Politix And Snow Jobs

Wednesday, December 18, 2013.  -8˚C / +18˚F & Still Snowing @ 2:45 pm.

—Today is Keith Richards’ (Of the Rolling Stones) 70th Birthday. (Also Cathi’s Ex’s Mother’s Birthday.)

———It was supposed to snow until about noon. We were supposed to get about 5 cm of snow. ((5 cm is almost exactly 2 inches)) This City is on the edge or just outside the area that is supposed to get any snow to mention today. (Last night Boston got clobbered during rush hour. One guy tweeted to WCVB that it took him 7 and a half hours to get home from work. ((WCVB= Channel 5 = the ABC TV affiliate that showed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night. I don’t think the usual Canadian stations that carry that played it.)) We saw lots of footage of Traffic Jam from hell. Plows got stuck in that Jam and couldn’t effectively plow the Boston Area Highways. Their Weather Man (with the “AMS” logo on the screen the whole time he was ‘on’) Said the same thing happened once in the year 2007. I probably would have remembered if I was in Boston when that happened. ((Marginalia: Boston is a Virgo City))

——At around 10:00 am they were saying the snow might continue in our area until this afternoon. They were still calling for less than 5 cm.

——At about 1:30 pm I heard a weather forecast that said this area’s snow might continue to fall until this evening and we might expect 5 to 10 cm. (2-4 inches).

——So today’s the day my step daughter is flying in from London, Ontario. Cathi & her co-workers are having their Christmas Dinner at a retaurant. (I think I remember her saying the dinner was supposed to be at 1:30 pm.)

——I forced myself to be awake at 6 am, so I could turn on the local News program that really is local, that has weather reports and school closings or non-closings that we can rely on. I think I was able to stay awake for two or three minutes. Then I woke up after the time that Cathi usually has left by, stumbled back to the bedroom, turned the light on and said, “EEEP!” ((or something quite similar)).

——There were School Closures so Cathi got hopeful and called the phone numbers and checked the web sites that would tell her so if she had the day off. No such luck.

——I let the dog out and he went into shortened routine mode. Spent maybe half as much time outside as he has been spending on his first daily venture out into “Boof boof boof!”-land ((Where he barks at real and imagined people, animals and things that catch his attention or fire his imagination.)) then I was so tired I couldn’t even think of journaling here, I went back to bed. I think I woke up at 11:00 something am, looked around, saw that it was still snowing, maybe even harder than earlier, stumbled around, couldn’t pry my eyes all the way open, so I went back to bed, And Yes I dreamed, but I don’t remember anything. I woke up after 1:00 pm, checked the mail… saw that I probably needed to shovel a path to the mail box, did that….

——And I dug the van out of its snow drift disguise, which took some time. Let the dog out a couple times while shoveling and brushing. (((Shoveled all around the van, cleared around the door frame, opened the door, pulled out the snowbrush, brushed the back and side windows clean, grabbed the shovel, made sure there was enough room behind the van to back it up. Yup, put the shovel aside and brushed the front windshield fairly clear, then brushed the roof off (There was probably at least a foot and something of packed snow on the roof.)

——When the Van looked like I could probably get it out of the driveway and all windows were reasonably clear, I grabbed my glasses and made sure I had my wallet and all the ID stuff I might need if the friendly local police catch the fascist militaristic virus that so many paramilitary police forces in the US have caught lately, and against the advice of Nova Scotia RCMP Spokes people, Drove down to the Irving Gas Station and the Tim Hortons coffee/donut shop.

——I came back (without incident on the roads. Roads are still pretty much covered in white with darker, sometimes wet strips here and there-) gave the dog a cookie, made myself a sandwich, shared it with the dog (of course, I don’t think I’ve actually had a whole sandwich to myself since we got the dog, unless he was asleep in his crate…)

——And, because I saw somebody walking an ecstatic black Lab on the walking trail across the street from Tim Hortons (Across the street and down the hill) I thought Jassper deserved to go hoofing in the snow. So I gave him an extra opportunity to try to pull my arm out of its socket today and wow, this street is beautiful in the snow. On the way back there was a Fed Ex truck delivering stuff to two or three houses up the street from our house, so I didn’t dawdle with the pooch, I did not let him stick his nose deep into the snow banks every couple inches around any kind of animal track or bit of yellow snow he noticed all the way home.

