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  Aerendel Notes, 17 November, 2007

Welcome to Aerendel dot CA. (Canada) [[We have been driving a Jeep Liberty since July 18, 2005]] And the Cat Run is up and useful in the back yard. I looked like the three stooges trying to put it up alone...

The above 'feeds' have been taken over by weasles. I will not pay for free services.

Bob Balogh's site has moved to

The Metric to US measures conversions page has been edited (finally) but isn't perfect yet.

Astrological Ephermis for 2005 Astrology Poll Poll on the Role of Government(s)

Virtual Museum of Canada site. Check out Community Memories/Ontario... Arnprior

Once upon a time, in a very strange place called the 'real world'.... {{ Visit Cathi's Web Log , or Jim's }} Or... an Experimental self-updating TaleRocker~DreamCat Blog/News Delivery Fingy.(alt)

Visit Our Message Board/Forum. (On our own site- is here!) This one has had minor problems... couldn't connect with its MySQL data base a coupple times... but Feel Free to jump in and say anything that's on your mind.

* New-ish* Magazine Issue #12 is more ambitious than most. We've added a bunch of photos below a reworked old story Jim first wrote when he was in Jr High School.

 *Asperger's,*PDD & Autism.   

{Link-->} A World Apart is DreamCat's (Cathi's) web page on Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) (&/or Autism Spectrum Disorders) and it is here now.

[The drawing to the right, "Burn", was done by her nearly 9 year old son (when he was 3 or 4 years old) who was finally diagnosed with PDD. then extensively tested and confirm as having Asperger's Syndrome : ) ]


(Cathi's Web site is Cathi's Place dot CA) (No spaces, no apostrophe; all small letters...)


 Self Knowledge/Understanding  

Self Realization Fellowship Yoga (Read 'Autobiography of a Yogi'?)

Aura Colors dot com. (Take the test:) - spirituality/reincarnation {They contacted me?}

We now have a link to a free MBTI Personality and Temperament Type Test: Free Type Test

  AND... We now have the beginnings of a page Dedicated to all things INFiPious "INFP"
[ This should be fun... at least for INFP's ]

Religion Selector: Which Religion is most compatible with your ideals and values?


  Friendly Diversions: 


Affiliated Book & Music Store (at Barnes & Noble dot com) 
Mythica Art And Vision  (Photos, Art &Good stuff in/from Northern California.)
Elfwood (Fantasy Art and Stories Co-operative?)

: ) Free On-Line Dictionary : )   
: ) Free On-Line Encyclopedia : )   

'Frames' version of this site.

Fun Stuff :

Dragons Gate (Best on line text Role Playing Game )
Tom The Dancing Bug
Unique Houses Page      : )
Arnprior Jernil 2003
photo gallery

News (This world and that?)

BBC News Online (News that many world residents trust more than anything their governments allow their countrymen to know about.)
Matrix Institute (Futurist / Seer Gordon Michael Scallion's Site)
Environmental Cancer Prevention.

New Years Message: January 2005

Domino opened the new year by bringing me a freshly killed mouse. I should be honoured. I spent most of Thursday, 30 Decembre, 2004, trying to save files that were cross linked on my big hard drive. And I spent the rest of Thursday reformatting and reinstalling Operating systems, upgrades and things like that. I'm still not finished.

With all the terrible things that have happened in the past week, the Tsunami in Asia, at least 150,000 dead, not to mention what looks like one heck of a battle in the USA over a stolen presidential election and repercussions... I had a really good year. And I'm fairly certain that 2005 will be even better.... {Jim}

I Am 67% Virgo

 Conspiracy Theories etc.   

Time Travelers from the Future? 35th Century or Beyond? Read this

11 Septembre, 2001 Page


 Useful (?) Information?   

A Metric <--> US Conversion Page Has been added. (Doesn't quite work right)

Audio Page: Click on Audio Index for Real Audio Talk & Radio Demo Archives.

Most the rest of the {{useless?}} information that used to be on this home page is now at "index2.html" which has replaced our old "links" page.

*** Samples Explanation Page (Sample web pages by an affordable designer:) .
Or view a Sample Start Page.
*** My partner, DreamCat (Cathi's Place) has her sample web pages on line now.

I think we still have our free for all links page. So anybody who visits can pop their own favourite links in by clicking on: Free For All Links Page. (We can change the graphic when we find a better one.)

You may notice the new column to the right, the CBC radio headline news feed (if you don't see anything over there, you may have disabled javascripts in your browser or may be intelligent enough to use browsers that don't allow that sort of thing altogether :) ---->

Free Web Journal from Bravenet Free Web Journal from Bravenet

Jim drew the "Tardis" to the right in some silly limited edition of photodeluxe that came with a scanner. ----->


Mooned by a pumpkin man.

Drag-al in human disguise.

(Tigger-Moe in the fridge.)
Not Quite So Universal Type Stuff :

Arnprior Weather from the Canadian weather network dot com.

National Novel Writing Month Fingy (Entry) 2004 • Medieval Weapons and Armor

T-R's Blog • "Dragon Master" Story • What's my ISP?DreamCat's Blog

TaleRocker, Xyrean, Renard & Draejlen

Aradathian Journal-Review Dgate Newspaper/Publications page

Jim & Cathi @ Winterlude
(on the canal in Ottawa, Feb. 2005)

(Trailer in the camp site)

Cats cuddling in the window, Long suffering Domnino (Grey, black, & tawny, spots and stripes on the right) is hypervigilant while the insufferable "Moe" (the orange guy) tries to teach Domino all his bad habits.
Cathi took this photo (with no special filters) of a Remembrance Day parade in Arnprior. I was marching down the street with a gaggle of Cub Scouts. The girl guides really put the boys to shame... they 'marched' in a coherent group. [jim]

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