Night Photos at the River

City lights and reflections on ice with some snowy foreground.
Fredericton by Night, January 30th, 2014. The St John River is frozen. The truck beside us had his headlights on. I think this is quite a photo. (I got lucky).

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014.  (( Happy Birthday Lisa and Ricky )).

+1˚C / +34˚F @ 7:35 am. Wind Chill is at 24˚F / -3˚C.  Snowing, Possibility it might mix with rain or “Frozen Mix” later.

On Friday, we ran around like crazy and got quite a bit done, even managed to stop at a local pub for dinner, ran home, unloaded groceries, jumped back in the jeep and zoomed down to the boat launch at the foot of Gibson Street and got there early for an experiment the love of my life was conducting with fellow Students of A.R.E.

We were supposed to sit there for fifteen minutes. She was supposed to observe her environment and take notes and other members of her group were supposed to remote view what she was doing and draw pictures and take notes and report back to the group to see how well they did.

The city looked magical while we were there. Most of the photos I took came out surprisingly good. A couple are a bit blurry, but still better than I had hoped.

City lights refelcted on river ice.
Different angle, different section of the city across the river.

As I hinted in the caption to the first photo, a truck parked next to us had his headlights on. I hoped we weren’t worrying him with our cameras, turning around and looking in all kinds of crazy directions and trying to stand rock steady while shooting in the dark.

My Olympus camera has settings for night shooting that I can’t always find, and when I found them again this night, it was almost by accident. I tried to review the last couple shots I took when the options menu came up in a manner I didn’t expect.

One of the shots I took turned out to be a ten second video clip. I don’t know how that happened either.


City lights, reflections, dimly lit snow, shadow of a person taking a photo on the right.
The shadow on the right is the wild and crazy love of my life, the light in her hands is her cell phone, I think. She got a yummy new digital camera for Christmas, but I think she has the cell in her hand here. She commented that the lights and their refletions looked like candles.

—Maybe it is her new camera in her hands, (hard to tell in thumbnails) The headlights made the snow and tire tracks look really interesting.


Lights, Reflections, Shadow, light from a camera viewfinder.
Basically, the same shot as the one above this one, turned just a bit to my right. This is the only shot I took where Auto Levels adjustment made any difference at all.

& The last two photos here were just screaming to be included.

City lights & reflections
Another shot of the city lights reflected in the ice on the river.
City Lights, Reflections and Some snow in the foreground.
And the last one in this group. With a hint of the snowy boat launch area (Which is a whole lot less snowed under than it was a couple weeks ago.)

Here the piles of snow and snow-blown reeds near the water’s edge (Ice’s edge, this time of year) looks like gunk floating in a dark river. I don’t know, I think the ice on the river could easily be mistaken for water in these shots.

—Creatively yours….