Nice Day To Vote – & Some Cathing Up –

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 -( 9˚C / 48˚F — Clear, Bright, Sunny and Breezy — A bit nippy —@ 4:53 pm in this little corner of Atlantic Canada )-  It’s my nephew, Westley’s Birthday, and his father, Mike’s Birthday today.

Marysville Baptist Church
This is what the Marysville Baptist Church looked like after we voted this afternoon – Saturday, October 10th, 2015.

— The News Media warned us yesterday, So many Canadians were turning out for ‘Advanced Polling’ that many had to wait as long as 2 hours and quite a few people were upset that only one polling booth was open at each advanced polling location. As we approached the front door of the Marysville Baptist Church, which will be open for our advanced voting for 4 days – yesterday, today, tomorrow and Monday – from noon to 8 pm local time – A smiling woman we’d never met before came out of the building, almost walked past us, quickly caught the door before it closed and held it for us, happily telling us “It only took two minutes – Um, the line was about fifteen minutes long -” We thanked her, smiled back – Yes, smiling is contagious – and thought, “Yes, I love New Brunswick people.”

— There was an older man with a slight hearing problem checking to be sure we had proper I.D. before waving us through to stand in the line behind something like twenty people while three volunteers were again checking I.D.s, crossing names off their lists of registered voters, handing paper ballots to voters – one at a time – and occasionally making sure of things, like the older woman who had to sit down in a chair knew where her place in the line was, and the younger gentleman who was out of line talking animatedly to a couple he obviously knew and knew well, and liked – knew where his place in line was and wasn’t trying to jump ahead of anybody.

— A woman ( best guess – she was probably in her thirties or forties ) looked like she was in a hurry, came in after we did, quizzed the older man checking I.D.s at his table outside the church gymnasium – “Is the line always this long? You only have one polling booth? Why do you have only one booth? Okay, I’m coming back later -” and she left. The older man called after her, “It might be worse later, I’ve seen this line almost out the door -” But she waved him away and hurried back outside.

— The man immediately in front of us came back out and basically asked the older man checking I.D.s the same questions and then grumbled, “It’s almost as if they want to discourage us from voting.” The current ‘Government’/regime has rushed through a 1984 double speak type bill called “The Fair Elections Act” or something very close to that. The bill – which was passed into law – took a lot of power away from Elections Canada – and severely limited their ability to investigate claims of election fraud, among other new limitations imposed upon the agency which is supposed to insure fair and honest elections.  — The Harper ‘Government’ has also had a lot of its party members convicted of Election Fraud – such as setting up “Robo-Calls” to deliver mis-information to voters not likely to vote for their party’s candidates. Quite a few members of the Harper ‘Government’ have been investigated and charged with not just questionable ethics, but outright illegal practices, claiming travel expenses to homes in distant provinces they never visited, claiming residence in various provinces when they actually lived in the Ottawa area, writing $90,000.00 + cheques that looked way too much like a bribe to keep a sitting Senator from squawking about a bill that may or may not have been fraudulently submitted, depending on what the final ruling will be in a situation where Senate Ethics were so vague that teams of lawyers couldn’t agree on what was or wasn’t allowed. And then there was a stream of minor stuff, like submitting fraudulent claims for travel expenses, demanding five star hotel services, submitting incredible invoices like $16.00 for a glass of orange juice – complaining that snacks in their first class airplane compartment were served too cold and on broken crackers.

— But anyway, back in the line, waiting to cast a ballot in the advanced voting line – One woman began to fill out a ‘feedback’ form that was supposed to be feedback on accessibility, one of the volunteers brought a chair over so the woman could sit down if she wanted – Then one senior citizen, wondering why there was only one polling booth pointed to two women sitting at a table with signs up declaring that this table was for Registering to Vote, and wondered what they were doing there. Nobody spoke to the man in the sort of derisive tones I have expected to hear, ( like, “Read the sign, you moron, they’re here to register people who haven’t registered yet.” ) and I was happy to see that everybody was courteous and friendly and nobody was belligerent –

— And there were several young children running around the gym, playing tag, getting down and rolling around on the floor – one girl who was probably about five years old told a boy who around the same age that she wanted him to ask her to marry him. One of the younger voters behind us laughed and quietly said, “Woa – I bet she’s going to be trouble in a few years.”

