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Sudden Rain Halts Work Outside, So Cathi Painted A Painting.

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F Overcast & Dark @ 11:59 pm here in Atlantic Canada )-

— Cathi, who has been planning to get creative with pallet wood after seeing what several people have posted lately about what they’ve been doing with wood rescued from shipping pallets, had to halt her activities this evening and get everything – especially the electric drill and portable electric screwdriver – inside before the loud rumbling thunder split the clouds and pelted us with rain, and possibly hailstones- I don’t think we got any hail right here, but the area might have seen some.

— But also, she’s lamented lately that she hasn’t painted anything in years. There is a new “Northside” Community Centre open or opening soon and promising to display the work of local artists, so —

Pallet work in the rain

Not Orbs this time- those are probably reflected raindrops. It was pouring rain very shortly after Cathi made it inside. I got this photo by stepping outside under the bit of roof over hang here at the porch. Of course, there could be some ‘stealth orbs’ checking us out here. 🙂

— Left of center above is the frame Cathi is putting together for a guest bed in our guest bedroom. She was working feverishly, trying to fasten the last  of the slats, which will be vertical in this case- When the thunderboomers told her the downpour was almost here.

Painting on an easel on a credenza in our living room

Cathi’s painting is drying on the easel atop the teakwood credenza we sanded down and re-finished several years ago. Her box of art supplies is open on the floor and the paintbox is resting open, happy to have helped her accomplish something beautiful.

— No, she did not become discouraged and give up on her creative energy because one project had been thwarted- Nope, this is her 2nd week off this summer and she was determined to do things she could be proud of. So she sat down, got out her acrylics and painted a painting.

Cathi smiling

The beaming Artist.

— And, of course, the dog wanted to take credit for inspiring us to get outside and do stuff in the first place, and had his romp in the rain, came back inside looking daffy and ruffled and wet and happy, and, when I wanted to take a photo of Cathi and her painting, the dog wanted to get in the way and remind us that any time there is a dog in the room, we’re supposed to open up the ‘fridge’ and give him a treat. – hmmmmm —-

Dog in his crate.

Dogatory – The puppy-horse wants to show us what a good dog he is in the hopes that something edible will be his reward. 🙂 There’s a sheet over his crate that we pull down at bed time. This gives us maybe ten minutes of peace for a snack or something before he starts crying and whining and we want to cry and whine and remember the time before our long-term house guest hadn’t yet spoiled the almost trained puppy to the point where Cathi can’t bear to hear the mournful yelps and moans when he’s wondering what he might have done wrong to be locked up in his canine purgatory. You should see his eyes glow white through the security cameras.

— It’s been a productive day for Cathi, and an interesting day for me- after I fell asleep twice deleting spammed messages from this wordpress blog I took a nap and woke up to find that She hadn’t just started a painting, she pretty much finished it. 🙂

~~~~~ Jim


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