Monday Morning – Resurrecting Old Computers, Installing update #120 of 220 —

Monday, August 31st, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F — Cool & sunny & bright @ 8:29 am on my sister’s birthday here in Atlantic Canada )- (& it’s 2:29 am in Alaska, where she is 🙂 )

Denali photo in a tweet
A ‘Tweet’ this morning. – Says U.S. President Barack Obama is renaming what they’ve been calling “Mount McKinley” back to Denali – the Native American / First Nations’ name for that mountain – I’ve seen it, haven’t climbed it – my sister might almost be able to see it from where she lives or works on a clear day – Jim

— So, yes, I’ve been trying to fix some problems on an aging computer that came with Windows XP Media Centre back before Windows 7 was released and has had a few quirks – had its system font changed to symbols by a boy with an inquiring mind and fixed by his mother who had to jump through microsoft hoops to do that. – Had a houseguest mess around with settings so he could connect through proxy servers to a group in Africa that was closed to Canadians – and things like that. For the last week I couldn’t get a lot of things to work right, went out and bought some used memory chips to more than double the pitiful amount of RAM it had and deleted tons of redundant files and applications and it still wasn’t able to check for all those pain in the rump ‘updates’ that microsoft wants you to believe you need and really want. — until last night, about 12 & 1/2 hours ago, when it finally realized there was enough space on the newly cleaned and defragged hard disk to download and install almost three years worth of all those pain in the rump updates. – I think something might have frozen because it’s been sitting on “Installing update 120 of 220” at least since 7 am this morning. There’s a caution sign that’s warning us about trying to shut down or restart — Like “don’t do that-” I may have to close my eyes and push the button and see what happens and maybe start all over again with the updates shortly – maybe it has enough of them under its belt so it won’t have an electronic mind fart next time. ?

— Shrug –,

Happy Monday?  Poor Cathi had to go back to work this morning — it rained so much on her last week off that she didn’t finish working on the ‘new’ pallet bed frame she’s been working on this month.

— But, anyway, Happy “They’re changing Denali’s name back to what it was called all along by Native Americans Day” –,

And now the pets are threatening to tear me apart if I don’t feed them within two minutes 😉