— We were happy to see that maybe half the people in line, especially those behind us, appeared to be young adults, from the 18 to 24 year old group which has a bad record for turning out to vote – about 38% of those eligible to vote actually voted in the last Federal Election.

— But the line moved more quickly than we expected and we were in and out in less than half an hour. And watching the kids run around and make happy noises while we waited in line was a definite plus.

— One note I might add: Concerning Polls – Two networks: CTV and CBC – one of them says their polls indicate that if everyone voted the way they responded to pollsters – The Liberal Party would win the most seats, about ten more than the second place Conservatives. The other one had opposite results, projecting that the Conservatives would have their candidates elected in about ten more ‘ridings’ than the Liberals would. Both polling outfits count the NDP (New Democratic Party) in 3rd place right now, one network says the NDP has the approval of about 23% of those polled and the other network says the NDP would get about 26.5% of the votes, if everybody actually cast their ballots according to what they told the pollsters. One network says the NDP is gaining support right now, the other one says the NDP is losing support these days.

— Cathi shrugged last night and told me, “The thing about polls – is – nobody thought the NDP had a prayer in the provincial elections in Alberta last spring, and they won that one handily. Nobody saw that coming.”

— And another thing — The Niqab ‘issue’ — This one really baffles me. The Prime Minister is getting so much traction from this non issue that he’s promising to ban Federal Employees from wearing Niqabs or serving anybody who is wearing one, claiming this is a security issue. WHAT??? – People in Quebec have been having fun this since the ruling went down that the Supreme Court said it was a person’s right to vote with her (or his) face covered, as long as the identity of that person was confirmed. The Prime Minister’s Office tried to object to that ruling but got nowhere. One guy in Montreal voted wearing clown make up. A woman somewhere in Quebec voted wearing a burlap sack over her head with eye slits open. There have been others who voted wearing masks.

— I can’t wait to see a Facebook Page: “Idiots Against Niqabs” – Bet’cha it “goes viral” –


& Now a few photos:

Autmn leaves behind the Church Parking lot.
Local people say the Autumn Leaves are late in turning this year. Some blame Climate Change, some shrug it off and say something like, “The weather has been weird this year, it stayed warm longer than usual,” and aren’t ready to ‘buy into’ ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ just yet.
More Autmn leaves on trees beyond the church parking lot.
Here’s another shot of trees beyond the same church parking lot as the leaves are turning.
Work on a section of road that was washed out in floods
This shot, taken on October sixth from the passenger’s seat in our dodge van as we drove Cathi’s daughter back to the airport so she could fly home to the Toronto area, shows a lot of progress in repairing a section of the vital highway between Fredericton and its airport, where water from an unprecedented deluge – rushing in a flooded stream – didn’t feel like waiting to squeeze through a culvert that was much too narrow – The water pushed the culvert, and a lot of ‘earth’ – several meters East – taking the road surface with it. This scene was much more spectacular the day we picked our visitor up from the airport, but I was too busy enjoying her company and didn’t even think of grabbing the camera and recording the newsworthy event. Bad Me….

