2:07 pm in Atlantic Canada )- Today would have been John Lennon’s 75th Birthday.

Family of deer in shade on snowy hillside.
Part of The Committee last winter. A telephoto shot using the ‘sports’ setting, I’m happy with the results and I did not have to take half a dozen shots before I got one steady enough.

— The committee put in an appearance this morning. We don’t have any oats yet, I tossed out a couple pieces of bread. -Didn’t see them come find and eat them, they were busy up closer to our neighbours’ feeding station. But when I just checked – somebody got the bread.

— It looks like somebody else tried to sign up for something with a close variation of my name on gmail. This one’s in Massachusetts.

— In an interview on CBC One this morning. Three First Nations people, each supporting one of the ‘three leading contenders’ for prime minister in the election on the 19th – They were asked about issues important to First Nations people, and if they thought of felt that the three parties were paying enough attention to First Nations People and their issues.

— One person said she believed that Tom Mulcair was the only party leader paying attention to First Nations. Another person believed that Justin Trudeau’s promise of making higher education more accessible to everybody earned his vote and one guy from Saskatoon actually liked the Conservatives, believing their propaganda about wanting to lower taxes.

— Sigh, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

— Dreamed Cousin Glenn picked up and read something I was writing and really liked it- He drove us somewhere, we stopped in an out of the way diner where the waitress was peddling herself for extra money. My sister Sharon was there with her kids, and they were between the ages of six and fifteen (?) There was also a young girl there who might have been a friend of my sister’s boys. The waitress covered herself with a table cloth and began catering to my cousin and his slightly beligerant friend. I was sitting at another table with my sister, thinking about what I might say if the waitress approached me as a customer – ( “Nope – sorry – I don’t have any little blue pills with me?” ) And I was hoping the kids wouldn’t be able to figure out what was going on at the other table and/or why the waitress had crawled under the table with a table cloth draped over her back, head and shoulders.

— Sigh.

— Then a weird buzz woke me up. I’m pretty sure that Moe, the cat, heard it too, he looked like he was wondering what had made that noise. I told Cathi about the buzz and she wondered if somebody had called her cell phone. She checked it out as she got ready for work and if somebody had called her they probably realized they’d dialed a wrong number and hung up after one buzz.

— I sat down to write some more, add to one of the novels I have going, and felt like I was being bombarded by weird radiation from the computer monitor – radiation that was designed to confuse and distract and disorient me so I couldn’t concentrate enough to write anything. Then I got distracted by more interviews on the radio.

— When I woke up the computer I was facing the “Sorry – Firefox blew up again – “screen and when I restarted Firefox I was staring at a page that told me that this blog still had 1,234 spam comments that the spam filter hadn’t gone back and deleted like it said it would.

— So I spent something like an hour deleting spam comments and emptying trash.

— There was only one comment in the file that might have looked like its author was a human being but it could have been a pre-written form thing in which a clever little routine inserted the name of the blog and the page or article the comment had latched on to and could have been applied to any page or posting on any blog in the English language, where-as most of the spam is mis-spelled and has words that might have been mis-translated from some other language. Most of them claimed their web sites were variations on “Cheap Stylish Brand Name” Schnarr like Ray-Ban sunglasses or Air Jordan Running Shoes.

— Made me wonder why the people behind those robotic ‘comments’ do what they do. Are they so desperate for money that they spend all the time and effort to program that doo doo and then push return and hope that one or two out of a million blogs the robots find actually allow their nonsense to get through and then maybe if so many bored or curious readers click on their links they might get a penny or two for every hundred clicks?

— Or is it more insidious? Is there hidden malware in their links? – hidden in some kind of control characters that are invisible to almost every browser?

— Ehhh ? Am I better off just plain giving up on the human race, figuring that they’re a bunch of evil greedy beligerant ice holes out to exploit each other?

— Naaaaa –.

