2nd Batch of Photos Fro Gramma Dot Appah Hoopey

Posted by Jim - October 20th, 2011

Part 2:

Jassper Digging at the beach

Jassper, frantically digging at the beach…. Yes we do have beaches in Canada, no we don’t have to build ourselves new igloos every winter and live in tents in the warm months…. 😉

Moe in a box... a favourite cat hang out.

Moe in a box. Cats love boxes. I don’t think us mere humans will ever know why.

Erin the day of the telethon with our friend \'Rusty\' teasing her.

Erin at her camera on the day of the telethon, with our friend ‘Rusty’ goofing around behind her. (Erin is in her Second year at the University of Western Ontario Nursing B.S. program. She put in a year at the U of Ottawa and most of what she learned was applicable…)

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