Half Past September?

Friday, September 18th, 2015 -( 26˚C / 79˚F — Warm and quiet with darkness approaching @ 7:30 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

Cathi and Greg admiring Greg's handmade breadboard.
Cathi and Greg looking at a handmade bread board that Greg just gave us during his visit with his sister on a whirlwind tour of The Maritimes –

— My long time best friend Greg and his sister Nina stayed with us for a couple nights during their vacation and sightseeing trip around New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and a little bit of Nova Scotia this week. Before they left Greg rolled out a blanket and showed us the beautiful hand-made bread boards and cribbage boards he designs and creates and brings with him to flea markets where he sells them and takes special orders – Then he surprised us by asking Cathi to pick one and keep it as a gift. She chose a round one made of a dark-ish wood that almost matches the dark cherry stain she likes a lot.

Corner of a blanket with Some handmade breadboards and cribbage boards.
One small corner of the blanket with the round bread board that Cathi chose and hints of some of Greg’s other work.

— We haven’t traveled south to visit the United States much in the past several years. I think I dashed down alone myself twice last year, once to see my sister and mother and family and friends as mom and my sister dashed around New England on March Break as they visited from Alaska, and once in July I think, to finally empty out a storage unit with stuff that I’d been storing since 2002, when mom sold the old hacienda and moved to Alaska and I packed everything I could into an old hatchback Chevy Corsica and drove to Ontario to apply for extended visitor status, then permanent residence and then dual citizenship to be with Cathi, who had captured my heart and imagination without trying :).

— Wow- I explained some of that to Greg’s sister and relived the first glimpse I had of my beautiful ‘amour fou’ after we’d communicated through the internet and then over the phone for a couple of years, read each other’s creative writing and trouble-shot each other’s web site editing. Yup, I lost my heart with our first hug and I still think my brain went out looking for my heart and never found its way back — That might explain a few things.

— But reconnecting with Greg and his sister, even if we didn’t have enough time to sit down and catch up on everything that’s happened around us in the past 45 years – (yikes-) started a few creative juices flowing and connected a few dots that gave me the jolt I needed to figure out what might be missing in the huge and incredibly rambling/meandering novel I’ve been writing since 1968 — Funny how connecting with friends can give us the nudge we need to see past problematic obstacles like silly plot twists that either have to go or might be explained completely elegantly by an infusion of insight triggered by unexpected events and happy conversations with friends whose subtle influence and presence in our lives was something we didn’t realize we’d missed so badly.

— insert big happy smiling face here —

~~~~~ Jim

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