The Weather Network Says the Polar Vortex Is Back ?

Friday, February 12th, 2016 — -10˚C / +14˚F & Clear with Very Bright Sunlight reflecting off about a foot of snow on the ground in Atlantic Canada @ 3:15 pm — Today is Charles McCauley Sr’s Birthday — Yesterday was my good friend Pamm F.M.’s Birfday — The 10th was good friend – Richard Galdrian’s B’day — The 9th was Richard’s Daughter Chiara’s B’day  & The 9th was also our good friend Audrey M.’s Birthday —

Bright Sun Cold Air
Bright sun shining on a cold day in Canada –

— Cathi and I spent Wednesday evening stacking a cord of firewood in the still unfinished home-made (palletwood) extensions (wings?) of our steel garden shed.

Stacked firewood under plastic.
This is the side of the woodshed where Cathi stacked a lot of firewood. The plastic covering the wood is there to keep snow and other wetness from the sky from messing up the fire-ability of the wood.

— I probably shouldn’t publicize the photo Cathi took of me after we finished stacking the wood.

Jim & Jassper after stacking firewood.
I didn’t recognize the guy in the mirror after I took my hat off when we were finished stacking our firewood. Jassper looks like he wasn’t quite sure I was me.

— Yes, I was clowning, but the dog looks serious. He was probably worried that an evil twin might have taken my place, and he might not be able to con that guy into quite so many treats as he’s been able to manipulate me into giving him.

— Yeah, it’s cold today, but it’s been a lot colder, and the nice warm people and pets around me can make me forget how cold the ‘real world’ has gotten lately.

~~~~~ Jim