Half Past July-

Posted by Jim - July 24th, 2009

In the last week I spent way too much time trying to coax hard drives that went invisible on me to re-emerge into this dimension, this reality. (There’s a setting in mac control panel land that you sure as bleep better uncheck as soon as you fire up a new version of your operating system “Put hard drives to sleep whenever possible.” NO NO NOoooooo! under no circumstances should you ever consider such a thing- if you let your hard drive go to sleep, you’ll never see it again.)

After dealing with a mild, but persistant flu (be it real or imagined?) for the couple weeks before the computer schnarr, my nervous system is inside out, and I’m ready to rip the head off anybody who even thinks about disturbing me with anything, no matter how significant or otherwise-ish. I’ve been way over tired, beyond exhausted, and almost unable to get to sleep.

And the web bots guys who were interviewed on coast to coast ayem the other night say it’s only gonna get worse.

Funny thing, though- colour saturation in the real world seems to have tuned itself up a notch or ten. Stuff in the orange to brown spectrum seems to be jumping at me, smiling and thanking me for paying attention-

I have way more to write about, but my head will hit the keyboard any second now, if I don’t let it find a place to at least attempt to rest.

— Hang in there- remember, be nice to humans, God isn’t finished with them, yet-


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