Posted by Jim - April 30th, 2009

In the director's chairThursday, April 30th, 2009.

I can’t think of anybody with a birthday today, second day in a row. (woa….)?

The photo here is a volunteer sitting in the director’s chair, during the telethon. Another Volunteer was complaining that she couldn’t get a photo of one of the guys who’d come down from Pembroke with the guy smiling. I got a smile from the wrong guy here, I think… Anyway, this is the control room inside the Mobile Unit (which looks like a rather large moving van, with a photographic mural all over it.

Anyway, the control room is a pretty cool play, huh? people put way too much pressure on themselves and each other from this place. But it’s still pretty cool.



Posted by Jim - April 27th, 2009

Cameras being set upMonday, April 27, 2009. ((Uncle Tom’s Birthday))

I forgot what the weather was.

It’s almost a week later.

I could probably use the excuse that I have been worn out since the telethon on Sunday the 26th.

This photo is the Knights of Columbus Hall at Saint John Chrystostom (could be spelled wrong) here in Arnprior. We were just beginning to set up the cameras

I’m thinkin the tallest tripod on the left is the Jib- the camera that can get shots from ‘way up high’ near the ceiling. I don’t think I got any really good photos of anybody using he jib in action. We were too busy during the telethon.


Saturday, Zoom Zoom- (breathe…)

Posted by Jim - April 11th, 2009

Fitzroy Harbour - Quyon Ferr DockSaturday, April 11, 2009.

(Fairly warm- don’t remember actual temperature)

I tried to sleep- couldn’t, figured today was the only chance I’d have for a while to zoom out to the Quebec (St Therese de la gatineau?) property and do something about the open window in the van/storage on wheels fing.

I was half kicking myself for keeping quiet and half proud of myself for letting Cathi sleep as long as I could. Then, when she opened one eye and I said I had to do this and she complained that she thought she could sleep late, I felt awful, bad me- but I don’t know- should I have just left without feeling her out to see if she wanted to come, or could come…?Van and Jeep at property in Quebec

Anyway, I learned 3 or 4 things worth mentioning here…

•Never trust a computer (or GPS) to plot your course through Quebec.

•Going way off the beaten path in Quebec can be quite the adventure and show you some really beautiful sights.

•The GPS would rather send me through Ottawa then let me take the ferry.

•Moose skeletons at the edge of the road are a really impressive sight.

•GPSes will send you down what looks like somebody’s driveway if you don’t pay attention. (and farm animals herding their young across dirt roads as strange vehicles zoom by is a really touching and beautiful sight).

• I love Quebec. I don’t know yet whether Quebec loves me or not, but it is one beautiful place. (maybe several beautiful places bundled together, but it is beautiful) (and it gives me a whole lot of reasons to practice my French while I’m driving.)

Bones near my

Animals apparently like my property there. There were lots of signs that deer had used the gentle southeastern slope for a bathroom.

And something had apparently chowed down on something about the size of a deer and left us the bones, very close to the trailer. I’m thinking that whatever ate the deer probably appreciated the shelter of the trailer and the snow it caught.

I had just enough time to snap a bunch of digital photos and pop the tarp over the van (Hoping the tarp keeps the weather out, I hope I’m not inviting a hive of nasty insects into the van to breed and make a mess of anything in there. I hope I haven’t given any field mice a convenient tarp to climb up and find their way in through the slit of open window so they can breed and wreak havoc eating the furniture and stuff….) ((Cathi found the van’s keys in the cleverly obvious place I had left them while I was over there tarping and snapping photos.))Roots holding hands at the top of the hill.

I’m thinking that a really wonderful spot to put some kind of more or less permanent shelter would be near the top of the hill, to the right of the road where we drive in- I’m thinking it is a south east slope, would be yummy for solar stuff, and could be very good for solar gain if it’s a little more south south than south east, but anyway, these trees’ roots are holding hands near where I think I should build something.

I should give you a listing of the photos here. (top to bottom)

1. The Ferry Landing on the Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, side of the Ottawa River. The price has gone up a dollar from last year.

Fallen Birches and Rocks near the roots

2. The Van with its new tarp bonnet, and the Jeep with its new coat of salt from splashing through a lot of puddles lately. (eep)

3. The bones near the trailer.

4. Roots holding hands where I want to build something. (I don’t think I have the heart to break up that romantic sight, so I’ll plan around it.)

& 5. Stone and fallen Birches just to the right of the trees that are holding roots. I think the stones are a natural formation, I’d hate to find out this might be somebody’s burial site from a couple million years BC or something. that would be creepy.

Anyway- the GPS thingy says the Jeep is parked at 46°N 17.640′ / 75°W 52.517′ I’ll have to plug that into a map to see what it tells me.

The GPS also thought that sending me through Ottawa on the way home should take 3 hours and 13 minutes. If you count stopping for gas, it was pretty much right. We had timed the trip at more like 2 and a half hours if we take the ferry and then shoot over the mountain through Gatineau Park over there. I think it’s Gatineau Park.