— I better quit here and post this before I reach 100,000 words in a single post.–,


~~~~~ Jim

Grey, Damp Friday – & Why Do Spammers Spam?

Friday, October 9th, 2015 -( 8˚C / 48˚F Grey, damp, threatening rain @ 2:07 pm in Atlantic Canada )- Today would have been John Lennon’s 75th Birthday.

Family of deer in shade on snowy hillside.
Part of The Committee last winter. A telephoto shot using the ‘sports’ setting, I’m happy with the results and I did not have to take half a dozen shots before I got one steady enough.

— The committee put in an appearance this morning. We don’t have any oats yet, I tossed out a couple pieces of bread. -Didn’t see them come find and eat them, they were busy up closer to our neighbours’ feeding station. But when I just checked – somebody got the bread.

— It looks like somebody else tried to sign up for something with a close variation of my name on gmail. This one’s in Massachusetts.

— In an interview on CBC One this morning. Three First Nations people, each supporting one of the ‘three leading contenders’ for prime minister in the election on the 19th – They were asked about issues important to First Nations people, and if they thought of felt that the three parties were paying enough attention to First Nations People and their issues.

— One person said she believed that Tom Mulcair was the only party leader paying attention to First Nations. Another person believed that Justin Trudeau’s promise of making higher education more accessible to everybody earned his vote and one guy from Saskatoon actually liked the Conservatives, believing their propaganda about wanting to lower taxes.

— Sigh, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

— Dreamed Cousin Glenn picked up and read something I was writing and really liked it- He drove us somewhere, we stopped in an out of the way diner where the waitress was peddling herself for extra money. My sister Sharon was there with her kids, and they were between the ages of six and fifteen (?) There was also a young girl there who might have been a friend of my sister’s boys. The waitress covered herself with a table cloth and began catering to my cousin and his slightly beligerant friend. I was sitting at another table with my sister, thinking about what I might say if the waitress approached me as a customer – ( “Nope – sorry – I don’t have any little blue pills with me?” ) And I was hoping the kids wouldn’t be able to figure out what was going on at the other table and/or why the waitress had crawled under the table with a table cloth draped over her back, head and shoulders.

— Sigh.

— Then a weird buzz woke me up. I’m pretty sure that Moe, the cat, heard it too, he looked like he was wondering what had made that noise. I told Cathi about the buzz and she wondered if somebody had called her cell phone. She checked it out as she got ready for work and if somebody had called her they probably realized they’d dialed a wrong number and hung up after one buzz.

— I sat down to write some more, add to one of the novels I have going, and felt like I was being bombarded by weird radiation from the computer monitor – radiation that was designed to confuse and distract and disorient me so I couldn’t concentrate enough to write anything. Then I got distracted by more interviews on the radio.

— When I woke up the computer I was facing the “Sorry – Firefox blew up again – “screen and when I restarted Firefox I was staring at a page that told me that this blog still had 1,234 spam comments that the spam filter hadn’t gone back and deleted like it said it would.

— So I spent something like an hour deleting spam comments and emptying trash.

— There was only one comment in the file that might have looked like its author was a human being but it could have been a pre-written form thing in which a clever little routine inserted the name of the blog and the page or article the comment had latched on to and could have been applied to any page or posting on any blog in the English language, where-as most of the spam is mis-spelled and has words that might have been mis-translated from some other language. Most of them claimed their web sites were variations on “Cheap Stylish Brand Name” Schnarr like Ray-Ban sunglasses or Air Jordan Running Shoes.

— Made me wonder why the people behind those robotic ‘comments’ do what they do. Are they so desperate for money that they spend all the time and effort to program that doo doo and then push return and hope that one or two out of a million blogs the robots find actually allow their nonsense to get through and then maybe if so many bored or curious readers click on their links they might get a penny or two for every hundred clicks?

— Or is it more insidious? Is there hidden malware in their links? – hidden in some kind of control characters that are invisible to almost every browser?

— Ehhh ? Am I better off just plain giving up on the human race, figuring that they’re a bunch of evil greedy beligerant ice holes out to exploit each other?

— Naaaaa –.

— I’ll just go lay down and try to catch up on the sleep I lost a long time ago –,


~~~~~ Jim


And The Propaganda Wars Drag On –

Wednesday, 07 October, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F & Sunny, Clear, and Beautifully Warm-ish Autumnal-like @3:30 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

— We got Political Propaganda mail today. The Conservatives want everybody to believe that only a complete Ice-Hole would vote for anybody but a Conservative. But their name-calling, smug posturing, nasty b.s. – even if it only resonates with those who never matured beyond the “I know you are, but what am I?” idiocy – seems to be proving effective. This does not say anything good or ‘nice’ about the Canadian electorate.

