Weekend Progress @ the Pallet Factory?

“Wicked Early?” Monday Morning, August 17th, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F Mostly Cloudy & still dark @ 5:30 am here in Atlantic Canada )-

Woodshed roof is in place.
We hefted the woodshed roof back in place on Sunday. – Still have to reinforce the frame’s leaning uprights. But we have the basic frame in place. And the cordless electric screwdriver’s batteries are either both dead or planned obsolescence has struck again and the charger’s warranty is finished. 🙁

I recently retweeted / reported that France has passed a law making planned premature obsolescence a crime. The less than two year old batteries to my cordless electric screwdriver won’t charge. Whether it’s the batteries or the charger – it’s a crime. Viva La France! Now all we gotta do is sharpen our teleportation skills and teleport the executives to almost every company in the US and Canada off to Devil’s Island, and just to make it interesting, maybe we should send them back in time to the height of that prison’s ‘effectiveness’? -Schnarr!

Pallet and patio blocks beside porch steps
Cathi wanted to sand her bed frame down and get it ready for paint on Sunday. But first she discovered that Jassper was digging a hole too close to the porch steps on the East side of our house. She filled the hole in, levelled the ground there, had to move a mint plant and set her flower pot full of lettuce on the pallet. The smallish patio blocks are still pretty heavy. While we were looking at her handiwork, Jassper had to come out and inspect it with us. He did a little sniffing, didn’t complain – Cathi thinks he ‘respects boundaries’ but- I bet he’s planning his next tunneling job while we sleep.
Cathi offering me a water bottle.
When she realized she needed to chill for a bit, Cathi went inside on got herself a refrigerated bottle of water. When she saw me taking photos of what she had already accomplished she came back out beaming, “Just in time!” and handed me a nice cold bottle of spring water.

It was hot and muggy on Sunday. Cathi got up and out with a plan to ‘get stuff done’ and basically, just got started on what she wanted to accomplish when the heat got to her.

Palet Factory?
After we got the roof up in place and Cathi went to put a monkey wrench in Jassper’s latest mining efforts, I started taking apart a pallet. Instead of getting the whole pallet ‘processed’ I got the boards off one side and needed to get out of the heat and humidity for a bit. I did knock those nails out of those boards and then pried them the rest of the way, And checking on the battery charger inside was a frustrating ordeal. But this was the ‘scene’ when I realized it was just too hot to continue. – before I continued by getting those nails out of those boards.

Then I went inside and instead of composing a diatribe against ice-holes who fiendishly plot and plan new ways to incorporate planned obsolescence into their ‘products’ I discovered most of the old ‘Handbook’/Guide to the Computer Game we just might get finished and up and running one of these days. — And I needed a little more frustration in my life, I guess, because trying to do too many things at once – I was experiencing terminal lag here and finally had to quit out of a couple programs that are  not usually memory hogs- but I think I survived. It just took me all night to do something that should have taken twenty minutes.

— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim