Today’s Headlines

Thursday, November 28, 2013. 0˚C / 32˚F @1:30 pm.

Once again, if a politician opens his mouth and the word “jobs” comes out, you might as well not listen any further, there will be no truth in what follows (or preceeds) that.

Other words to beware of: “Leadership” “Security” “Law and Order”…

Gasoline went up two cents per liter in price over night. That’s something like 8 cents per gallon, right?

So anyway. Today’s Newspaper Headlines:

“[New Brunswick Premier] Alward drug plan pledge wasn’t a promise – Flemming”

Sub title: “Politics – Premier said at campaign stop plan would be in place within a year.”


Radio News (CBC) announced that US corporate managers have been fired for refusing to open their stores (or o ther places of business?) on Thanksgiving. One guy was interviewed, said he thought it would be making a positive statement for his parent corporation to make a stand in favour of their employees.


TV News:

During the floods in Calgary last Summer. After demanding that homeowners leave their homes, RCMP officers went from house to house and seized any firearms they found.

((Will somebody cue Spirit singing “1984” as our soundtrack here?))


Gasland II is on HBO Canada today.

What we don’t see is

“How much Natural Gas is being pumped back into the ground in Alaska by oil drillers so as not to drive the price of Natural Gas down?”


“Who stands to profit from poisoning the water of sovereign individuals all over the US and Canada, and anywhere else they can get away with Fracking?”


I heard some ‘conspiracy theorists’ claiming that there is a plot afoot to force people to move into urban centres where they can be totally controlled by evil controlling elitist types. Um, could Fracking be one of their tools? Make sure nobody can live safely anywhere they can Frack?

And are the wild horse roundups out west at least partially due to fracking interests not wanting to deal with wild horses possible interfering with or damaging their property?



Windy Rainy Cold Wednesday

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 ( a “6” day) ((  🙁  )) 55˚F/13˚C @ 11:59 pm.

There was snow on the ground this morning, I think I took photos (haven’t uploaded them yet.)

After yesterday’s power outage and subsequent internet outage, we had a technician pay us a visit this morning. He fixed the way the cat 5/6 cables flowed from the Bell Aliant modem to the Vonage ‘device’. And the last thing I had to do was reset the bridge in the office/computer room. (This may have cost us $60.00, Don’t know yet. )

Put together another doozy to try to organize the office. A fifteen pocket sorting thingamajig. Still have more to do…

Scandal of the day? Yesterday it was the guy in charge of the Canadian Mint doing immoral and probably illegal stuff to help a former Prime Minister’s family make money. Today? Canadian Security Agency people (CSIS and CSEC) (Ceases and Seasick?) helped the US NSA spy on the G20 representatives who were at the recent Toronta Summit. && More Senate Scandal Schnarr.

Oh, and Goldman Sacks says the looney will fall against the U$ Dollar some time in 2014.

Political Accountability versus Legal Accountability? In Question Period, the ‘ringmaster’ (Speaker) has no power to exact a ‘quality’ answer from anybody (read that: the “Prime Minister” ) Answers are coming from a central scripting agency (Peter Mansbridge)


Happy Birfday Joe Lockery & Strange day in this neck of the woods.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013.  +1˚C /34˚F Where We’re at. Joe Lockery’s Birfday.

Weather ‘Event’ coming tomorrow?

Today: The power went out at exactly 10:00 am. And Came Back on at exactly 10:45 am.

Internet never did come back. (We have a technician coming tomorrow between 8 and 11:30 am to hopefully fix that.)

10,000 year old settlement discovered by archeologists in Israel. They’re saying it dates from the first time wandering humanoids decided to park themselves in one place and inhabit permanent homes.   —Will they ever learn? There’s a whole lotta more history than they know about (or than they will admit to knowing about… why would they insist on screaming at us that we have only been sentient in this form for 4,000 years or so when the bleeping Sphinx is at least 10,500 years old. And how old are the ruins at Gobekli Tepe (“Go-Beckly-Teppy”) ?

Gaaaa- I have to go bye bye to let an “Important Security Update” attack my computer.

But First—> Are these Security Updates Making our lives & computers More Secure or are they “data-mining” our computers & sending the results to insidious NSA types?