Lawn Signs on a Casual Drive –

Saturday, September 5th, 2015 -( 27˚C / 81˚F — Clear and ‘Pretty’ outside @ 4:00 pm In Atlantic Canada )-

Very Unscientific Observation While Driving around today just after noon:


Counting Political signs:

Red /  Liberal = 8

Orange / NDP = 7

Blue / Conservative = 3

& I didn’t see any Green / Green Party signs on anyone’s lawn –

& I didn’t count the blue sign in front of a vacant building that’s been for sale for at least 2 years.

& These are just Individual houses with signs up on their lawns. Highly traveled intersections have big signs up that represent everybody.


Note: Two orange signs that were up have disappeared from Canada Street, here on the North Side of town. I didn’t stop to ask anyone why –

Thanks, that’s all for now, I’m dealing with a wicked headache.


~~~~~ Jim

Author: Jim

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