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Music and other recorded stuff

 Quickly : (Real Audio Required)  

 Voice & Music:  
Jim's Demo (Station ID-s, radio skits,
poems and obscure artists' music.)
{{ Jim's Demo's Playlist}}
Canadian Connection Demo.

 Mostly Music:  
Evoluti-One {{Music by Terry Hopper of
Here's Where You Belong (P.F. Sloan / 1968?)
Serenade (by Rachelle Garniez)

Kathy's Eyes
(Poem recorded in the 80's?)
Progressive Voices' POCLAD Interview (Program On Corporations, Law and Democracy)
(More details on POCLAD)


Real Audio Sound Files:

Please note: files are being moved, not all links will work.

{{*Windows Media Player will not work with Real Audio sound files. }}

Demo Recording of Jim clowning around; Doing Station ID's for WPKN in Bridgeport, Connecticut (USA);
reading his own and other peoples' poetry; with music between the verbal stuff so you wouldn't be bored to death?
Click here ... [[Click there--> Playlist <-- for this CD / RealAudio file. ]]

Canadian Musical Connection {Real Audio Radio Demo} Click Here.

"Evoluti-one", a silly poem I recorded in stereo, then messed with inside of Pro Tools
(not really complicated stuff, just moved one channel a little ahead of the other
so it is out of phase and has this weird echoing effect.) Click Here

{{{Music by Terry Hopper
(A very gifted musician who hangs out at WPKN in Bridgeport, CT) }}}

"Kathy's Eyes" (a poem written by me around 1971 about characters
in the great un-amerikan novel I was writing.) This was recorded
in the early 1980's on a cheap pre-boom-box type am/fm stereo-
radio/casette recorder so the quality isn't all that great. Click Here

 Very Interesting Interview on Real Audio: WPKN's Dr John Battista
interviews David Cobb of POCLAD
[Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy] Click Here.

"Here's Where You Belong" By P.F. Sloan,
{"Don't let "Reality" take you away from me- / Here's where you belong"}
Click Here

"Serenade" By Rachelle Garniez, a wonderful love song about unconventional lovers
{"Your hands are sweaty, your hair's all spikey
And you're just as crazy as me..."} Click Here

 {{* I am most familiar with and work most often with Pro Tools
to record and produce CDs. You can get a free version of Pro Tools
by visiting digidesigns web site at: Pro Tools FREE!
(Which may still be available for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.xx, I'm not sure.)

I have also had my best luck working with Real Producer
to produce stuff for the web in RealAudio Format

You can get the free Real Player by clicking on the link below
(but be warned, they want to trick you into buying something
so be careful what you click on): Real dot Com
{{Their web site will be able to know what kind of computer
you are using and steer you to the correct page
for their downloads, free and otherwise.

I have nothing against Windows Media Player
(other than the fact that they haven't given me a free
program to produce quality stuff in that format)

 "Celtic Cyan" Background and graphics are from Valkyrie at Valkyrie's Graphics

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