Cathi Delivered Her Painting to the New Community Centre

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015.

The new Community Center, which began its life as something like the Alex Gibson School in Marysville, New Brunswick, which has been incorporated into Fredericton – will open tomorrow, Thursday.

School Turned Community Centre
We were happy when we first saw new signs of life around the Alex (?) Gibson School off Canada Street in the Marysville Section of Fredericton. We saw kids playing, people improving the gardens, and then learned the building was being turned into a Community Centre – Which is something both Cathi and I dar-dreamed -without telling each other- that we’d do if we hit the lottery.

Today Cathi delivered a painting of hers to the new Community Centre, in time for Tommorow’s opening ceremonies.

Cathi at the Community Centre
Cathi, with her latest painting in a fabric shopping bag over her shoulder, paused to let me take this photograph in front of the Community Centre.
Cathi on the stairs in front of the Community Centre
We paused to appreciate the building and to read the sign over the front door that told us the name the school had gone by.
Painting in old classroom
We got tour of the new Community Centre, This classroom has a painting of somebody who looks like Winnie The Pooh Welcoming students (and now us?) to Mrs Hudson’s ‘Hive’.
Map Of Canada painted on a gymnasium wall.
The School’s Gymnasium was already seeing use by somebody teaching Ju Jitsu – and there was this nice map of Canada on the Gymnasium wall.

Cathi is off all week, we’re planning to come back tomorrow for at least part of the opening ceremonies.

— Today was interesting and fun 🙂

~~~~~ Jim

Author: Jim

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