Monday- September 14th-

Posted by Jim - September 14th, 2009

Morning Glories Climbing the porch-Monday, September 14th, 2009.

I think it got up around 24˚C, (78˚F?) and then it cooled when some intense rain came ripping through during the evening.

We had our electricity cut off from something like 9 am to 1 pm (I think it was more like 1:30 PM, when the electricity came back, but the clock had a 9 volt battery, back up- and it gained at least fifteen minutes while the lights were out.

But anyway, I tried to get the Morning Glories that Cathi planted beside the front porch, and I thought it came out fairly close to what I think it actually looks like.

-Um, yeah, well- It was a nice enough day.


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