September is here. Time to scream or smile?

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015  -( 22˚C / 72˚F — Sunny & pleasant @ 2:41 pm in Atlantic Canada )- Some of today’s progress in photographs –

Wood shed under reconstruction.
A little bit of progress with rebuilding the wood shed. Last winter’s snow broke the frame. This year we’ll be bracing the frame, putting up a back wall to close it in instead of letting the weather cover and/or wet the wood. Today I got a little more done toward that end.
Pallets leaning against steel shed under a roof we can't see.
These pallets are now under the roof of the wood shed we’re rebuilding, which moved some of the clutter away from a highly visible area against the corner of the house which is closest to the road.
Corner of the house closest to the road.
This is the corner that is slightly less cluttered since the pallets that were leaning here moved under the wood shed’s roof until we process them.
Orange Sign on the lawn.
We’ve taken a stand in favor of a nurse running for office and the political party we believe has the combination of being electable and has Canada’s best interest at heart. This is after a lot of soul searching, and bearing in mind that my Yogi friend – who is probably the person I know in this life who is closest to God – said it’s not a good idea to vote for anybody because if they get elected, you will then earn a share of all the Karma that comes about because that person was elected, for instance, if you vote for somebody who campaigns in favor of Protecting everybody’s Civil Rights and supporting a strong defensive military to avoid being attacked by nasty neighboring armies, and the guy, once he has the power, locks up several innocent minorities and launches a surprise nuclear war against those ‘dangerous’ neighbors. Then you’ll be in trouble with your soul.
Purple flower and other plants near the stone wall.
– And – Some of the end of season plant sales that Cathi was the happiest about are showing us that they happy that they found a nice home. & They know they are loved and appreciated. 🙂

~~~~~ Jim