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(: Interesting Architecture :)


"Home Alive"

Atrium in Underground Home

Same Atrium, looking the other way

Earthship Hallway

Earthship Entrance

Cob Bench, from "What Is Cob?"

Corbin's Treehouse, from Corbin's Treehouse



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 Fun Stuff :   
"Home Alive" Straw Bale house at

 Fun Architecture : )  
Corbin's Treehouse
Wings' Castle
Weird Homes (Television Program)

Cob House
"What Is Cob?"
Another Cob Link

 Underground/Earth Bermed :
General Information & Resources Underground(Earth berm and sheltered) homes.

Tom The Dancing Bug (Cartoon)


"Home Alive" showing greenhouse

Earthship Bathroom

Door to Earthship bathroom

Typical Earthship Floor Plan

Cob Window, from "What Is Cob" Site

Traditional Cob House Devon, England

Contemporary Cob House Oregon, USA