Saint Patrick’s Day In The Maritimes —

Thursday, March 17th, 2016  — //  -1˚C / +30˚F @ 7:51 am — Snowing and still kind of grey in Atlantic Canada —  // Today is my cousin, Patrick Conroy’s birthday — Not the published author, my cousin ‘Ricky’ —

Looking toward the deer hill.
— At 7:00 am the first few flakes were few and far between, very hard to see. At 7:33 am, when this photo was taken, the snow was just beginning to show up white on the ground. Ten Minutes later, everything was covered in a solid white layer.

— The weather reports changed every couple minutes last night. Yesterday at about this time (around 7 am) we were told a coming snow event would do little more than cover the leaves a radio and teevee announcer hadn’t raked up and dealt with before the first snow last autumn. Last night the six o’clock news thought we might get 10 to fifteen centimeters [ 4 to 6 inches? ] And then at eleven o’clock the same news room with a different weather personality thought we might get something between 4 and 7 centimeters. At 5:30 am this morning the CBC’s area weather man told us it was +1˚C here and what snow we get might change to rain earlier than anybody’d thought it might. At 6:30 am it was 0˚C and we were told the snow was just beginning to enter New Brunswick after clearing Customs at the Maine Border 😉 – At 7:00 am I saw the first couple ‘few and far between’ flakes trying to fall. Just after 7:30 am I had started warming up the van for Cathi and the snow was evident, and beginning to look ‘picturesque’ – I grabbed the Cell phone and snapped a few photos. And like I said above, ten minutes later everything out there was covered by a solid layer of white. (We did brush the snow from the van’s roof before Cathi gingerly eased forward, knowing that hidden ice below slippery snow might be a problem.)

— And, speaking of problems, The local CBC news people are announcing that several cities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are asking the Federal Government to slow down with their Regugee relocation to those cities. And in Europe, the greedy and rabid nationalistic are backing a program to return refugees to Turkey from EU countries and let the ‘nice, law abiding’ refugees – those who never tried to sneak into Europe – let the refugees who haven’t left Turkey – be officially welcomed into European Union countries.

— Sigh — We are also hearing that Donald Trump is closer to his goal of walking into the Republic Convention with his nomination in his back pocket. But the buzz in the ‘psychic’ circles is that neither Donald J Trump, nor Hillary R Clinton – will be their parties’ officially endorsed candidates for the office of President of the United States of America in 2016.

— I’m not sure I want to hold my breath — or even watch this nonsense all that closely.

— And — The CRTC ( Canada’s Television, Radio, and Cable/Fibre Optic/Video — Media regulatory agency ) has acknowledged that they are receiving a lot of complaints about the ‘Un-Bundled’ Cable etc. services that they mandated to make the cable providers provide more affordable services are being manipulated so that the small basic package and only the channels that most customers want are actually being told will cost them more than if they ‘buy’ the over-priced, over bundled packages full of channels they have no desire to ever view.

— Meanwhile — Top of the Marnin’ to  yeh – T’is a glorious day to be Irish, or in my case, maybe 2/32 Irish? Me grandma’ said the Irish up the family tree were Rileys.

— Shrug — And now I’m entangled with my favourite partner in crime and/or domestic bliss whose last name at birth was Harris. And who got her name back when her [ first ] marriage ended.

— So there’s plenty of green in me soul and surroundings 🙂 –,

— Happy Saint Patrick’s Day –,

~~~~~ Jim