— I’ll just go lay down and try to catch up on the sleep I lost a long time ago –,


~~~~~ Jim


Parallel Worlds – Quantum Physics or Just Weird Dreams –

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F — Cloudy, damp & wet outside @11:11 am in Atlantic Canada )- It’s my cousin K.C.’s birthday –

Blurry flowers foreground right- tortoise shell cat in the driveway, grey-blue house in the background.
I could have used a tripod and shot two nearly identical photos here with one set on macro to get the flowers in focus and the other set normal to get the house in focus with our neighbour’s cat in focus too, slinking across our driveway after a reconnaissance mission. and then carefully edited the photos in photoshop, which is a whole lot easier than the old way of attempting to create a shot like that from two negatives. This was yesterday, before noon, before the rain came overnight. -Jim-

— I dreamed we were discovering shark fins sticking up through the ground. Some of them were still trying to move. I was walking around with Cathi and at least one scientific investigator type while we hypothesized that the barrier between our world and a parallel world wasn’t functioning properly – that maybe the coastline was just a little bit different. We weren’t afraid the sharks could burst out of the ground in their struggles, they were stuck in solid ground, some of them in solid rock. The scientist was wondering if this dimensional barrier losing its integrity thing explained a rash of missing people, some of whom had vanished in the blink of an eye. We weren’t worried that we might be the next victims.

— I woke up and glanced at the clock, it was 7:57 am. Cathi had already gotten up, got dressed, had breakfast, and left for work. I almost always wake up around 7, get up, and push the button that starts her morning coffee brewing. – We haven’t spent the extra hundred dollars it would take to buy a ‘smart’ coffee maker that we could program to brew the coffee at the same time every morning – & I’ve developed a mistrust for ‘smart’ appliances and the electronic pollution they emit, and especially ‘smart meters’ that emit so much electronic pollution that quite a few people have a lot of trouble sleeping as soon as the ice-holes from the power companies with their ulterior motives install the bluddy things. So many ‘smart meters’ have spontaneously burst into flame that they’ve been outlawed in some places. They should be outlawed everywhere. Anyway – when I got my eyes half-open I couldn’t find the dog, who is usually either on the floor beside the bed or up on the bed, having taken advantage of us being asleep and not objecting to the 125 pound dog trying to wedge himself between us.

— I got up and stumbled around. Everything was grey outside, and very wet. Rain had been forecast. It wasn’t raining. Nothing was moving. There was no hint of a breeze and at almost precisely eight o’clock in the morning, no cars were zooming up or down the main north and south road that’s between 75 and 100 feet or meters from our living room door. It was almost spooky. I remembered stories told by people who believed they had somehow stumbled into a weird zone between dimensions where they were out of phase – where buildings were there, but no life – and they’d reported that the light was weird – darker than they thought it should have been. I think one husband and wife team being interviewed in a paranormal spot on the radio described this, said they got to where they were going but nothing seemed right, not even bugs were moving there. I forget how they blundered back across the border into our ‘normal’ world, but they were immensely relieved when they did.

— I looked around, couldn’t see the cat or the dog. The cat can find places to hide and we both swear he can teleport around inside the house, and maybe anywhere else he might want to go – at will – but not finding the dog was a bit worrisome. I stepped out into the glassed-in porch Cathi calls our front porch, I think of as either the back porch or a side porch – and looked around. No dog, no cat, nothing moving outside, everything very wet. Except for the fact that I could turn doorknobs and open and close doors I could have begun to worry that I’d either left my physical body in the bedroom and was moving around in ‘astral’ form or might have died in my sleep-

— I went back into the bedroom and looked around again. I couldn’t find the dog at first, but I hadn’t turned the light on and our big black Labrador can sometimes quite effectively blend in with shadows. I called him by his nickname – “Boof-” and one shadow moved. I was surprised at how much relief I felt. The boof wanted to lead me to the refrigerator and have me give him a piece of bread or other treat for having saved my sanity and on the way the orange cat appeared from under the kitchen table and said, “Unga mah mara-” which means something like, “Hi there, you’re up and around, thank you for the cat treats you better give me if you don’t want your bare legs shredded-” and smiled a big happy passive-aggressive smile.

