Voodoo Eco-gnomix?

Posted by admin - February 12th, 2009

February 12, 2009 (Charles McCauley’s Birthday (and my ex dentist’s in Stratford, CT, USA) )

Voodoo ecomomics?

I think all economics are smoke and mirrors- one more tool the would be power elite use to try to control everybody they want to be ‘under their control’.

Doreen Virtue said that Archangel Michael told her that if we ignored the forecasts and bought things as usual, the so-called crisis/recession would be over.

I believe that- I think.

Think positive thoughts and make the make believe recession go away…..


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About the Coalition…

Posted by admin - December 4th, 2008

MySpace had an ad for itself on its log in page. In this ad, it had several options re: click here to let us know what you think of the possibility of a coalition government.

Highlighted at the top was Stephan Dione’s profile. the next line was S Harper’s profile. I forget what the 3rd link was, but the fourth link was something like, “voice your opposition to this coalition” and there was no link to anything like, “voice your opposition to the current government”.