What do I really need?

Posted by admin - November 30th, 2008

I’ve been thinking- (uht-oh- that’s a bad sign?)

I’ve been feeling cramped, and maybe even pushed into a corner. I mean, Cathi didn’t want us to build the dog a kennel in the basement because she didn’t want the poor guy to feel left out, but she didn’t apply that to be being down here & away from everything when I needed to be somewhere where I wouldn’t have constant distractions and snarr comments from a twelve year old who is pushing the envelope, trying to be the alpha male, arguing that what I say is pointless and stomping away to brood and concoct what he believes would be more convincing arguments in favour of him getting what he wants, and dismissing what I might say as ridick-lee-ous.

Yeah, so what do I need?

If I’m going to be productive, I need a den or office. Some kind of interesting view, or the ability to get up and walk around has always helped, whether I focused on that view or looked through reality to imaginary landscapes… and exercise has always helped, but needing to climb over dog barricades seems to have a negative effect. I think I probably also need a door that can keep cats out, so I don’t return from something and find a legend like, “asdfkjdfhgkjfytusdfkjthiuhigihtuhfkjsnl;;;;” typed across the screen and maybe fifteen or twenty lines of that as cats walked across keyboards and paused to check out what they were writing.

Shrug, I really liked the idea of having a second story den or office, with a door to step out onto the fenced off roof over a good solid garage (I was envisioning stone or even cement block construction.) The more I thought about that, the more it grew, gaining a screened off section with an overhanging roof where I could go and sit on nearly perfect days with a laptop on my portable laptop desk thingy, or something like that.

And boxed gardens could probably coax Cathi into visiting this mini paradaise of mine from time to time…

I don’t know- sounds good to me, and it sounds like it might work, I’ll have to keep working on it.

Meanwhile, I keep singing, “A farm- A farm- a dog needs a farm….” to the tune of Neil Young’s “A Man Needs a Maid”-


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