— I won’t say that everything is right with the world, But at least I haven’t fallen through into a parallel dimension, or something worse, like a dimension where everything familiar is in a state of suspended animation, with me the only living thing moving around. It would be a real bummer to find proof that quantum theory works on this level and not be able to tell anybody about that-

— Happy Wednesday –,


New Look- & Thank You Jassper!

Spooky photo.
Spooky photo of a reflection of me, Jim, taking a picture of my spooky reflection in a window or patio door, or something like that, in 2008.

Okay- We’ve been busy in a lot of areas lately and when we checked this page/ these pages for the first time in months, we found that:  1.) There were 1,942 spam comments waiting to be deleted. & 2.) ‘upgrading’ to a much hyped newer theme can be a pain in the, um, bum.

Jassper, bless his heart, has been fantastic at sitting there, going through the mind-numbing task of making sure none of those spammed comments had anything to say worth allowing them to be approved for, and posted live. I think he said that two out of the first 400 he’s gone through might have been legitimate comments and/or worth checking out.

The new theme, “evolve”, has a couple great features and, as far as our needs and tastes are concerned, a lot of superfluous nonsense-  The developers went way out of their way to make the theme user friendly, probably aimed at the 15 to 35 year old crowd – which means my step son could have whizzed through it at the age of 5. 🙂 But it has some annoying features that I haven’t been able to figure out. The suggested height of a header was “125 pixels”. This like almost everything else about this theme, is customizable. So I changed it to 200 pixels and that worked, for about ten seconds. Then the stupid thing snapped back to showing only 125 of the two hundred pixels of the old header image I had to re-upload. There probably is a setting in here somewhere that I can change, manually, by diving into the code in the code editor, reading through thousands of lines, finding the right line, overwriting the setting with the new numbers, re-saving or ‘updating’ and then sitting back while the wheels spin and hope that when I look at what I think I have just fixed, it just might be what we thought we had all along.


They have some color settings here that are marked “Important!” in the code, as seen through the editor. And I can’t figure out how to get rid of the plain vanilla overly white background all around the guts of the page and put in my own color, or ‘colour’ since we are in Canada. 🙂

And- I wasn’t thrilled with the very green colour block around the ‘sticky’ messages that are supposed to stay at the top of the list of ‘posts’ to be displayed whenever any of you out there in reader/surfer land come pay us a visit. But that may be one of the things in the code that is marked “Important!” And right now, I’m too tired to argue with them or mess with the code to see if changing the color setting launches an ICBM attack on our closest allies or anything.

It also took me between ten and twenty minutes of clicking through all the user friendly options to find the button to push to turn off the ‘featured image’ function, which grabbed the first image in the post and displayed it larger than the image was supposed to be displayed, and displayed it on top of the rest of the article, as a link, so articles with images had a huge honking featured image above itself and then the same image in its normal size down inside the article where it had been told to hang out- and articles with no images included had a huge light gray box with a spooky semi translucent image of a ghost camera above the article, so fraekin huge that the images were often twice the size of the article itself. But I did find that box and clicked it off, grumbling, “We don’t need no stinkin’ featured images.

And Jassper has promised to sit down and delete another couple hundred pieces of garbage ‘comments’ tomorrow and we’re pretty sure we turned off the ability of anybody to post a comment here if they’re not on our staff. So if you really have something to say that we might think is valid and worth posting, you can send it to “jassper@aerendel.org” and if you really want to become another unpaid volunteer here, say so, and we’ll send you a user password set to ‘contributer’ and screen everything you try to post until we’re damned sure we can trust you. Sorry, we only needed to get burned once before we turned hard on potential volunteers.

Don’t tell anybody, I just yawned.

