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Friday, October 2nd, 2015.

Dual Prop plane taxi-ing on an airport runway.
An Air Canada flight had just landed and was being guided into place at the terminal in Fredericton, NB. It was a grey day, But a passenger on this flight brought a special kind of sunshine to us while she visited for much too short a time, as usual.

— My favourite step daughter and Cathi’s and my favourite nurse (the same person) flew out for much too short a visit on Friday, and I’ve been much too busy enjoying her company to take a lot of photos. I think Cathi got at least one good one as she took several shots with her spiffy new-ish cell phone when we gathered around our kitchen table for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe I’ll be able to steal one of those and insert it here –

— { I probably should have taken a photo of the washed out bit of Lincoln Road on our way to or from the airport. Last Wednesday brought us a rain event that dumped over one hundred milimeters of rain on us, and destroyed sections of several roads and bridges around here. One road now has an ‘eight meter deep’ crater in a spot that had been a perfectly normal section of road on Tuesday- &  Gad –  what a mess we saw. Looks like an angry flood wiped out a section of road and pushed the culvert it couldn’t fit through several meters downstream. I think the crater we encountered was probably three meters deep and more like ten or fifteen meters wide. An emergency bit of beautifully engineered make shift road had been crafted through a part of that crater, thank goodness and probably thank something like a department of highways, or engineers from the huge armed forces base a little bit father south beyond the airport. & I probably shouldn’t mention here that some of our favourite Conspiracy Investigators believe that many of these colossal weather events have been purposefully engineered to keep us all off center and easily manipulated by nasty governments that will try to convince you that their draconian orders are meant to keep you safe from weather gone crazy and other dangers that, in the end, will not be half as dangerous as those governments. }

— Tuesday, October 6th, 2015:

Ivy with some leaves turning red climbing a stone wall
English Ivy climbing our stone wall here in our little corner of Atlantic Canada.

— I could probably write more and/or go take a picture of my step daughter and insert that here, but I think I’d rather go enjoy her company for a bit-

~~~~~ Jim

Politix ….

Tuesday, 06 October, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F — Sunny & clear @ 1:29 pm in Atlantic Canada )- {{ On Bill Pellenz’s Birthday }}

Light and shadow on evergreen with tortoise shell cat.
Our Neighbours’ elusive ‘Tortoise Shell’ cat should be trying to blend in with the shadows beneath this spreading evergreen tree on the hill that is happily catching and reflecting light.

{ Copied & Pasted from Email: }


Hey Jim,

I should try to learn not to let this stuff upset me, but I can’t —

— 1.) Yesterday I heard an economist being interviewed on the radio tell a reporter that for all the jobs the current Prime Minister of Canada is trying to brag that he created with ‘his economic policy’ – the real income of Canadians has not risen at all – The Economist ( a human guy, not the magazine ) said that this would shine a brilliant warning light to economists everywhere that the Canadian economy is in deep trouble.

— 2.) Shortly after that interview aired we heard that the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) sent out a call to all news agencies to send their reporters to where the Prime Minister would be making an important announcement. *Claxton Warning #1* The PMO and the Prime Minister should be seen – and heard – as making a huge ethical faux pas by framing this announcement as a political event during the current political election season here in Canada. Dictators in 3rd world countries have been shot for less. Dictators in ‘First World’ countries have been seized by angry mobs, dragged through the streets and butchered in town squares for less.  — well, maybe the trigger of the butchering event would have come after years of egregious violation of human rights, which seems to be the earmark of Dictators everywhere. The ‘proverbial’ straw that breaks the camel’s back is often comparatively minor compared to other crimes against humanity and all that other stuff that dictators are so good at.

— 3.) When the reporters were all duly assembled, the Prime Minister announced that the Trans Pacific ‘Parnership’ had been agreed to in principal and would now be going to all twelve ‘Partner’ countries’ legislatures for review and endorsement – And the Prime Minister grinned broadly and did all he could to accept ‘credit’ for what he would like you to believe is a real triumph of negotiations and a wonderful thing that would help him go down in history as a brilliant and benevolent ‘Leader’ of ‘This Great Country’ and crown him with all sorts of legendary glory for being a ‘right headed visionary’ and saving the Canadian economy in a very dark hour.

— 4.) Ralph Nader went on the record a short time later, labeling the Trans Pacific Partnership a thinly veiled atrocity put together by the most clever corporate lawyers who haven’t yet been lined up against the wall and shot by the honest people they swindled and sold into slavery – And he called the “TPP” itself an attempt to strip duly elected governments of their sovereignty and place them under the rule of multi-National Corporations.

— 5.) Why hasn’t anybody coined the phrase ‘Supra-National Corporations’ yet?

— 6.) The current Prime Minister of Canada is one of those idiots suffering from testosterone poisoning, who believes that if he says anything with enough force and conviction in his voice, no matter how egregious a lie the statement is when he pronounces it, that statement will become truth by the force of his will.

— 7.) You Cannot Trust Stephen Harper. For all the many deals he claims he and his cronies have negotiated in favour of the citizens of Canada – Canada is not one iota better off. In fact Stephen Harper’s policies have screwed Canada, screwed Canadians, stripped Canadians of their rights and freedoms, ruined their economy and pushed Canada way down the ‘slippery slope’ toward the kind of economic slavery ‘enjoyed’ by every other third world nation on this planet.

— 8.) Don’t believe me? If this stupid ‘partnership’ goes through it won’t be long before you see in front of your own eyes just how bad a situation you allowed yourselves to be sold into can be.

— 9.) Schnarr!

—Douglas Jay Otterson—