Old Age Schnarr Update —

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 -( Cloudy, damp, and +3˚C / 37˚F @ 1:30 pm in our little corner of Atlantic Canada )- { Yesterday was Doug Otterson’s Birthday. & coincidently, Marg Helgenberger’s, born same day, same year as Doug, half a continent apart. hmmmm— }

Okay- Today I got my choice of how to compute my old age pension form witnessed and mailed. We started this process in Juy of 2014 and finally got the ‘Choose one of these three options, get a witness to sign for you and mail this back to us’ final step before the pension (which is pitifully small) can start coming to me. Don’t know whether anything will start coming before Christmas. I suppose we can hope it might.

This will, however, mean the difference between Cathi and me spending $150 for 3 months worth of cut and split firewood or between $1200 & $1500 for those same 3 months in electricity bills for heating with electricity.

I was beginning to believe that the ex prime minister of Canada and his cronies were plotting to cheat as many good honest people out of everything they could for as long as they could get away with it. The last time I complained to anybody about how long this was taking – a friend from up the street here said I should contact my Local Legislative representative. This was just before the latest elections here. Before the new guys & women were sworn in I got a notice in the mail and it took us this long to get things figured out and signed and witnessed. Less than a month after Canada sent the beedy grastards in the Conservative Party of Canada packing.

Yay? tell ya in a couple weeks, or months, or however long it takes.

— Aboo Nice Day —

~~~~~ Jim