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Here at last on one page, are my writing links. While it is aimed at a Canadian writer's audience, there are Canadian friendly, other country links here too.

For my tips and thoughts on writing, I have written an essay called "On Writing" which I would encourage you to read, it gives the rules and also, the proviso for writers, that all rules made to be broken. If you would like to read any of my own writing, the links on the navigation bar will lead you to short stories, essays, and poems. Some have been published, some not. Most have been rejected, but hey, that's par for the course for any writer.

About me: I am not, by any stretch of the imagination an expert on writing. I am just someone who truly loves to write. I have literally been making up stories for as long as I can remember, long before I could put pen to paper I made up stories for my friends. Not everybody starts that way. Some people don't realize they have a talent until they put that nagging story down on paper (and since we're Canadian, let's say in the middle of a nasty snow storm).

Every once in a while I get ambitious, and send out a flurry of stuff, and once is a miraculous while, somebody likes it. That is pretty much what any fiction writer will tell you. You write because you love it, and hope someone else does too. If you are Canadian, you have the added problem that we have a very small market. You need to be pretty well connected in some way shape or form to really make a living in fiction. But that's okay. Connections can be made, some of it is luck, some of it is seeing the right opportunity at the right time, and a lot of it is simply just sending stuff everywhere you can think of. However. I would say, that even if you are the Canadian Shakespeare reincarnation, don't quit your day job. Not just yet. If you want to make a living writing, consider journalism. We have some wonderful journalism programs here, three off the top of my head are Ryerson, Carleton University and Simon Fraser University.

Journals...every writer has a journal, even if it's a bunch of junk in a daytimer. Admit it, you have too :) Anyway, some people put their journals out in cyberspace for everyone to read, and they can be wonderful. Here's a some examples. If you know more, please send me the link!

Su's journal - I don't know her, but if you want what it was like in New York on Sept. 11th 2001, by a very talented young writer, read this. Also, read on! She really is an interesting blogger.

Live Journal - a fun site with online journals from silly people like Cathi_Eirye

I have published my first book! It's a book of poetry entitled "Collected Poems of Catherine M. Harris Book 1: Polariods Get Yellow" and I self-published it through Cafe Press and after obtaining an ISBN number from the National Library of Canada. That makes it official. Anyway, this is a good way to see your stuff in print if you like many writers these days who find that it just isn't that possible to get your stuff out there. Never hurts to try and at the very least you do have the satisfaction of knowing that it is out there for other eyes to see, if they so want to. Check it out here:


Contests are a fantastic way to get published. There's tons of them, mostly local stuff, but, it's exposure and sometimes the prizes are great. Word of warning though, be careful when they ask for money. If it's a reputable place like the Toronto Star, go for it; if it's a weird email that promises you publication, well, you'll get published, but so does everyone else who forks out money.

NaNoWriMo - the one month (November) novel writing contest, US but open to everyone silly enough to try :)

CBC Literary Awards - Contest closes Nov. 1, 2007 - this is a great contest, so check it out!

The Toronto Star Short Story Contest! Go to the contest page for details. This is an annual event, closing date is in December.

National Novel Writing Contest - This one is actually Australian, but I like the idea it's a contest to write a novel in a month (Nov. 1-30th) - open to anyone

Governor General's Award for Poetry - if you've published a poetry book, how about trying for a prestigious award? (blush, I missed the deadlines for my first book, but I will remember for my next one)

Online places to submit pieces:

Buzzle - a site with interesting articles. I can say so 'cause I'm an editor there!

Writer's references:

A friggin' good dictionary of Carleton County Colloquialisms
Toronto Reference Library - this includes genealogical info too
Canadian Bound - good Canadian Writer's Resource, has links
Canadian Magazine and Journals Links for Writers

Net Library - Read Edgar Allan Poe online!

The Story Mind Writing Store - I don't know if what they sell is good, but it looks neat and they have free stuff


Some of my favorite (and not nearly recognized enough) writers homepages:

Five Minute Voyager - a very good website, by Zeke!

Jim Wellington has been busy on his site. DJ Otterson too. He has an Aerendel comment page that is neat. If you like my comments, you'll like this page.

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