Sunday –

Sunday, January 31st, 2016 -( +1˚C / +34˚F — Cloudy with about a centimeter of fuzzy new snow coating everything and the sun’s trying to come out in Atlantic Canada @ 8:45 am )-

Snowy night with a bridge and a large building.
Looks like someone captured a snowy night somewhere – looks peaceful. I’m not sure where that is.

— Okay, so once again I spent the whole night fixing things on computers. Trying to get things to work that wanted to be left alone –

Stones with carvings.
– Interesting carving on stones in Scotland – One of several photos tweeted by Aillish Sinclair this morning. –

— Google’s Chrome browser informed me that it will no longer support any mac versions hosted on computers with ‘obsolete’ operating systems. – Like OS X versions 10.6 and 10.7 – Somebody needs to take them down a peg – or maybe throw them off the top of a pyramid in Central America and watch them bounce all the way down – Grrrr.

— Oh dangit, I’m trying to remain positive here.

— Jesse Ventura tweeted a schnarr photo of D. Trump and said he feels kind of good about Trump destroying the GOP the way he is. 🙂

Lynx sheltering in a snowy tree stump.
– And I think the person who wrote the companion book to ‘Medicine Cards’ said that people who resonate with Lynx-es are rare. – Actually the text describes ‘Lynx People’ as being people who have Lynx spirit guides. If I ever figure out whether anybody or everybody has Spirit Guides hanging around them disguised as Animal Spirits I’ll let you know.

— Um, that’s probably enough for now, Haben Sie einen guten Tag.

~~~~~ Jim