Blackout- With Woodstove, Dog & Guitar… & Rivers of Flowing Orbs.

Sunday, January 26th, 2014.

We lost power at something like 7:05 pm and got it back at about 9:24 pm Atlantic Time.

Cathi tossed a couple more logs in the woodstove and we were toasty warm. She grabbed her guitar and played and sang and had a very attentive Jassper,  (“the puppy horse”) loving every second of it. (( At one point, he tried to get his nose between Cathi’s arm and the guitar and she broke into gales of laughter, saying, “This isn’t going to work this way…” (((I think I got a photo of that action with her cell phone))) – 🙂 ))

lights in the dark
This is a requested photo without the flash. You can’t see Cathi. This is the living room during a blackout with the temperature at -15˚C/+5˚F outside. (Woodstove fire far left the other lights are candles around the living room.)

Cathi asked me to take photos while she played, enjoying the moment and the ambience. The first photo I took was on auto flash. Okay photo of Cathi and her guitar. When I turned off the flash, Cathi’s leprechaun nature came to the party- She didn’t show up in the photos.

She asked me to use her cell phone’s camera. I have never experienced this before—> I aimed, blindly, touched the “take a picture” icon and watched rivers of movement in the screen. I had no idea what that was all about. I wondered if they would show up as orbs or what-  I took several photos from different angles and saw the rivers flowing from different angles, flowing up, flowing down, flowing horizontally… every photo had different movement up to the point where the flash captured the subject and then I couldn’t see anything moving, flowing or whatever.


Cathi staying warm, playing guitar with Jassper.
I was standing near the Woodstove, This is the shot with no photoshop auto level correction.

Orbs. Before the flash stopped their motion, these things were zooming like crazy between me and Cathi. The movement filled the view screen on the camera.

Same photo, as above, a little more clear.
Same photo, after auto levels adjustment.

I like the dog’s Orphan Annie eyes.

Cathi, guitar and Dog on the couch.
This was one of the first photos I shot. Attentive Jassper enjoying the warm fire and the music and Cathi’s beautiful voice.

This is with my Olympus digital camera. I did not see orbs flying when I shot this one. I don’t know if Jassper saw them or not, he’s not talking…. 😉

While we were looking at the photos on her laptop (the battery stayed good while we were in the dark) Cathi wondered if the orbs were spirits who liked the music, coming around to enjoy the moment. I felt something like, maybe the orb-creatures were feeling like kids at an amusement park, zooming around and thoroughly enjoying themselves and maybe even enjoying our company. Visitors from another dimension? Who knows? (I can play the theme from the twilight zone on my guitar fairly well… but not while I’m typing, you’ll have to imagine that here.)

It was an interesting evening.