——And no, we didn’t get any packages. I’m wondering when I should worry about the stuff we ordered enough to give somebody a call.

———But another thing that happened today. The opposition parties were having their Christmas season Question periods with the press.

——One reporter (probably a conservative lackey) was trying insinuate that the head of the NDP (New Democratic Party) had his head up his butt if he thought his party and his ideals were gaining popularity among those who are likely to vote in the next election.

——This bugs me. Polls are slanted. I mean it’s not quite as obvious as:

—“Are you going to use your intelligence and back the party in power? Or do you want to tear up all your money and set it on fire by backing the strongest opposition? Surely you’re not a big enough Ice Hole to believe the Third Party is any good for anything- I mean, it’s obvious they want to establish a Communist Marxist government here and vacuum all your hard earned slave labour wages out of your hands before it even sees your wallets-” (((Looks ridiculous, doesn’t it? But that is the Party In Power’s official Party line.)))

———Let me put it this way:

—Conservatives believe that they were born with superior genes and should therefore rule over everyone who isn’t them. (“All for me, none for you.”)  They are Junior High School Bully boys and mean girls who refuse to grow up. whose only real talents are to sneer and glare and make fun of anyone they don’t believe is popular enough to consider as a human being. They believe that money is power and probably really don’t know that the definition of Fascism is Government in bed with big business. They want to be the most powerful bullies on the block and will stop at nothing to gain more power. Their motto should be “You don’t want to know the truth- And you better believe that if the truth doesn’t make up more powerful, you’ll never get the slightest hint of truth in anything we say. But you will notice, that when we deliver the party line, our voices get more and more angry as we bark our point of view at you, and if you don’t believe it, well I hope you don’t value your spouses and children and pets and income, because, we will destroy you, and then we’ll crack open a bottle of champaign and cheerfully drink to your painful demise.”

—Liberals give lip service to human rights. Maybe they believe that all men and women were created equal. Maybe they only say that because they believe it will win them votes. They’re not much better than Conservatives, but they do have a conscience. Way down deep inside, they really do believe in making sure that all children have the opportunity to get a good liberal education, to be informed of good liberal virtues and can quote nice liberal sayings. They also believe that they are the only viable alternative to signing away all rights and privileges to the Conservative-Fascist-Corporate-Manipulative-Evil-Alliance. And they believe they have a right to make any campaign promises that they believe will get them the power they need to establish themselves in the legislature where they can sit back with their feet up on their desks and their hands out for bribes they can get away with keeping in their own pockets, because, well, hey, they really do care, and maybe next week they might get up off their duffs and try to pass a bill that will show how much they care by explaining to taxpayers how they intend to make everybody’s lives better. But liberals probably don’t know what most of us don’t know- that the evil manipulative fascist business model of the corporate string pullers and the politicians in their pockets has more than one income stream and if money they get from taxes is a third of what comes in (and that’s a conservative estimate) that’s the only money they let the fools they believe they have a right to lie to and rule over know about.

—(Find a copy of Phil Ochs singing “Love me, Love Me, Love me- I’m a liberal”)

——NDP? Members of the New Democratic Party may be a bit more militant about protecting the rights and privileges of everybody, downtrodden or otherwise. But they’re stuck believing in playing the game of politics the way the Conservatives have defined it. (And the Liberals are too lazy to see through.) Everybody knows the Prime Minister is a reincarnated Nazi who really believes he can get it right this time and make his Fuhrer proud by stripping away every right the electorate ever believed they had, but since the Conservative Party of Canada is writing the rules as they go, and- they have discovered that voters like bullies and negative attack ads really work- they can brainwash just about anybody into believing their bull shit. Even if their targets don’t believe the lies that are slung and volleyed at them, those targets have to spend so much time and energy defending themselves that nobody gets a chance to say or do anything positive or even suggest a positive path to a believable society where nice people have a chance to live in peace the way they want and enjoy the kind of life they’ve been sold in way too many manipulative television commercials, and weaseled into their conscious minds by way too many television examples on way too many television shows.

—When Somebody really wants to do something positive, he or she can never get to their message because they are caught in such an anti-effusive barrage of accusations and negative slurs that it’s a wonder they can remember their own name when the shit stops flying at them long enough for anybody to catch their breath.