— Thank you — And we hope you find something here that makes your day more enjoyable or at least more informed. And since these pages here are more or less aimed at relatives and close friends, we would probably be surprised if you did find something that really tweaked your interest here. But then, again, you may have found something in/or one of the other pages that fired your enthusiasm, and you can write to jassper and tell him you’d like to contribute to that page, include a user name and either a password that we hope you can change later or we’ll pick one for you. & don’t forget we need your real email address to send you this information.

& I’ve clicked every category we currently have listed as pertaining to this message, and that’s what we’re all about, so far. New categories might explode into our consciousness any time, day or night-

— Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful life time, and a wonderful happily ever after –

————— Jim


Fun With Security Cams

4 different shots on one screen
Split screen shot of 4 out of 8 security cams’ feed.

= January 8th, 2014. Natsha F.’s Birthday. =

For Christmas this year, Santa Claus got us a security camera system (partially to see if we can capture anything spiritual with the 100 foot night vision capability). Instructions say “set up the cameras close to the recorder before installing them wherever you want to install them permanently. So far, with all the snow outside and trying to decide exactly where to set up the cameras, the cameras are still inside, cluttering up the office with their cables and showing other office clutter while they cycle by on the screen. It’s a bit odd, now I know more or less what I look like from behind and at other strange angles. (Colours aren’t perfect on 4 of the cameras, but they’re close enough for what we want.  And instead of the bright white ‘Orphan Annie’ eyes they capitalize on spooky teevee shows I have more shots of me with very black eyes to muse over.)

Deer Feeding behind our neighbour's fence
Deer Behind Fence Yesterday.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014. -16˚C / +4˚F (( Wind Chill = -12˚F)) @ 6:14 am.

Dreamed an epic dream that I was writing a deep, many layered novel. I didn’t know I was dreaming at the time, but I knew I was planning to turn my experiences into a deep epic novel, & wasn’t quite sure where it would go or where it would end.

The part I was  immersed in tonight was a wedding. With all sorts of intrigue as it was probably the first wedding this extended family had ever gone through at a non- smoking facility. Many of the single young men were sleeping in a basement (and I was one of them. Even if I felt like this was my immediate family’s upgraded basement) There was a Moe type Cat sleeping on my chest for at least part of the night before.

There was a lot of cattish behaviour (mostly talk) among the young ladies at the event. Intellectual snobbery, moral snobbery, flirting, triumphant hoots when the not so popular overweight woman was asked to dance by one of the most eligible of the bachelors. Subtle flirting, even the one with the most acid of tongues came close to melting when close to one young man and wanted to hide that from everybody, maybe especially him.

I got the impression there were lesbian undertones at one table, And a lot of “Try not to give the Patriarch / Matriarch a clue as to what any of this is all about.

When I woke up I had a strong impression that there was somebody or some entity walking around the kitchen. The dog growled and Max hissed. I looked at the clock, saw 5:56 (am) and thought someone had turned a light on. I wondered if Cathi was sick, getting up at this hour to find some medication so she could make it through another day of work.

I ended up looking at the ceiling in the living room (I ‘d been sleeping in the chair) and wondering where to put a night vision camera (to stand sentinel for things that go bump in the night.)

I should end this part of today’s journal here with the sound Jassper makes, growling in his sleepiness.

—-umm grrrrrrrrrr-

~~~~~Jim (Wednesday, January 8th, 6:26 am) ((anniversary of us moving into 626 Huntington Road in 1959)) Rod McCauley Jr’s Birthday.


Thursday, January 9th, 2014.  -18˚C / 0˚F @ 8:30 am ((Teevee guy said the windchill was -29˚C around 7:30 am)). Clear- cold-

Saturday is supposed to start out at around -18˚C /0˚F and gradually warm to about +8˚C in the evening.  (=+46˚F) We might just start out as snow, get about 4 hours of freezing rain before it turns into all rain… sounds like life will become ineresting on Saturday.

Sunday should be even warmer- with more rain? ((They’re talking +10˚C / 50˚F. ))

When I was trying to see the future for our annual prognostications- I saw a lot of precipitation and a lot of puddles surrounded by snow. (that was January) and so far it looks like I got that right.

~~~~~Jim  (more later?)