— There’s a saying in the U.S.A., “No Republican ever lost an election by underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.” You should read this, “Republicans and Conservatives have made a science out of appealing to the lowest, most base attitudes and habits of our contemporaries. Negative ads have been proven to stick in the minds of the television-viewing public, Television programing has always been aimed at viewers with the intelligence and maturity of an average six year old. Do you feel like you’ve been dumbed down? No, most of us believe everybody else has been dumbed down and we somehow escaped the mind numbing effects of living in today’s toxic environment and toxic social atmosphere.

— Will they get away with it? Will the vitriole spewing, brain dead, negative script reading parrots assume their mob-pleasing postures and attack the right minorities and use their time tested agenda, scape goating anyone who doesn’t quite look like the ruling elite and will all those who have been convinced that they should emulate the powerful in order to get ahead and take a meaningful place in this not-quite-sane, nowhere-near-as-nice-as-we’ve-been-told-it-is world drink the poisoned cool-aid and vote the evil ones into office for another couple years?

— I hope not.

— As often as it looks like the planet is waking up and realize we’ve been lied to, manipulated, pushed around and worse by the puppets who believe they belong to the ruling elite — and we just might be on the verge of throwing away the blinders and taking control of our own minds and hearts and souls and moving our world closer to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ we’ve always known it could be … it also looks like the evil dark liars from hell are laughing all the way to their banks. Have they won another round?

— Dear God, How did we ever free our minds and souls from this sort of nonsense?

— Tune in on a week from next Monday and find out >>—>

— Prayers help, ya know, it’s been scientifically proven. But prayers probably can’t change the votes of brain dead puppets and marionettes.


~~~~~ Jim

Company –

Friday, October 2nd, 2015.

Dual Prop plane taxi-ing on an airport runway.
An Air Canada flight had just landed and was being guided into place at the terminal in Fredericton, NB. It was a grey day, But a passenger on this flight brought a special kind of sunshine to us while she visited for much too short a time, as usual.

— My favourite step daughter and Cathi’s and my favourite nurse (the same person) flew out for much too short a visit on Friday, and I’ve been much too busy enjoying her company to take a lot of photos. I think Cathi got at least one good one as she took several shots with her spiffy new-ish cell phone when we gathered around our kitchen table for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe I’ll be able to steal one of those and insert it here –

— { I probably should have taken a photo of the washed out bit of Lincoln Road on our way to or from the airport. Last Wednesday brought us a rain event that dumped over one hundred milimeters of rain on us, and destroyed sections of several roads and bridges around here. One road now has an ‘eight meter deep’ crater in a spot that had been a perfectly normal section of road on Tuesday- &  Gad –  what a mess we saw. Looks like an angry flood wiped out a section of road and pushed the culvert it couldn’t fit through several meters downstream. I think the crater we encountered was probably three meters deep and more like ten or fifteen meters wide. An emergency bit of beautifully engineered make shift road had been crafted through a part of that crater, thank goodness and probably thank something like a department of highways, or engineers from the huge armed forces base a little bit father south beyond the airport. & I probably shouldn’t mention here that some of our favourite Conspiracy Investigators believe that many of these colossal weather events have been purposefully engineered to keep us all off center and easily manipulated by nasty governments that will try to convince you that their draconian orders are meant to keep you safe from weather gone crazy and other dangers that, in the end, will not be half as dangerous as those governments. }

— Tuesday, October 6th, 2015:

Ivy with some leaves turning red climbing a stone wall
English Ivy climbing our stone wall here in our little corner of Atlantic Canada.

— I could probably write more and/or go take a picture of my step daughter and insert that here, but I think I’d rather go enjoy her company for a bit-

~~~~~ Jim

Politix ….

Tuesday, 06 October, 2015 -( 16˚C / 61˚F — Sunny & clear @ 1:29 pm in Atlantic Canada )- {{ On Bill Pellenz’s Birthday }}

Light and shadow on evergreen with tortoise shell cat.
Our Neighbours’ elusive ‘Tortoise Shell’ cat should be trying to blend in with the shadows beneath this spreading evergreen tree on the hill that is happily catching and reflecting light.

