“Heroes Reborn” = Vivid Dream early this morning.

Friday, November 20th, 2015 -( Cloudy, grey, rain forecast – Warmer than ‘seasonal’ @ 8˚C / 46˚F @9:30 am in Atlantic Canada )-

I went to sleep wondering what might come next on “Heroes Reborn” and, after several other dreams had one last very vivid dream about that television series.

= = =

Hiro Nakamura (sp?) has lost his powers, but he is still trying to rescue “EVO’s” – He has learned that compounds have been set up where EVO’s are being held against their will, probably drugged and probably ‘earmarked’ for execution. He’s been caught more than once and ‘swabbed’ – restrained while the results of the DNA test are coming and has been both relieved and depressed about being tested ‘negative’.

When one checkpoint received the ‘Negative’ results, he overheard the testers commenting, “He’s a dead ringer for someone on the ‘most wanted list’ but he tests negative. Maybe he’s a twin brother or maybe he’s the father of an EVO with none of the genetic markers? Maybe this is a rare case of the mother passing down the gene?” And when the para military testers question him, he pretends he can’t understand english at all, and pulls out an English – Japanese phrase book and offers it to the testers. They say, “We ain’t got time for this – move along, get out of here.” He stands there looking like he has no clue to what they just said, bows and points to the phrase book, offers it to them, they gesture threateningly and point roughly, “Go!” He nods and bows and scurries off.

A couple more guys in line sneer at him and snicker, “I hear that some of them can control the machines and force them to return false negative results.” Somebody else yells, “Why don’t you go back to China where you belong?”

Hiro almost looks shocked and almost explains that he’s from Japan, but remembers himself and bows and nods and scurries off with his head down.

He goes to a Sushi restaurant and orders in Japanese.

Two young-ish customers sitting near him in the restaurant ask him if he understands English. He looks around and, worried that someone might have followed him from the testing station, pulls out his phrase book and offers it to the customers, bows and says in Japanese, “Sorry, I don’t understand English, perhaps you can find what you want to say and attempt to ask me in Japanese?”

They wave him off with a half frustrated, half almost nasty look and turn, grin to each other, “I guess we can talk – I wish this place wasn’t so crowded all the time.”

The food here is excellent. You can’t have excellent food at a good price without being crowded.”

Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

And I guess you’re not going to try to get into the concert you wanted so badly to attend -”

No – I thought I might be able to buy tickets on line and then hop the fence around the testing station, but they’ve stepped up their security lately. They have motion detectors so sensitive that a mosquito can set them off.”

Too bad you can’t teleport -”

Too bad neither one of us has any power that might be really useful.”

Their Sushi arrives they smile at the waiter and wait until he’s out of range, sample their stuff and resume talking quietly while they eat.

I hear there’s an actual safe zone about ten miles out of town off the old El Camino Highway. The only marker is an upside down speed limit sign that somebody spray painted “EVOs Not Wanted Here”. There’s a hard to find path off to the left side of the highway there.”

What do you mean a safe zone?”

I heard that EVOs who have been tested with non-threatening powers have been released and granted an area where they can live without being afraid of storm troopers rounding them up again and dragging them off in the middle of the night.”

Sounds like a concentration camp to me.”

Yeah, well, There are supposed to be periodic patrols by normals around the perimeter and patrols and guard posts inside by EVOs to watch for vigilantes and the like. They will stop and interrogate anyone who tries to come inside, and allow other EVOs to come in and feel safe with them. I heard they have a couple new guys with decent defensive powers-”

Hiro’s Sushi arrives, he thanks the waiter in Japanese and bows, eats quickly and leaves. He looks at an old map in a gas station and finds “El Camino Highway” nods and buys a bottle of spring water.

That night takes a bicycle out along the highway and finds the sign and finds the path and hides the bicycle and hides himself until a couple patrols of ‘normals’ go by and then waits and then creeps low from cover to cover and finds a fence and finds a spot where the fence has been knocked down by a fallen tree, creeps across the tree and follows a path inside the fence, finds a second fence that ends at a stream, crosses the stream and finds a broken white line painted on stone with “Do Not Cross This Line” scrawled in white paint in several languages.

The sky is beginning to show signs of approaching daylight. Hiro does not want to be caught out in the open. He creeps along the line, trying to get to some rocks and sparse trees where he hopes he might be able to hide out safely before the sun rises and exposes him to ‘normals’.

At one point he almost loses his balance and steps over the line.

Somebody whispers menacingly, “You stepped over the line.”

Hiro whispers back, “Sorry, I lost my balance, I do not want to be caught out in the open when the sun rises-” he looks down, he’s wearing a pair of black running shoes with ‘Nike’ like white stripes and one of those stripes has come lose, he grumbles ‘cheap imitations’ and pulls the stripe off, drops it, and moves back across the line.

He sees a hand emerge from darkness and focus some kind of energy on the white stripe. It turns red, then the redness moves and becomes a red yellow depiction of a sunrise behind scattered clouds.

Hiro picks up the stripe and smiles at it.

Are you an EVO?” the voice whispers, “You do not feel like a ‘Normal’ to me, you don’t have the mean streak, or the fear-”

Hiro sighs, “I was an EVO – Another EVO took my power from me, Now even the DNA tests come back negative.” He looks at the white stripe, “It’s changing- look – the picture you projected is changing.” He hands the stripe to the unseen hand.

The hand touches Hiro’s hand and a subtle field of light blue rolls up through Hiro’s hand and arm. He feels a tingle.

The voice whispers, “You became a latent EVO – Strange, Even latent EVOs show up positive on their tests. Those are the rough ones, brutish guards push and prod and shock and even water-board latents to see what kind of power might emerge.”

Together they watch the sunrise become a moving painting of Hiro talking to a shadowy person across a line painted on stone.

The voice continues, “I have a couple minor powers. I can feel other EVOs if they’re close. I can project images, but they’ve never moved before- and I can sometimes bring out the power in latent EVOs – When they tested me the only power I showed them was my ability to project images on paper or white objects, leather, or stone. I projected stick images like little kids’ drawings and they laughed at me, said, “Wow, now that’s what I call a dangerous power- They tried a couple other tests and I flunked them all, so they gave me the option to come here.”

While they watch the image continue to change they see it change completely and show a dark figure approach the line and raise a bazooka, aim and fire it. They see the image reveal an army of bazooka wielding figures firing into their ‘Safe Zone’.

What was your power?” the voice gasps.

I was able to jump through time and space.”

Is this the future that is coming to us? Or is this what you fear or hope will not happen?”

I don’t know, it’s been some time since I had my power – I don’t know how strong it might be if it has returned.”

Well, dangit, man, you better get inside here, we better show this to the committee.”

The hand reaches out and pulls Hiro across the line.


— Maybe some more later –,

~~~~~ Jim

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