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SHORT STORIES - I warned you there'd be original short stories! Some have been published, some have been sent and returned with "Thanks. Do you have anything else?" Doesn't matter, I do it for the enjoyment of writing. And because my mind is a bit warped. So relax, sit back, have a sip of your favourite beverage, and enjoy. (Or don't. Who am I to tell you what to do???) :)

Note: Wedding, Honeymoon and Elegy are now on the Essays pages, 'cause real is real and fiction ain't. This page is for fiction.


   Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Winner I Ching Jukebox - This is my entry for the 2005 NaNoWriMo competition! Yes, I won, I'm now a two time winner. At 50k this one is finished and will be edited with a view to being published. It may be me doing it on my own at Cafe Press, or it may be through a formal publisher. I'm not sure but we'll see.

In the meantime, I am quite proud of this one; it is a story of lost loves, personal growth, all sorts of fun psychic stuff and is unusual for me as it has quite a few characters, each one developed and integral to the story. Oh, and it takes place over 3 days. How's that for neat?

Just a note though: this is not for the squeamish or for those easily offended by swearing. My characters speak in real language, always, and in this one there's just some not very nice people doing some not very nice things. They act accordingly. You have been warned....bwahahahaha!


Update: this is now for sale on Lulu.com, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca as well as other worldwide Amazon sites and Barnes & Noble! The version that's for sale is thoroughly edited and revised. If you'd like a pdf version, that is for sale on Lulu.com.


  Off Air (part 1)   Off Air (part 2) - This is my entry for the 2004 NaNoWriMo competition! Yes, I won, and at 50k it is wasn't finished yet. So, haunted by this unfinished tale, my NanoWrimo 2006 entry was part two of this, another 50k words and yes, this time is it finished and it was also a winner. The title is temporary, I just had to call it something, and Off Air is what I see on the program guide on my t.v. when there's nothing being broadcast at the moment. It kind of suits this story of a woman, her daughter, her ex and his girlfriend, a best friend and best friend's mother, a time warp, a snow storm...next up for this is some serious editing and ... drumroll here ... publishing it.

State of Grace - One of my newer stories, never before seen here! It's about a man, a coffee cup, a tempting cigarette and a really big suitcase. A quasi-humorous story about the last days of a marriage.

Awestruck - a brand new story, how about that! Didn't bother to flog this one 'cause it's the kind I'd pretty much have to sell myself. It's about relationships and picking up the pieces, a guy, a girl, and a telephone. Oh yes, a cat too. Beyond that well, you'll just have to see for yourself!
Two Women - an older story, also on Buzzle
One Kiss - this is new, and it's on Buzzle
An old story about two old war veterans, and a Shop On The Corner.
Synergy is a story from 1993. It's about a snowstorm. I used to have 2 buses and 2 subway rides to and from work every day, and the idea for this came from the fact that if there's any one even remotely weird they will find me and talk.
The Troll of Barondale P.S.is a children's story, written for a Grade 3 class who were kind enough to ask me to come and talk about writing and to read them a story.
Goodnight, God is back and suffering from rejection. It's a little long, but it is an unusual story about a little girl, and a very special friend. Bit spooky.
Just A Little Love Story. Not your usual mush. For Valentine's Day.
Someone like you is a story about old age, and how we all are young at heart.
Karen - I wrote Karen around the 10th anniversary of my friend Russell's death. It's a little sad, but I tried to convey how it feels to lose a friend; it is pure fiction, and Karen is the kind of girl I always imagined Russell would like. A little different from the usual stuff I write.

I wrote This Is Now in 1990, forgot about it and came across it the other day. You know, this may be more revelant now than when I wrote it.
The Funeral is one of my newer stories, every bit as weird and unwanted as some of my others (in otherwords, never-published).
Candles was first published by the Toronto Star in 1990. Humour.
Bingo was first published by Storyteller magazine and the name speaks for itself.
I think I've spent too much time on the subway. Mary is one of my older ones, never published.
I Remember It Well was a contest winner in the Mississauga Library Association in 1992. A little bit spooky.
Finally, a published something for sale! This is a book of poetry, my first of many more I hope, and one which has illustrations and photography that are also my own. It's a lovely paperback, and if you like my poetry, you may purchase it by clicking on the picture that will take you to Cafe Press where I have my web store.
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