Monday – Um – Winter Is Still With Us –

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 —  -6˚C / +21˚F & Sunny & Bright in Atlantic Canada @ 12:42 pm // Where it was -11˚C @ 7:00 am this morning //   It’s Cousin Lori’s Birthday 🙂

Foggy Golf Course with no snow on the grass on February 20th of this year.
Local CBC Morning Radio And TeeVee News Person Terry Seguin took this photo on Saturday when he discovered that the golf course near his home was uncommonly bereft of snow for this time of year. The CBC’s morning meteorologist said he would fix that in a couple days 🙁 😉

— Yup, after a couple days thinkin’ the local groundhog with the unpronounce-able name might have been right and spring just might have already arrived here – This morning’s -11˚C temperature was a bit of a rude surprise. But I guess that isn’t too bad – we are enjoying life here in New Brunswick – for the most part – & No, I won’t mention neo-fascist federal schnarr from the previous government trying to ruin everybody’s picnic but their own – that would be just plain mean.

Sculpture of a Moose paddling a blue canoe.
Cathi and I finally found the legendary “Blue Canoe” restaurant south of us here – And captured this happy view of Bullwinkle, paddling or steering a blue canoe – not with a flying squirrel – but with a Beaver paddling at the front. What an amazing work of sculpture.

— And Cathi said, “We finally found our truck-stop restaurant.” With Genuine Home-Cooked flavours and a pretty good ambiance inside. It was a bit unnerving to feel so many people inside staring at me like they were sure they knew me from somewhere and wondered why I wasn’t saying hello on sight-

Beaver and moose Sculpture, paddling a blue canoe.
Here’s the entire Sculpture, or – as much as you can see from one angle –

— As we got closer to the door into the restaurant we discovered another work of sculpture –

Sculpture of a Comical fisherman with a lobster and a jumping fish in a blue rowboat.
I can’t read the plaque from here, (bad me) but I would guess this was the same sculpture artist who sculpted the moose and beaver in the canoe – Cathi had me jump into the photo for a couple inspired takes of her own – I’ll snitch one from facebook and add it here –

— This was yesterday, the 21st of February, with the uncharacteristic ‘No Snow’ on the ground look for this area.

Fisheman and me.
Cathi’s photo of the fisherman acknowledging that he and I are probably somehow related. 😉 – on facebook Cathi gave this photo a caption saying I’d found my long-lost uncle. 🙂

— So Yesterday was cloudy and warm and today is sunny and cold again – And I better get on to things I have to do as I’ve already spent at least twice as much time on this as I expected –

— Happy Fishing? –,

~~~~~ Jim

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