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And The Propaganda Wars Drag On –

Wednesday, 07 October, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F & Sunny, Clear, and Beautifully Warm-ish Autumnal-like @3:30 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

— We got Political Propaganda mail today. The Conservatives want everybody to believe that only a complete Ice-Hole would vote for anybody but a Conservative. But their name-calling, smug posturing, nasty b.s. – even if it only resonates with those who never matured beyond the “I know you are, but what am I?” idiocy – seems to be proving effective. This does not say anything good or ‘nice’ about the Canadian electorate.

— There’s a saying in the U.S.A., “No Republican ever lost an election by underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.” You should read this, “Republicans and Conservatives have made a science out of appealing to the lowest, most base attitudes and habits of our contemporaries. Negative ads have been proven to stick in the minds of the television-viewing public, Television programing has always been aimed at viewers with the intelligence and maturity of an average six year old. Do you feel like you’ve been dumbed down? No, most of us believe everybody else has been dumbed down and we somehow escaped the mind numbing effects of living in today’s toxic environment and toxic social atmosphere.

— Will they get away with it? Will the vitriole spewing, brain dead, negative script reading parrots assume their mob-pleasing postures and attack the right minorities and use their time tested agenda, scape goating anyone who doesn’t quite look like the ruling elite and will all those who have been convinced that they should emulate the powerful in order to get ahead and take a meaningful place in this not-quite-sane, nowhere-near-as-nice-as-we’ve-been-told-it-is world drink the poisoned cool-aid and vote the evil ones into office for another couple years?

— I hope not.

— As often as it looks like the planet is waking up and realize we’ve been lied to, manipulated, pushed around and worse by the puppets who believe they belong to the ruling elite — and we just might be on the verge of throwing away the blinders and taking control of our own minds and hearts and souls and moving our world closer to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ we’ve always known it could be … it also looks like the evil dark liars from hell are laughing all the way to their banks. Have they won another round?

— Dear God, How did we ever free our minds and souls from this sort of nonsense?

— Tune in on a week from next Monday and find out >>—>

— Prayers help, ya know, it’s been scientifically proven. But prayers probably can’t change the votes of brain dead puppets and marionettes.


~~~~~ Jim


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