Parallel Worlds – Quantum Physics or Just Weird Dreams –

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 -( 17˚C / 63˚F — Cloudy, damp & wet outside @11:11 am in Atlantic Canada )- It’s my cousin K.C.’s birthday –

Blurry flowers foreground right- tortoise shell cat in the driveway, grey-blue house in the background.
I could have used a tripod and shot two nearly identical photos here with one set on macro to get the flowers in focus and the other set normal to get the house in focus with our neighbour’s cat in focus too, slinking across our driveway after a reconnaissance mission. and then carefully edited the photos in photoshop, which is a whole lot easier than the old way of attempting to create a shot like that from two negatives. This was yesterday, before noon, before the rain came overnight. -Jim-

— I dreamed we were discovering shark fins sticking up through the ground. Some of them were still trying to move. I was walking around with Cathi and at least one scientific investigator type while we hypothesized that the barrier between our world and a parallel world wasn’t functioning properly – that maybe the coastline was just a little bit different. We weren’t afraid the sharks could burst out of the ground in their struggles, they were stuck in solid ground, some of them in solid rock. The scientist was wondering if this dimensional barrier losing its integrity thing explained a rash of missing people, some of whom had vanished in the blink of an eye. We weren’t worried that we might be the next victims.

— I woke up and glanced at the clock, it was 7:57 am. Cathi had already gotten up, got dressed, had breakfast, and left for work. I almost always wake up around 7, get up, and push the button that starts her morning coffee brewing. – We haven’t spent the extra hundred dollars it would take to buy a ‘smart’ coffee maker that we could program to brew the coffee at the same time every morning – & I’ve developed a mistrust for ‘smart’ appliances and the electronic pollution they emit, and especially ‘smart meters’ that emit so much electronic pollution that quite a few people have a lot of trouble sleeping as soon as the ice-holes from the power companies with their ulterior motives install the bluddy things. So many ‘smart meters’ have spontaneously burst into flame that they’ve been outlawed in some places. They should be outlawed everywhere. Anyway – when I got my eyes half-open I couldn’t find the dog, who is usually either on the floor beside the bed or up on the bed, having taken advantage of us being asleep and not objecting to the 125 pound dog trying to wedge himself between us.

— I got up and stumbled around. Everything was grey outside, and very wet. Rain had been forecast. It wasn’t raining. Nothing was moving. There was no hint of a breeze and at almost precisely eight o’clock in the morning, no cars were zooming up or down the main north and south road that’s between 75 and 100 feet or meters from our living room door. It was almost spooky. I remembered stories told by people who believed they had somehow stumbled into a weird zone between dimensions where they were out of phase – where buildings were there, but no life – and they’d reported that the light was weird – darker than they thought it should have been. I think one husband and wife team being interviewed in a paranormal spot on the radio described this, said they got to where they were going but nothing seemed right, not even bugs were moving there. I forget how they blundered back across the border into our ‘normal’ world, but they were immensely relieved when they did.

— I looked around, couldn’t see the cat or the dog. The cat can find places to hide and we both swear he can teleport around inside the house, and maybe anywhere else he might want to go – at will – but not finding the dog was a bit worrisome. I stepped out into the glassed-in porch Cathi calls our front porch, I think of as either the back porch or a side porch – and looked around. No dog, no cat, nothing moving outside, everything very wet. Except for the fact that I could turn doorknobs and open and close doors I could have begun to worry that I’d either left my physical body in the bedroom and was moving around in ‘astral’ form or might have died in my sleep-

— I went back into the bedroom and looked around again. I couldn’t find the dog at first, but I hadn’t turned the light on and our big black Labrador can sometimes quite effectively blend in with shadows. I called him by his nickname – “Boof-” and one shadow moved. I was surprised at how much relief I felt. The boof wanted to lead me to the refrigerator and have me give him a piece of bread or other treat for having saved my sanity and on the way the orange cat appeared from under the kitchen table and said, “Unga mah mara-” which means something like, “Hi there, you’re up and around, thank you for the cat treats you better give me if you don’t want your bare legs shredded-” and smiled a big happy passive-aggressive smile.

— I won’t say that everything is right with the world, But at least I haven’t fallen through into a parallel dimension, or something worse, like a dimension where everything familiar is in a state of suspended animation, with me the only living thing moving around. It would be a real bummer to find proof that quantum theory works on this level and not be able to tell anybody about that-

— Happy Wednesday –,


Author: Jim

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