Friday (Good Friday)

Posted by Jim - April 10th, 2009

Arnprior Springtime 2009Friday, Good Friday, April 10, 2009. Charles (Neé ‘Harley’)’s birfday, also “Squirt” ((Porky’s sister) near Ithaca)’s birfday.

+2˚C/+36˚F @ 12:27 pm in Arnprior.

Rob and Vicki were here, we talked about interviews and web sites and stuff, thought we missed a lot of golden opportunities for recording good stuff for the web site, but I thought, hey, call this rehearsal time, not missed opportunities.

We did get our ventures a new web site, – yum! it’s supposed to have unlimited data transfer which I think means unlimited bandwidth, I guess we’ll find out.


Rainy Sunday

Posted by Jim - March 29th, 2009

Rain on the windshieldSunday, March 29, 2009.

+6˚C/+43˚F & raining @ 6:51 pm in Arnprior.

I was all psyched for a morning at the flea market. But then it was pouring rain. (schnarrrrr) but the Yurt couple were there and I ended up talking to them for an hour and a half.

This photo was taken around 5 pm. When blown up (or pre-shrunk down?) it is nicely warped by rain water running down the windshield.

Melanie is singing “We’re not in Kansas, no more-” 🙂

Work stuff was better than anticipated. The cleaner had been there and the church service was waiting in the in box.

((We had ice cream {step daughter, step son and me} before I went to to work.))

Learning new stuff on the iMac -/- began a database for tracking work projects for Indigo S.C.

And it’s my moon day (moon was at this degree of aries when I was born).

—Pas de Schnarr?

—–Jim 🙂

Monday…..The boy was wandering around at 2 am.

Posted by Jim - March 23rd, 2009

Arnprior's Mayor on the cover of the "City" section Monday, March 23, 2009.

-8˚C/+18˚F @ 3:11 AM


Continuing with Sunday: On a more pleasant note, I did finally get through to my friend in Vermont who had a birthday on March 5th. We did some heavy duty catching up. Her son is in Thailand and just got his visa extended to stay there a little longer. Her daughter is in New York City, working as a private secretary to a celebrity you’ve probably heard of, {but I’m not about to name drop here}. One fun thing about talking to my friend was learning that her mother listens to coast to coast a.m. and reports back about aliens and government conspiracies etc. My friend sounded  quite astonished about that.

And… the photo here is of Mayor Terry Gibeau {{“Jee-Boe”} of Arnprior, who has been interviewed by area media and been on radio, teevee and in the newspapers (This is the Ottawa Citizen again) recently, complaining about the high profile process of the Canadian Federal Government bragging about how many millions they are pumping into ‘Shovel Ready’ projects to stimulate the economy, But this government(*) is a whole lot better at bragging than actually coming through and ‘putting their money where their mouth is’. They found a technicality to skip over Arnprior in their highly visible, “Look what we’re doing for you!” campaign. Then they reported back to the local town government that there still is a bunch of money in this programme and if we play nice, we might even get some… {{ (*) and when a Canadian says, “This government” they refer to the last prime minister elected and his or her cabinet and all the ‘ministers’ who would be called ‘Secretaries’ in the states. {{so instead of the Secretary of Labor, up here they would call that person the “Minister of Labour” and they are still mystified about what “Americans” do with all their “u”s, I tell them they use them all up shouting “USA-number One, USA Number One…” ad nauseum without stopping  to thing about what they  are number one in or at. ((Heaven help them if they find out…)) }}

So, there is nonsense afoot. There is always nonsense afoot in the world of politiks…. but I got to talk to my friend on the phone, and we saw other friends earlier, and the news filtering in through sources like “Coast to Coast AM” (‘google it’….) and more direct communication with the forces of light, who are here, have always been here, only needed us to yell “Help!” a couple times… (you should do that often… think about Archangels and Saints and all sorts of other good guys from ‘up there’ or ‘beyond’ or wherever they’re waiting, and think, “We could sure use your help…” yup.



Tuesday, St Patrick’s Day

Posted by Jim - March 17th, 2009

Wood NymphTuesday, St Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2009. (Cousin Rick’s Birthday)

O˚C/32˚F @ 11:11 this morning.

Got warmer later.

Somewhere, on another page in my web site I have the graphic image to the left and a caption like “One of our neighbours… yeah right-”

It was a beautiful day today. If I didn’t have so much to do in the studio I would have been out and about shooting digital stills with one or both cameras. It was that nice out.

I forgot to call my cousin Rick again- Schnarrrr-

Supervisor came down for his weekly visit. I mentioned something from a 1960s/70s teevee show, he was amazed he could remember something from that far back and he told me I had an amazing memory.


I should ‘publish’ this and get on to something else, like flop into a coma for a couple hours so I have enough energy to get back to work and finish editing video and upload schnarr for airplay tomorrow.

beam beam beam, good meditation last night. beam beam beam.


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