{ Copied & Pasted from Email: }


Hey Jim,

I should try to learn not to let this stuff upset me, but I can’t —

— 1.) Yesterday I heard an economist being interviewed on the radio tell a reporter that for all the jobs the current Prime Minister of Canada is trying to brag that he created with ‘his economic policy’ – the real income of Canadians has not risen at all – The Economist ( a human guy, not the magazine ) said that this would shine a brilliant warning light to economists everywhere that the Canadian economy is in deep trouble.

— 2.) Shortly after that interview aired we heard that the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) sent out a call to all news agencies to send their reporters to where the Prime Minister would be making an important announcement. *Claxton Warning #1* The PMO and the Prime Minister should be seen – and heard – as making a huge ethical faux pas by framing this announcement as a political event during the current political election season here in Canada. Dictators in 3rd world countries have been shot for less. Dictators in ‘First World’ countries have been seized by angry mobs, dragged through the streets and butchered in town squares for less.  — well, maybe the trigger of the butchering event would have come after years of egregious violation of human rights, which seems to be the earmark of Dictators everywhere. The ‘proverbial’ straw that breaks the camel’s back is often comparatively minor compared to other crimes against humanity and all that other stuff that dictators are so good at.

— 3.) When the reporters were all duly assembled, the Prime Minister announced that the Trans Pacific ‘Parnership’ had been agreed to in principal and would now be going to all twelve ‘Partner’ countries’ legislatures for review and endorsement – And the Prime Minister grinned broadly and did all he could to accept ‘credit’ for what he would like you to believe is a real triumph of negotiations and a wonderful thing that would help him go down in history as a brilliant and benevolent ‘Leader’ of ‘This Great Country’ and crown him with all sorts of legendary glory for being a ‘right headed visionary’ and saving the Canadian economy in a very dark hour.

— 4.) Ralph Nader went on the record a short time later, labeling the Trans Pacific Partnership a thinly veiled atrocity put together by the most clever corporate lawyers who haven’t yet been lined up against the wall and shot by the honest people they swindled and sold into slavery – And he called the “TPP” itself an attempt to strip duly elected governments of their sovereignty and place them under the rule of multi-National Corporations.

— 5.) Why hasn’t anybody coined the phrase ‘Supra-National Corporations’ yet?

— 6.) The current Prime Minister of Canada is one of those idiots suffering from testosterone poisoning, who believes that if he says anything with enough force and conviction in his voice, no matter how egregious a lie the statement is when he pronounces it, that statement will become truth by the force of his will.

— 7.) You Cannot Trust Stephen Harper. For all the many deals he claims he and his cronies have negotiated in favour of the citizens of Canada – Canada is not one iota better off. In fact Stephen Harper’s policies have screwed Canada, screwed Canadians, stripped Canadians of their rights and freedoms, ruined their economy and pushed Canada way down the ‘slippery slope’ toward the kind of economic slavery ‘enjoyed’ by every other third world nation on this planet.

— 8.) Don’t believe me? If this stupid ‘partnership’ goes through it won’t be long before you see in front of your own eyes just how bad a situation you allowed yourselves to be sold into can be.

— 9.) Schnarr!

—Douglas Jay Otterson—

Fourteen Days Before Canada’s 2015 Federal Elections

Monday, 05 October, 2015 -(10˚C / 50˚F — ‘dark’ & cool @ 11:11 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

The Woodstock, New Brunswick area had a by-election today, The ‘Progressive Conservative’ candidate won the seat in the Legislative Assembly that was vacated by the ex Premier of New Brunswick – David Alward, resigned and/or gave up the seat when his party was voted out of power by the Provincial Liberals, who won more seats than the PC party held onto and/or won in the last Provincial Election.

The Liberal candidate in today’s by-election came in second, but gained more votes in this traditionally Conservative Riding.

— Let me see if this blog is okay, there’s a couple error messages on this page as I’m trying to write this.


~~~~~ Jim