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What's New?

(This Page Last updated on Thursday, January 17, 2008 10:05 AM ) ((This page is still under construction.))

Back Yard After Blizzard

Interesting Sites:

David Wilcock Web Site might be Edgar Cayce reincarnated. More importantly, he might be a more fully re-integrated incarnation of Ra-Ta, an Atlantian priest who designed the Great Pyramid (?). He has been told that he is here, at this time, to be 'one of the planet's saviours' as we accelerate to a giant step in evolution on December 21, 20012.

Paola Harris' ET Disclosure Web Site.

Robert And Victoria's Site Next Age Mission.

Gordon Michael Scallion's Matrix Institute.

Sean David Morton's Site .


(Our Back Yard After the Blizzard...)

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Other News (Last updated to fix weird links)

Images from the future that I didn't call in to "Coast to Coast" Last night:

We've been looking forward into the future just before New Years Eve and writing down what we see there.

(-Tried to call in once, a couple years ago, but never got through, so-)

Overall: a lot of fit will hit the shan this year.

Unspecific Time or Date:

-The actor who plays Sylar on Heroes will be attacked by a confused fan. Something he has learned while acting the part will help him manage to avoid being injured and keep the fan from getting into trouble too deeply (I don't know whether what Zack learned would be a martial arts move or some kind of verbal persuasion skill, or something else entirely.)

-Another thing that isn't nailed down to a date would be a recurring problem that disables electric and electronic things. We won't be given a satisfactory answer to what might be the underlying cause.

Back in Time:
January..... I see a lot of snow in January. a couple weeks ago I saw three waves of something rolling at a circular wheel of the year. January started out dark and that wave lightened up by May. May started out bright and became muddy quickly. September started out 'worried' and the wave ended around December on a philosophical note.

February..... I got a distinct impression of Volcanic or Earthquake activity, with floods. It felt like the west coast of North America and Asian islands. (The ring of fire?)

March.... I saw mud, mudslides. And heard Spanish being spoken.

April..... Rain, Flooding, Underwater Earth Quakes? or Surging water due to Earth Quakes.

May..... May felt like a bright point. I felt a lot of people feeling relieved that they'd gotten through the worst of what they figured the year would throw at them.

June.....Touble in Asia. Revolutions? guns, fires, & explosions.

July.....Drought in Saskatchewan? I saw a lot of people being told that flooding they had believed was temporary would be permanent. Scientists and Government officials were telling people to move to higher ground.

August..... I see widespread suffering and anxiety. I also see people pulling together.

September..... I see more wide spread uncertainty. Old Countries dissolving, new countries forming.

October..... There are either actual changes in the skies or people are connecting the dots to form new constellations. Looking for meaning in the stars.

November..... I see hints of an early winter. I see 'electronic mayhem'- Disruptions in electrical service, phone service, internet service... and baffled company spokes-people and just as baffled scientists.

December..... December was another bright spot. I saw people feeling like things were returning to 'normal' as they shopped for Seasonal Goodies, and anticipated family gatherings with a sense of relief.



 ----- ((02 janvier, 2008))



Spiritual Health Frontiers:

Gordon Michael Scallion (web site) was on Coast to Coast A.M. (web site) a while back and spoke about quite a few things, including: 

•One thing to look out for as a precursor to extraordinary violence in schools, is children who become obscessed with 'Enemies'. This could be a sign of very negative spiritual presences in the school system.
•Sleep with your head pointed 15 degrees East of Magnetic North (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) to line yourself up with the Earth's magnetic fields and this will have a therapuetic effect on you.
•Baroque Music, even when played so softly that it's nearly inaudible, can have a cleansing effect on your 'aura' and calm even rebellious children (whose first reaction to the music may be visible irritation).
•Sunlight filtered through indigo coloured glass (or similar surface?) can have a therapuetic effect on those who bathe in its light.


   Let's See, the cats are going nuts, but that's nothing new. We had the first real snow of the season. There is a first real snow to every winter. Yesterday was USA-tian Turkey Day. (When USA-tians act more like Turkeys than usual?) (grins the grown-ed up boy from Connecticut)
I'm writing this in DreamWeaver 8, kind of 'finding my sea legs' here. It took a while to get the dark blue border around the outside of the page. It took another while to find out where the line breaks were hiding (this is xhtml). I've been experimenting with colours and stuff. And so far, I'm delighted.

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Other Pages The other pages are still there. I don't know how many of them I will update or import or what. So far I really like the look here. Internet Exploder doesn't particularly like what I've done so far, but then, you can probably guess, I'm not crazy about Internet Exploder either.

NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, lots of would be and/or wannabe and even some "Really-Are" writers all around the world get silly and sit down and write 50,000 word pieces of "don't have to be masterpieces, just do it..." Novels. There is a book on the phenomenon called, "No Plot? No Problem..." Go to the Nanowrimo Site for more details. Or read my last year's story or This year's Masterpiece... .

Fun Stuff

Astrology QuizAura Colors TestJohn Titor, Time Traveler? • Michael Moore

Nordic Aliens? I haven't heard much about these guys (& gals?) And I don't know, they may be poitive spirits and may actually be on our side? I don't know ifi they have been behind the stuff that has been credited to Plaeidians or what. but here are a couple pages you might want to check out. One Two

Re: Prophecy Keepers Native American/First Nations People owned and operated Web Site. "We have gone past the time of Nineveh, and now we're into the time when Noah is building his Ark. Either you help build the ark or you stay where you are and keep partying, and when the flood comes, you'll try to run to the ark and bang on the doors to be let in, but no, that will be too late-"
Red Elk (slightly paraphrased)

Re: MBTI - Personality / Type Test The Meyers-Briggs Temperment Indicator (and/or Type Indicator) may be the most accurate and useful system for explaining the reasons that people whose character traits have them pre-disposed for certain talents, tolerances and tendencies CAN'T fit into the mold of other types with other strengths and weaknesses. I found it liberating and enlightening.

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