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  • "That Old School Spirit" by Joan Pond ......(Moved from Home Page to Web Issue #1)
  • "Woman Alone At A Poetry Reading" by dj otterson ......(Moved from Home Page to Web Issue #1)
  • "Observation" Mary Ellen S. ......This Page (below the Shark (Or is that an Orca?) )
  • "one night" Jim Wellington..This Page (Down)
  • "Yeats was wrong" Zanzal..........This Page (Down)
  • "someone painted Mickey Mouse" Tjum Dao..This Page (Down)
  • "Sprites and Jets" dj otterson..This Page (Down)






"God made Everything, right?-
That means God made all the butterflies and flowers?
No man is that sensitive-
God must be a Woman."

    Mary Ellen S.  (at the age of seven)
Copyright  1999 Mary Ellen S. All Rights Reserved.



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From the Art & Photo Gallery

Photos and stuff worth lookin at....


Hollister, California, 1999

An acquaintance, who was in Palo Alto, California, went to see what the sleepy little town of Hollister looks like during one of the larger Motorcycle rallies on the West Coast...



one night
the sea was solid
there was a yellow cloud
heaving with the motion
of our ship

luminous, sick yellow
above a mercuric sea
--silver metallic,

many jagged edges
pine tree shaped
wedges of water
continually slipped-
slid in precisely cut grooves

so detailed, so clear, so amazing
mirror polished silver stones
continually slipping
into a gelatinous base

flat surfaces
forever sliding,
as the sun went down
behind that luminous

...much too close
to the bermuda
    Jim Wellington


Yeats was wrong                Tell her you love
               the center will hold                              her
          Something wonderful
                   is about to happen
                 Remember and
                     be grateful                             No
                  [graphic : symbol for infinity]     thing
                     WAY            Transcend      dance
                                      Read Fortune   cookies

      {Copyright  1996 by Zanzal (all Rights Reserved.) }


someone painted mickey mouse
on ruined walls near Singapore
the Artist had been nearly perfect
(I loved the texture of the bricks)

            Tjum Dao (Web Nerd)

Sprites and Jets
colours shoot out at night
like flaming tongues against the darkness
unseen by the sleeping world below

      dj otterson (Web Cadet)

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