This Week At The Pallet Factory

Thursday, August 13th, 2015 -(  24˚C / 75˚F — Cloudy and a bit muggy @ 2:57 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

Pallet Factory
Cathi’s hard work: the two pieces that will soon be the bed frame are leaning against the front of the steel tool shed. The shorter piece will be the ‘chair/couch back’ support when it’s up and the extension that turns the wide bed into a double bed when it’s down.

Um… Cathi was on ‘Holiday’/Vacation all last week, She got more done at the ‘Pallet Factory’ than I did, pretty much completed the basic design of her bed frame for the guest room. I mean she built it, pounded pallets apart, trimmed the pieces down to size, bleached the wood, screwed the slats into place on the frame, even took a break, and reclined on the bare wooden bed with the slats in place and said she was surprised at how comfortable that was. We delivered her latest painting to the community centre on Thursday, Attended the Centre’s opening ceremonies on Friday, drove across the river, had ice cream and lived to tell about it 🙂

Pallet wood leaning against a house
Another section of the backyard pallet processing factory: Pieces of wood that have been liberated from pallets are leaning against the house under the overhanging eaves. The long pieces have been bleached. The short pieces are waiting their turn under the sponge 🙂 On the left are pallets with ‘rescue-able’ plywood, waiting to be rescued.

On Tuesday, the 11th (Which I believe is my niece Jalissa’s Birthday) I went out and knocked apart what was left of one long (8 feet?) pallet, Reinforced the broken 2×2’s that are the frame of our wood-shed – which collapsed under the weight of last winter’s snow. We’ve been through two winters here and both had ‘unusually heavy’ amounts of snow, which the climate change prophets say we better get used to –

Underside of a woodshed roof waiting for repairs.
This was the wood shed roof, before it caved in under the weight of last winter’s snow. The one lighter coloured 2×2 across the middle is screwed into the weathered-grey 2×2. It’s not that easy to see the bits of ‘new’ 2×2 pieces screwed into the old, broken 2×2 at the top of the roof (which is sort of laying on its side, supported by a rain barrel) Um If your name isn’t Hercules, you probably shouldn’t try to move 8×8 feet sections of even a fairly wimpy roof by yourself. 😉

I’ve also been going through old photos I thought were lost and pieces of stories/novels that were hiding on old hard drives that weren’t really dead. ( “Only sleeping?” I’ve had to go into the control panels and tell every computer I’ve had in the past fifteen years not to put the blinkin hard drives to sleep, because that crashes the computers every time. Sometimes it takes two or three tries to get the hard drives to wake up. If I knew for sure this was something that evil ice holes calculated to purposefully drive us crazy I would have to struggle valiantly to control my temper and not want to join a jihad again ice hole planned obsolescence and computer frustration conspiracy proliferators. That’s a mouthful- )

piece of wood drying inside the porch
“Interesting” piece of character-oozing lumber that was used to hammer three pretty nice pallets into a three-tiered shelf system for plants ‘on sale’ this last spring. We pried the shelves apart from their vertical support pieces and diagonal bracing pieces. This was a diagonal, I think, I knocked all the nails out, sanded it, bleached it, stained it with an oak ‘gel’ stain and will coat it with maybe several coats of polyurethane before I use it to brace the legs of a desk in my office.

One piece of wood that has an ‘interesting’ look to it, which is destined to being cut to fit and screwed in place to support the legs of a desk here in my office, has been sanded, bleached and stained and is waiting for us to go out and buy some paint thinner so we won’t have to buy a dozen cheap brushes to add the several coats of polyurethane it will need to ensure against slivers.

Proud puppy horse after flipping a bowl upright.
m. LeBoof – proud of himself for winning a round of bowl hockey, and blocking my way through the kitchen for about five minutes- The point of bowl hockey is to keep knocking the upside down bowl around until it magically flips upright. & Why do dog’s eyes shine back white when human eyes shine back red? And cat’s eyes are usually either green or amber when bouncing back flash?

& the dog was so happy to see me come back inside from my afternoon of messing around with pallets he played hockey with one of the bowls that usually contains cat treats or ‘wet food’ for cats, but the dog sometimes gets anything the cats leave behind. And he’s become quite animated about batting the bowls across the floor and trying to turn them right-side-up. It’s quite a noisy and animated process, and I’m repeating myself -oops.

~~~~~ Jim


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