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I Don’t Want To Jinx This, But-


From Across the Road. Rented Car left, Inspector’s Vehicle right.

This is where we believe we’ll be moving to. Rates went up after Cathi’s agreement was signed and in place and I have this sickening feeling that the Mortgage people would really really like to reject something so they can charge higher rates. But I also have the spiritual reassurance that they can’t get away with this, and Everything will fall into place before the deadline.

The deadline is rapidly approaching and if the bad guys keep dragging their feet we may actually not have a place to go to. I would then be hard pressed to remain civil and not send mind numbing nightmares into the minds and souls of the jerks who would mess with anybody’s lives for fun and profit. (grrrrrr).

So let’s hope that good things continue to happen and I don’t have to bash my head against a wall screaming, “Lead us not into temptation….” until my mind becomes numb and — I really don’t think it will come to that.

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