Wednesday, October 9th (John Lennon’s Birthday) 2013. 2˚C / 36˚F @ 3:08 am.

I’ve been trying to catch up with stuff on a lot of things at once. I’m planning on putting a time line of the big move and lots of what happened with lots of photos on the appropriate page in here. But that’s not quite ready yet.

Monday : 30 days from our first day in this province. (and 28 days since we closed on this house and had 16,000 pounds in what sometimes looks like a million boxes moved into this house… we were told that the moving company could have somebody come out and unpack everything for us, but Cathi declined. She later told me that someone she had talked to about this kind of move said they had somebody unpack and what the unpackers did was just that. unpacked everything and left everything in piles. all kitchen stuff stacked up on counters and anywhere else the unpackers could find a place to pile it up, all the bedroom stuff piled in a huge mountain on the bed… in which case we would have had to go absolutely crazy to dig a hole through the pile so we could sleep that night, or not sleep until we could do that.)

28 days from the day we moved in here, we opened a box that had other stuff piled on top of it to find most of Cathi’s earrings and stuff and halfway down the box was my ortho pedic pillow and a couple other pillows I had relied on to build a ramp so I wouldn’t wake up unable to move…

And Cathi has not been feeling well the past two days, spent most of Monday sleeping, not able to wake up and stay awake long enough to accomplish anything. And Tuesday she had just enough oomph to lie on the couch and finish reading Stephen King’s latest novel.


We have our long distance telephone system connected and will probably be able to call all the people we’ve been cut off from. We’re thinking of changing our virtual phone number from Vermont to Connecticut.

And- it’s probably going to freeze tonight.

And the trucks rumbling by may have shaken something loose in our retaining wall that might be able to bring it down in one spot. We may have to take a crash course in shoring up retaining walls.

—Um, until next time…