Lately? III

Posted by Jim - February 28th, 2009

New Van at Robert Simpson Park And this is our new van. We haven’t given it a name yet, Ben wanted to know whether we should call it the van or the Dodge, or what? So far it’s “The New Van” (luckily, nobody has called it “Morrison” yet…. shudder). I took this photo on Friday, February 27, 2009 (the Day after Aunt Reggie’s Birthday) in the parking lot at Robert Simpson Park (Not related to Bart- I don’t think) Down the hill behind the pile of snow beyond the van is the beach, one of two town beaches. The white stuff you might be able to see back there is snow on top of ice. People drive out on the ice all the time, just not from here, because the town is real good at piling up a nice, tall barrier of white stuff that keeps people from trying to drive vehicles (other than snow mobiles?) down the steepish, winding hill…



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