Rain Rain Rain…

Spotty windshield Snowy Hill in bright sunlight
Brilliant Sunlight on Snowy Hill Through Jeep Windshield in the Rain.

Sunday, January 12th, 2014.

+7˚C / +45˚F @ 8:15 am. Very Wet outside.

I’m confused about when exactly I shot these photos. We pretty much conked out and slept most of Saturday. In the evening we had a nice visit with Alex. He is very happy with his new apartment (which Cathi checked out with her new camera and sent him the photos along with another place and he chose the one he got, and like I said before, likes it a lot.) Sunday? I don’t remember it being this sunny and bright. but this might have been a ‘bright moment’.

Snow, part of a house, trees & more snow through a rain splotched windshield.
Looks like an impressionistic painting. Porch and yard with trees in the background seen through Jeep’s very wet windshield.

I think we went out to the all day breakfast we missed yesterday because the freezing rain made the world just too slippery for Cathi to chance going out before we went to see Alex in the evening.


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