–Lost another one–

Posted by Jim - September 3rd, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010. (hot and muggy in Arnprior, promise of thunder storms later)

— Thankfully, I couldn’t get into my email yesterday. (Thankfully because I probably could not have functioned at work last night if I had gotten the news.)

Roger French is no longer “among the living” in this gawd-awful environment.

—Thing is,  I’m hearing some stupid, nasty, judgmental comments about the way he checked out. And, while Roger wasn’t exactly a model citizen according to most idiots’ standards, he certainly was a unique and valuable (if quirky) member of the human race. He had a system of values that did not always align perfectly with my own, but everybody in southern Vermont knew that if they messed with Roger’s family, they would  probably live just long enough to regret that, deeply.

& He was probably worth at least ten of the sort of people who are sitting back and passing judgment here.

— Have a better life on the other side, Roger-


Cousin Glenn

Posted by Jim - July 14th, 2010

My cousin Glenn, who died just after his 50th birthday in the year 2000, spent what felt like about half an hour with me in dreamland. I think it had something to do with mechanic stuff on cars. I told him he’d been back since he’d died at least once before and he said, “Oh yeah?” and went on to tell me about somebody who shook his hand, but the hand shake was an energy ‘AWOL’ (or something like that, the exact word before AWOL has disappeared from my brain in the time it took me to get to the computer.) I didn’t ask any questions between the time he mentioned the something AWOL and went on to explain that whomever had shaken his hand in that manor wanted to check to see if he’d been killed in a car crash or something.

I’m not sure the conversation means a heck of a lot, but I always appreciate these visits and my cousin Glenn has shown me some very interesting places on the other side when he’s come around, (Thanks!)



Posted by Jim - March 27th, 2010

Thinly disguised commercials designed to win political points for politicians with an agenda have been driving me nuts lately, so:

If you hear a politician mouth the words “Jobs”, “National Security”, “Freedom” or “Leadership” you might as well dial them out because the chances are at just about 100% that whatever follows will be pure and utter “bullship”.


February Updates?

Posted by Jim - February 10th, 2010

Wednesday, early ayem, February 10, 2010.

-6˚C / + 21˚F @ 4:00 ayem.

Yesterday (2/9…Feb 9) was Aud’s birthday. ( and Chiara’s). Today is Richard’s (Galdrian). Tomorrow it’s Pammmmmmm, & Joanne and Jennifer Annisiton? (sp?).

Then the 12th is Charles McCauley (Senior)’s birfday.

I have more to say,

but, like usual…

I sat down at the computer-

and my brain went blank.


I will not compose / an ode to a kidney stone

Posted by Jim - February 2nd, 2010

nobody wants to read/hear that long a string of explitives

or listen to me whine about the weirder side effects of this schnarr.


Talk to ya later-


Gack!—It Told me I was an invalid user name—

Posted by Jim - February 2nd, 2010

But then- While I was looking through my password notebook (now that’s got to be a statement on something-) it changed its mind and when I glanced back, I was all signed in and ready to rock-

—Now, if I could only remember what I was going to write here….


————— Jim

Still Here-

Posted by Jim - October 24th, 2009

I’ve been fighting a really nasty cold for the past three weeks or more.


Interesting news about the future?–

Earth may hit a fork in the road in the near future. The “New Heaven and New Earth” theory:

Many of the more altruistic and ethical, moral people among us will move to the “New Earth”- move into a phase of existance that looks like ‘here’ but is actually a slightly higher dimension.

The greedy and power crazy will stay on the “Old Earth” and go through all sorts of trials and tribulations that the New Earth will not have to experience.

—More later,


I hear a cat meowing at my side, but there’s no cat there.

Posted by Jim - September 21st, 2009

So either Domino is that quick and got away or has learned to throw his voice?

Schnarr, the new software requires that you restart your computer now.

Call it a security update, nobody will question it. hell, you don’t want those evil hackers to take over your computer, so let us do it. (we’re your firends in the secret government, we’ve taken over your life and you answer to us. and we answer to no one. bwa hahahahahahhahhahahahaha-)

—–Not Jim (grin)

((And then Safari aborted the restart, because it absolutely had to remind me that I had more than one page open in safari and how could I possibly think I should let those close?))

Civilization, the game

Posted by Jim - September 15th, 2009

Rampaging Barbarians-Rampaging barbarians inside cultural boundaries…

“Civilization” by Sid Meier, (I’m most familiar with II and IV) is a game that fascinates and really bugs me.

The basic premis of the game is that all civilizations, all national leaders, are psychotic. It’s an eye-opener to have Mahatma Gandhi decide that he should hurl a ‘sneak attack’ of Nuclear missiles at several of your cities because you won’t convert to Christianity.

I’ve gasped at messages that “Lincoln adopts Slavery”.

Having a “Great Spy” born in one of your city who turns out to be Ethyl Rosenberg is a heart breaker. I mean we have learned lately that (1) the trial was a sham; and (2) the US had already sold nuclear secrets to the soviets. So the Rosenbergs were scape goats and martyrs who were brutally butchered so ice holes could gain and maintain political power and continue lying to us.

Grumble grumble.

But anyway. the game has such beautiful potential, but there are times when I want to grab everyone on the development team (one at a time, in a very dark alley) and growl, “You think you’re bloody clever, don’t you-” and shred their minds with visions of anything they’d spent time and emotion developing being torn apart and ravaged in front of them…. jerks.)

So why do I play it? Why do people who have been murdered, and worse- reincarnate on earth to try again? Because we have a truly indomitable spirit? because we can’t believe that a just and loving God could let us suffer intense injustice at the hands of others? Are we infernally optimistic or stupidly gullible?

Or maybe because I still harbour dreams of creating my own game, and want to see where they went wrong, and what they got right?

—–I don’t know.


Monday- September 14th-

Posted by Jim - September 14th, 2009

Morning Glories Climbing the porch-Monday, September 14th, 2009.

I think it got up around 24˚C, (78˚F?) and then it cooled when some intense rain came ripping through during the evening.

We had our electricity cut off from something like 9 am to 1 pm (I think it was more like 1:30 PM, when the electricity came back, but the clock had a 9 volt battery, back up- and it gained at least fifteen minutes while the lights were out.

But anyway, I tried to get the Morning Glories that Cathi planted beside the front porch, and I thought it came out fairly close to what I think it actually looks like.

-Um, yeah, well- It was a nice enough day.


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